Matchday 10: FC Sankt Pauli – SC Paderborn 07 1-2

Posted: October 6, 2013 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2013-14
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Fair and square…

Lucky streak is over. SC Paderborn 07 came, played simple football and with two well organized (and similar…a similar game actually) counter attacks managed to do what they failed to do last year, beating us on our own ground and putting us more or less back to a more “normal” place on the table. Unfortunately, Tschauner couldn’t provide the last moment solution this time and the match ended the way that probably should end last season: 1-2…


Despite some predictions from a lot of fellow FCSP fans on the web talking about an (almost) certain victory here (you can NEVER be sure with FCSP!), this was looking quite tricky from the beginning, especially for someone that has witnessed first hand, last season’s thriller. Match started with both squads quite cautious and with FCSP having slightly the initiative. Nevertheless, first notable occasion in the game was for Paderborn on 9′ with Tschauner stretching on his bottom left post and saving to a corner a Wurtz shot, coming a little out of the box and with a few legs in between. FCSP response with a Verhoek header from relatively good position straight to Kruze’s hands on 11′ and…nothing quite interesting (except the impressive atmosphere of course!) for the time to come (especially for a squad just below the promotion zone playing at home), Bartels’ shot that hardly made it to Kruze on 27′ doesn’t count 😉 Sudden TERROR on 28′ with a Meha distant right wing free kick and ball ending up to Wurtz, all alone, 2m from Tschauner’s right post(!), whose header ended up only centimeters away from it with our entire defense (including Phil) OBSERVING the situation 🙂 FCSP responded with another non-chance that we count as one only because we are aware of the fact that Air-Bartels is capable of achieving goals with reverse kicks like the one that never happened following Schindler’s cross from the left on 35′, and (guess what?) nothing fancy (except some hard duels in the field maybe) for the rest of the half… Clean sheet halftime after some bollocks football, waiting for scores to be settled during the second 🙂

Another Millerntor "artistic" view, no much to show from first half (source:

Another Millerntor “artistic” view, not much to show from the first half 🙂 (source:

…something that didn’t take long before starts happening… 49′ into the game, error some 10m from the center towards Paderborn’s goal, an excellent deep ball by Vrancic to Mahir Saglik, behind the back of the entire FCSP defense, who had no problem sending the ball to Big Phil’s right corner for the opening goal. 0-1 for Paderborn and thumbs up for Saglik who didn’t celebrate his 2nd straight goal in Millerntor on his 2nd year after FCSP…Squad tried to respond escalating some pressure, Frontzeck made a double substitution on 56′, throwing in Nöthe and Maier for Bartels and Schindler something that temporarily paid off (after having escaped the 2nd a little earlier – 61′ Vrancic, 16m shot just by the left post) on 66′: counter attack (?!?) for FCSP with Rzatkowski serving a perfect 20m diagonal pass while marching in from the right flank to Nöthe (Bravo to Verhoek (I think!) for leaving the ball pass under his legs) who entered the box and executed in cold blood Kruze for the equalizer! 1-1, the usual happy mess in Millerntor and a moral boost for the squad that for the first time in the game started seriously claiming victory here by putting some additional pressure something that resulted to our biggest lost chance of the game on 74′ with Nöthe crossing from the left parallel to the box to the tiny Demon Rzatkowski who served the ball with a fine heel move to Verhoek who unfortunately arrived FRAMES to late for the tackling kill!!! ACKKKK!!! This was the closest we ever got challenging the game as just 4′ later SC Paderborn hit again for the 2nd time almost in the exact same manner… Again a screw up under the center towards their box, ball to Meha, big diagonal ball to Ten Voorde and parallel assist to incoming Wurtz in the center of the box for the delicate finish (78′)…There goes the momentum, there goes the match…FCSP never recovered from this. Lots of pressure (with the entire stadion shouting “Tschauner! Tschauner!”) but nothing substantial except some Maier bricks and 1-2 long free kicks deep in the heart of the Paderborn defense that resulted to some temporary defensive mess, that’s all…

Hhhmpfff.... (image source:

Hhhmpfff…. (image source:

Hmmm…this defeat seems a little easier to swallow comparing to some other ones… The reason is that such a result was somehow already visible on the horizon. Managed to get a lot of good consecutive results but most of them without playing football at a winning level. Most of the recent positive results came as result of either some good football squad or personal glimpses or lots of luck. OK, we’re already on matchday 10, most of the squads have already shown their cards and it’s looking obvious that under normal circumstances it’s very difficult for this FCSP to seriously assert promotion. From this point of view, such a result it’s not the end of the world – if we actually want to be fair, we could say that is putting things back in order – being close to the top sometimes can cause dizziness 🙂

Michael Frontzeck spoke about ups and downs that should be considered regular when dealing with such new squads as this one after the match (here’s a brief summary in Greek courtesy of St. Pauli Thessaloniki Club) and, regardless if we’re going along with this or not, he has every right to say what he feels. In fact, we do not quite agree on this but we don’t forget that he arrived one year ago (on Tuesday is his 1st anniversary on the edge of the FCSP bench – HAPPY BIRTHDAY COACH!), took over on a very difficult and crucial turning point with the squad looking like one of the ideal candidates for relegation and one way or another (coaching a team that wasn’t built by him) managed to keep the squad in Liga 2, finishing actually on the deceptive 10th place and now is working for the first time here with the squad of his choice. Scum crew (known worldwide as the weatherglass of the FCSP public opinion 🙂  ) doesn’t know lots about coaching (not even one playing “Football Manager” among us!) but sentimentally fully supports the situation and stands by with great curiosity waiting results not this but the NEXT season, if everything go “as planned”. In the meantime we just expect to be spared last year’s (happy ending fortunately) finale. From this point of view “so far, so good”. Still, a little better football in the meantime, wouldn’t hurt 😉

Next week is a break, but next matchday, in 2 weeks from now, will require all strength gathered during these 2 weeks. It’s a trip to Fürth to face Henry Kissmyassinger’s favorite club, SpVgg Greuther Fürth. Not much to add here, all odds seem against us but, as the Chancellor Of Corruption, His Unholiness the Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has several times stated, “within a crisis always opportunities exist”! Here’s the big chance for FCSP then: we can always go there, collect 2-3 goals, come home unharmed and nobody will say anything. But how about go there while looking like this, rob the house, win the fuckin’ game and get back in business out of nowhere??? C’mon Coach and the boys, destroy any leftovers of sanity still existing in the Scum brains, win the Green Hillbillies in their ranch and get back in style!!!

Match goals:

0:1 Saglik (49′, Right-foot shot, Assist: Vrancic)

1:1 Nöthe (66′, Right-foot shot, Assist: Rzatkowski)

1:2 Wurtz (78′, Right-foot shot, Assist: ten Voorde)

Spectators: 28022

Sankt Pauli cards (deep breath first): Kalla (1), Gonther (3), Nöthe (3)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Nöthe’s equalizer (no sound but who cares?)


…and the USP (WITH sound, and yes here we do care 🙂 )


PS: And here’s the 100$ question: how you’ re supposed to go forward when you’re still unable to learn from the mistakes of the past? We DON’T have the answer – we are Scum 🙂

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