Scum views: Well done…

Posted: October 16, 2013 by sidkaya in Other..., Society
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Well done to the government. Well done to the judges. Well done to the police. Well done to the media. Well done to the “leftists” and “rightists”. Well done to everyone for re-discovering the wheel. Our congratulations for discovering after 26 years that the golden dawn is not a political party but Hitler’s bastards. A fascist organisation that deals with the cultivation of racism, murders, blackmails, protections, attacks against immigrants, leftists, workers, homosexuals etc. Tragicomic  situations or, better expressed in Greek, “ΓΕΛΑΕΙ Ο ΚΟΣΜΟΣ…” (as my friend Gregory would say). Screw them all…


The blood of fascism’s victims lies not only in the hands of fascists but also in the hands of those who struggle for the maintance of their rotten system. With the support of the State / Government they murder immigrants and activists as they attack protesters with knives and clubs. And all these under the “sleepless” eye of the police

With the support of capitalism the G.D. has created in the workplaces employer gangs that do not only terrify the strikers but also they control the rendering of work to the greeks and the foreigners as well.

With the support of a poverty-stricken society, that searches for something to grasp and make ends meet because this is what we have learnt to do, ignoring, forgetting and voting for the fascist skunks in the name of “cleaning out the country”.

Liars and hypocrites all of them…

When capitalism goes through a crisis its weapon, against society, is fascism. History repeats itself. The antifascist struggle is not a battle between the edges but social and class struggle. From the workplaces to the stands and the protest marches and the demonstrations in all areas to the urban guerrillas.

“We will shout: Grab the axes and with these we will ravage the emperors and their followers. And we will not spare our hits blows just as they are not sparing their hits against us. We will exterminate them in their houses, in the narrow streets of the town, in squares, in avenues of the capital city and in villages” (Moments of war, 2008).

Politics, bureaucrats, generals, assassins and slaughterers, butchers in state uniforms, judges, big bellied bankers, multinational companies and church. All these are the rapists, criminals, terrorists of our lives and they have the absolute support of their laws.

Death to them all. So we can breathe with freedom…


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