News: Athens Antifa League Season II!

Posted: October 15, 2013 by Zouz in News
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Antifa League

First effort, despite all odds, proved quite successful. After a 2-3 (maybe a little more) month period of transfers, laziness, “live your myth in Greece” situations, etc, etc, the Antifa League crew is back with a vengeance! Antifa League new season is almost around the corner and anybody interested in actively participating, better hurry…

This time, season starts a little earlier comparing to last season (actual idea was conceived on January actually). Registration deadline for squads interested to participate ends STRICTLY on October 25th in order to avoid long delays and in-between schedule modifications. The full text regarding the tournament announcement along with all the technical details can be found on the Antifa League blog. Announcement can also be found on Indymedia. For questions, clarifications or any other kind of help, they can be found on the following e-mail address:

Scum crew is quite optimistic that season 2 will be an even biggest hit than last year and sooner or later we will all have the chance to find out for ourselves. To begin with and take one step at a time we’d like to wish to the Antifa League Crew a smashing opening matchday with no unlucky coincidences like last year 🙂 See you all there!

Antifa paraga

PS: All the recent “mess” regarding this Golden Dawn abnormity (not even a link for these bastards!) makes the participation more significant than ever. Talking about this criminally insane mob with the deep, into-the-heart-of-“democracy” connections, a blog piece reflecting more or less our views on the subject, written by John (the pretty one, not the FAT BASTARD!) is already on the way.

  1. no guts no glory says:

    geia sou re zouz, eisai definetely o diethnis antapokritis tou antifa league

    • Zouz says:

      Ναι ρε, έχουμε και San Fransisco το Slime να παραλαμβάνει, μια χαρά το κορδόνι 🙂

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