Matchday 12: FC Sankt Pauli – SV Sandhausen 0-0

Posted: October 28, 2013 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2013-14
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Almost nothing…

Here’s something that matters. Sankt Pauli is more than football. It is a way of thinking. It never was only about football, and it never will be! But hey, I guess we all know that, so instead of writing about things that matter and we all know, I’ll just write about a little something of lesser importance as far as the whole Sankt Pauli standard goes, but probably the main reason for nagging when a game is on!  So , here we are coming from a 2-4 triumph of the previous game, with everyone’s moral high, and once again FCSP manages to blow it all away, earning a fair tie against the ‘’very’’ lesser SV Sandhausen!


First half starts and finds Maier losing a classic one (15’)  as he was unable to find his way to the nets, an example followed couple of times later by Halstenberg, Rzatkowksi and Schindler!  The whole action of the game kind of stops pretty much there! Only the yellow cards that were given plenty in this first half, were able to draw the audience’s attention, as once again we were sitting along with the brothers of Athens Club in this new joint of them, watching Sankt Pauli unable to find the oppontent’s nets! This and three yellow cards for Sandhausen (Kulovits, Ulm, Schauerte) pretty early in the game (7’,12’ and 14’) as well as  one for Sankt Pauli’s Bartels in 23’ are more or less what someone can tell about this first half.

The second half had no surprises, as it rolled along as most of us would predict! No yellow cards this time with Maier having the classic opportunity to score, but like the first half, he blew it! The truth is FCSP, with Maier on the first, and the second half came closer to scoring, but it appears that Maier was just not in his day! A shoot from Schindler though(73’) could easily be held as the game’s highlight, as it was shot from a great distance and got out only half a meter from Riemann’s right pole! The late player changes that Frontzeck decided (Verhoek for Bartels, Thy for Maier and Gregoritsch for Nöthe on 71’ , 77’, 78’), did not do any good , but only to delay the game, and give the players some time to catch breath!  So with this and that (and a big chance for the guests on injury time, Knoll 91′) the game ended , with the fair 0-0. One point is better than none, right?

And now, comes the time for the conclusion of the report and some nagging! We’ve all witnessed the scenario, where Sankt Pauli presses forward and when they reach the opposite end, they just don’t know what to do with the ball! There are some exceptions to this, but the ratio of ruined offenses vs successful ones leans dramatically in favor of the ruined ones! And last year we had excuses. Plenty of excuses. A shitty coach was away, lots of players were fired, and practically the whole team was building up its confidence once again. But damn it that was a year ago. This year we got new players, and some of them are really exceptional (Rzatkowski, Verhoek). The team has had a minor progress from last year, but unfortunately it is as if the ghosts of the past haunt us, mostly on defense, ( Markus Thorandt seems helpless. Most of the times you ‘ll find him chasing after the opponent who just crossed him over), but also in offense! Damn it, these are professional football players and it is inacceptable for a professional player that plays football in ‘’die zweite liga’’, not knowing what to do with the fuckin ball when facing the opponents nets! And that is something that we’ve seen a lot the last two years, either through missed passes, wrong passes, shitty calls and decisions that lead to nowhere and even through latency in shooting the damn thing! There’s actually no attacking system followed! Nobody knows what he is supposed to do there! Only the trustworthy-whoever’s got the ball just shoot or pass if he can’t! There’s nothing more to say actually. You don’t need to be an astrophysicist to realize what’s going on!

It is obvious that Mr Frontzeck is being the nice guy! Waaaay too much of a nice guy. Mike…We know you’re a nice guy! Hell, we like you a lot dude. But how about getting things working a bit? I bet the typical Michael Frontzeck training starts with the words: Ok guys..Let’s split in half and play ball for a couple of hours.The team who wins earns free beers and chocolate bars! NO MICHAEL…It takes more than that. Work on it!

P.S: Saturday FCSP meets Kaiserslautern. Let’s hope that this week’s mistakes will not be repeated. Hoping for a new triumph like the one in Fürth. Cos after all, we’re Scum, and Sankt Pauli taught us one simple thing. Expect the unexpected…so…Forza Sankt Pauli!

Match goals:


Spectators: 27901

Sankt Pauli cards: Bartels (2)

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Match highlights:

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