Solidarity gig, Agios Dimitrios 12/10/13

Posted: October 14, 2013 by Zouz in Other...
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Right by the “glamorous” mall at Agios Dimitrios metro station, Al. Panagoulis square went full of life on Saturday evening but in a completely different manner comparing to the somehow plastic form of entertainment hosted just a few meters away. Solidarity and financial support gig for imprisoned radical activists on the square, an event that worth 100% the (short anyway) ride and of course not only in terms of live music.


Last solidarity gig that took place in the South End area early July, finished in a complete brawling chaos (on and off the stage) between almost everybody, having as initial cause of the conflict the fact that one guy called another guy…”sexist” within a dispute. Fortunately, after a lot of KARATE, MMA, K1 and traditional boxing, situation decelerated, having a “happy ending” actually with mutual explanations from both sides, but the gig (along with the message and the “credibility” of the organizers, at least the way the stunned and “neutral” Scum crew saw it) never recovered. There was supposed to be some coverage for the blog back then but never happened and probably this is the reason we’ve been caught being not ready on Saturday, at least in terms of image and video material which is quite poor for an occasion like this 🙂


A completely different situation. The place well organized, having not only the mandatory bar along with the financial support box but even a book selling bench just by and (most important of all) a good and decent crowd of people there without any other “unpleasant” surprises. Good atmosphere, good fellas, a lot of familiar faces even from the FCSP scene (a good bunch of Athens Club guys came and paid their respects 🙂 ) and of course lots of noisy rock ‘n’ roll for anyone present from the 5 bands (if we’re not mistaken) that finally made it on stage. Good interaction between the event and the “neighbours”, police, acting wise, did not appeared (in uniform of course) anywhere close and in the end, judging by the crowd, the event must succeeded in it’s initial cause, raising some support cash…

A video from Gutter that made even my sorry ass to hand drink and joint over and grab the mobile, along with some info on the bands that participated can be found below. Looking forward to the next time and this time only for fun, without needing to gather cash for imprisoned people (yeah, right…)

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