News: Frontzeck is out!

Posted: November 6, 2013 by Zouz in News, Zweite Liga 2013-14
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Surprisingly to the Scum and probably to the majority of the FCSP community, Club announced today morning the “release” of the Head Coach Michael Frontzeck


According to the Kicker report, both club and Frontzeck provided as reason for the break up a difference of views regading future development. According to the same report there has been a serious dispute regarding the timing of Frontzeck’s contract renewal (he wanted immediate renewal instead of a renewal on winter suggested by the club). One way or another seems like a decision irrelevant to the current status of the squad and if this is true, there is no use discussing if he deserved to stay at the edge of the bench or not…

The 394 days of Michael Frontzeck in FCSP were quite adventurous ones. He took over the team following the release of the unspeakable Andre Schubert on October 8th 2012 with the team in 17th place and a major relegation candidate. He managed somehow to save the squad from relegation after a lot of agony and pain, 2 matchdays before the finish and proceeded to a major line up renewal during the Summer. His course so far on the current season had its ups and downs, with both virtues and weaknesses displayed by the squad, but in any way not a course justifying release.


Within the Scum we often had disputes regarding his adequacy as FCSP coach, with the majority trending to “he is OK” and, without having a concrete opinion on his abilities, we ended up liking the guy. Hence (and of course if no further facts come out to light, this is a quite strange “divorce”), he leaves FCSP as a friend and as such he will remembered here. More words on the issue, when and if we have more facts…

In the meantime, the task of leading FCSP on Monday vs Energie Cottbus will be undertaken by Roland Vrabec, assistant trainer up to now. Good luck both to him and to the squad because, under circumstances of such instability as these, it will probably be well needed…


Official Club announcement


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