Matchday 11: SpVgg Greuther Fürth – FC Sankt Pauli 2-4!!!

Posted: October 21, 2013 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2013-14
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KICK-ASS FCSP for 70′, TERROR for the last 20′!

OK, football talk for Scum is over… This is a squad that obeys to no conventional football logic, hence trying to uderstand what’s happening football-wise, is just meaningless… The Boys in Brown shattered any prediction theories by facing as equal to equal Greuther Fürth for the opening 30′, having fun at expense of them for the next 40′, retreating (probably due to fatigue) in the closing 20′ turning triumph to thriller, and managing to lock victory in the dying moments of the match! Still, this win didn’t prove that this squad is on the promotion course – it just proved that this squad is INSANE! Scum is waiting with HUGE eagerness and curiosity, the next (supposedly EASY) step vs SV Sandhausen 🙂


Sunday morning with the omens clearly on our side! A visit to the brother gang of Athens Club and their new (quite cozy!) venue. Cool place, a lot of familiar faces haven’t been seen for a while along with a lot of new and interesting faces (some of them locals, some of them visitors from abroad) and a game that theoretically we had nothing to lose (except maybe our reputation 😉 ) out of it. Game on then, with a cool atmosphere in the venue and a HOT atmosphere in the stadium created by the visiting FCSP fans, something that actually lasted for the entire game!

Intense from the beginning game with FCSP looking surprisingly good. First warning shot on 9′ with Hesl saying “NO” (one of the very rare occasions actually) to Bartels , closing in from the right in the box and getting the ball after a right flank Rzatkowski onslaught AND GOALLL on 12!!! A beautifully (yes, we can do it!) executed attack with the ball ending to Maier on the left, who closed in, on the edge of the box parallel to the line, got rid of his opponent and aimed right on Hesl’s  guarded corner for the 0-1! Fürth immediatelly activated and game became even faster but no grave danger (except maybe Baba’s shot on 21′, easily handled by Tschauner)…until the equalizer donation on 24’… minor situation inside our box, comitragic FCSP defending and a perfect assist to Fürstner who didn’t even bothered to say “thank you” (PIG!) but got the head up and aimed calmly, from 9-10m slightly to the left, Tschauner’s far corner for the equalizer instead… At this point, things started getting really interesting. FCSP, instead of losing concentration and start retreating to hold the precious draw (a doomed choice), responded with dominant and high quality football for the rest of the half, making the hosts looking like the small squad in the pitch! Highlights: Nöthe’s long but DANGEROUS shot, just by Hesl’s right corner (30′), Gonther’s enormous chance on 38′ (cought by surprise with the ball just in front of the Hesl – situation saved by Mavraj) and ANOTHER BIG one in the same minute, with FCSP penetrating the Greuther Fürth defense, ANYWAY WE LIKE, and Kalla (in killing position), acting like the defender he is ( 🙂 ), losing balance and wasting the obvious chance over the crossbar! Half time whistle, 1-1 and everybody trying to believe what we see 🙂

A "discreet" venue snapshot - notice the green (successful) green sting patent!

A “discreet” venue snapshot – notice the green (successful) green sting patent!

Game on for the 2nd half with FCSP taking the situation from the exact point it was left upon halftime whistle! Again, the warning shot by Gonther (47′ – unguarded, he could further proceed but chose to try directly for the surprise, ball ended just by Hesl’s left post) AND THE KILL on 50′ by Frontzeck’s latest substitution (as usual!) Kevin Schindlerrrr!!! Poor clearance by the home defense, ball to Kevin and the 25m BOMB for the 1-2, with the help of course of the home keeper (who would probably like to forget yesterday’s performance – TRAGIC – as soon as possible)! FCSP ahead and before we even cool down on the chairs, 1-3, AGAIN by Schindler!!! Left flank FCSP corner, again POOR Fürth defending, diagonal shot (or cross – only he could tell!) by Nöthe, very good reflex and finish (with the knee!) from the edge of the keeper’s box for the Lucky 25!!! Everybody in sunny mood in the venue but nobody “flying”, having already experienced a good number of unpleasant upsets in the recent past… And with the clock marking the middle of the 2nd half, FCSP started retreating backwards (fatigue, INDEED is a good excuse this time, they played incredibly until then) instead of trying to achieve the decisive blow. Greuther Fürth (one of the strongest squads in the league anyway) grabbed the chance and moved full-force forward to claim any possibilities left in the game… Things soon started getting quite uncomfortable, with the guests having already squashed us in the box, reaching closer and closer to the goal. Major chance for them on 71′ with a Korcsmar header, following a corner (what else ?!?) just over Tschauner’s (Phil couldn’t do shit here!) crossbar and…2-3 on 77′ with a Trinks header, following (indirectly) a…corner kick…As expected (the only predictable thing regarding FCSP!) fortification in our box, instead of securing the game, turned it again to a “fasten your seat belts” situation for the remaing 15+ mins… Dangerous long Stieber shot on 84′, just by Tschauni’s left post, GRAVE DANGER on 85′ with Pledl making the wrong choice in front of Big Phil and searching for Azemi instead of finishing (thank you!), and more or less a full state of siege for the closing minutes. Salvation came on 94′ with Fürstner being expelled, guilty of excessive zeal, expressed with a Hardcore KARATE kick that fortunately DIDN’T  KILL Thy – actually the most impressing here was the guy actually PROTESTING for the red card – get outta here hillbilly prick… Bartels’ goal on 95′ (facing an already dismantled defense) was just the icing on the cake… Full time, Greuther Fürth 2 – FCSP 4!!!

Somewhere, beneath this pile of brown-white flesh and bones, Schindler must be hiding :-) (image source:

Somewhere, beneath this pile of brown-white flesh and bones, Schindler must be hiding somewhere 🙂                 (image source:

Conclusion: no bloody conclusion this time, just happiness and pride for a Colossal victory FULLY DESERVED!!! Scum will just enjoy the moment for once! Good tactic, instead of taking the risk of being next week’s Golden Clown with a bunch of triumphant comments and predictions in view of the next game that smells (for obvious reasons, some of them technical but we said that we will shut up!) trouble… SV Sandhausen is coming to pay us a visit and (hopefully) their respects. No fuzz, no big words, let’s do the job done and, if all well on Friday, we have the entire weekend to get carried away!


Match goals:

0:1 Maier (12′, right-foot shot, Assist: Bartels)

1:1 Fürstner (24′, right-foot shot, Assist: Hmmm…)

1:2 Schindler (50′, right-foot shot )

1:3 Schindler (58′, right-knee shot, Assist: Nöthe

2:3 Trinks (77′, header, Assist: Stieber)

2:4 Bartels (90+5′, right-foot shot, Assist: Buchtmann)

Spectators: 14110

Sankt Pauli cards: Maier (1), Schindler (1), Thorandt (4), Halstenberg (1), Buchtmann (6)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Match highlights:


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