Matchday 13: FC Kaiserslautern – FC Sankt Pauli 4-1

Posted: November 3, 2013 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2013-14
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OK, kick in the ass collected, now heads up!

A hard lesson for the Boys in Brown yesterday at Fritz Walter Stadion. Clear, 4-1 defeat by FC Kaiserslautern with a score that may sounds too heavy (squad really tried) but, in the end, reflects more or less the complete picture quite well.  However and despite the “heavy” defeat, I personally feel quite calm here (I don’t know if Scum colleague AndyChristos feels the same, having already witnessed his “rage” being expressed last week 🙂 ) and this is for a simple reason: This game pointed out once more (in a different way than last week maybe) a thing that most of us know already, that this squad, this season has “certain limits” but this, for anybody being a conscious FC Sankt Pauli fan, doesn’t mean the end of the world 🙂


Even with the squad in top shape, we couldn’t expect much out of this one way or another. A tradition clearly in favor of the hosts, with last successful result at Fritz Walter Stadion located back in 1995-96 (a fine 0-0, 23/2/1996!), who (let’s not fool ourselves) are at least half a level above, being constantly trapped in the elevator between the top 2 German leagues for the past years. No big expectations and actually a quite cozy mood in our venue (after some time actually, a national team weekend and two visits to the Athens Club occured in between) instead.

Game on, under BAD weather conditions, first good moment for FCSP on 4′ with a Nöthe shot outside the box past Sippel’s far post and…the cold shower on 6′, to simulate maybe the cozy room Scum conditions with the ones in the pitch for a closer experience… quick header assist from Idrissou to Zoller who had no problem to enter all alone in the box and fool Tschauner (birthday today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG BOY!) for the opening goal of the game. 1-0 for FCK very early in the game and things started becoming really worrying on 13′ when Tschauner won this time the 1-1 situation vs Idrissou and became terryfing on 17′ when Phil again saved the day in front of Matmour (following a classic Markus screw up) but the 2nd didn’t came. FCSP survived, managed to close some holes and…stroke back on 31′! Good left flank move from Rzatkowski, ball closed in to Bartels (top left of the box) who saw Kalla (he shaved!) coming in in the heart of the box and passed him the assist (thumbs up to Nöthe for leaving the ball pass!) for the easy equalizer!!! Hosts, somehow shocked by the outcome of the situation, lost pace and game turned somehow balanced for the rest of the half, reaching half time whistle with 1-1 and leaving us wondering if we can (once more this year and for the first time there) manage in the end to get away with it.

1-0...seems they had some bet regarding the time... (image source:

1-0…seems they had some bet regarding the time… (image source:

The hosts gave their negative response, from the beginning of the 2nd half, starting at 49’… Don’t even have to describe this – with the exception of the Zoller over Thorandt trick and the corner picked, is an exact clone of the first one… FCSP, despite being pressed for the 3rd, had the big chance to turn the game upside down just 4′ later (53′) but Gonther first failed to finish from 5m following a corner kick mess in the FCK box and Buchtmann’s shot on the rebound ended past Sippel’s right post… FCK more in our area, a good shot from Zoller on 57′ (along with lots of peripheral pressure), a last attemp to pay back on 63′, again following a corner, with a nice Kringe turn-around move on the edge of the keeper’s box that found Sippel ready, and GAME OVER on 65′: Left flank onslaught from our 2nd half (Greek) nightmare Fortounis, parallel to the line cross and…own goal (chest) by Gonther…That was it, FCK sat comfortably on the 3-1 with the Boys in Brown trying but can’t be up to par. Kalla could do the inconceivable (score two in a game!) and put us theoretically back in business on 82′ but he delayed the final shot and was successfully tackled by Orban. FCSP couldn’t do much, we collected a 4th one instead in the closing snapshot of the game, with an Idrissou header (following a corner of course) that turned to assist due to a really poor this time Tschauner reaction, to Karl for the 4-1 with a header, almost from zero distance, to spoil the picture a little more…

...and the USP travelling band! (image source: @Makavelli1312 on Twitter)

…and the USP travelling band! (image source: @Makavelli1312 on Twitter)

A defeat expected more or less with only argument maybe the opposite to any conventional logic results of the squad so far. 4-1 is not a problem here, just points out weaknesses obvious to almost anybody – luck we had plenty in some previous games wasn’t there and we had a SERIOUS opponent to face this time. If there’s something new to say here, this it that it’s starts looking, with the race already in November, that Rahid Azzouzi should probably start considering 1-2 reinforcement moves, especially towards the back, in view of the winter break. With the injury problems having already occured, seems that help is probably needed… OK, no serious damage done here, mentally or physically, let’s lift heads up and move to the next stop which is (drum roll):

Yes, we know we have posted this before but JUST LOOK! It's a damn classic :-)

Yes, we know we have posted this before but JUST LOOK! It’s a damn classic 🙂

That’s it! They are currently resting well into the relegation zone and it’s 100% in our hands (especially at home) to make them feel even more uncomfortable! So, no bloody analysis, no predictions, no excuses, no IFs! Just go out and win the suckerrr!!!

Match goals:

1:0 Zoller (6′, Right foot shot, Assist: Idrissou)

1:1 Kalla (31′, Right foot shot, Assist: Bartels)

2:1 Zoller (49′, Right foot shot, Assist: Idrissou)

3:1 Gonther (65′ Own goal, chest)

4:1 Karl (90+3′,Header, Assist: Idrissou)

Spectators: 35330

Sankt Pauli cards: Thy (3)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

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