Matchday 14: FC Sankt Pauli – Energie Cottbus 3-0

Posted: November 12, 2013 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2013-14
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They didn’t need to be controlled. All they needed was to be unleashed…

Monday night. With heavy rain on our shoulders,  we start meeting with the Scum comrades, in our little joint in Alimos to watch Sankt Pauli’s domination over Energie Cottbus. Well, we may not have been aware that it was going to be a domination, but it was definitely the weirdest and most interesting matchday this one! Both teams had substitute  coaches, and both teams needed these points like no other, not only to stay strong in the pursuit of the top(why not?) in the rank’s list, but also to prove that they stand strong besides the problems they are both facing.


With a transmission delay of about 5 minutes due to a Satellite jam, we move on to the first half of the game, with the teams being really cautious in the first minutes. The action starts early for SP on  7’ with Bartels  passing to Kringe and from an 8 meter distance Kringe fails to set up things right! On 28’ Tschauner blocks a 12 meter  flank, and things go smooth enough until the 24’ were Kringe sends a header a little above Almer’s left pole. The first yellow card of the game of course belongs to SP, but not to Thorandt. Yes, you heard right Markus Thorandt did not start the yellow card drill on this game. The first yellow was given on 27’ to Buchtmann for mistreating Charles Takyi. Ring any bells? Yees our former midfielder Sir Charles Takyi. A Cottbus player now, and a really decent performance against his old mates! No hard feelings. Bartels was the ice breaker in this first half on 35’. After a sweet pass from Nöthe, scored the first goal on SP’s behalf from 14 meters! Another yellow card for Cottbus to Stiepermann on 43’ and that’s about it with the first half.  A rather muddy start, with limited action from both sides, but the 1-0 result felt sooo good!

Acting Head Coach Roland Vrabec while on duty (image source:

Acting Head Coach Roland Vrabec while on duty (image source:

Second half starts with a player switch for SP as Nehrig takes Kalla’s place on 46’. This second half is where all the action was at, as Cottbus entered willing to even the score, but SP had other plans! A header from Sanogo on 54’ doesn’t worry Tschauner. On 55’ Banovic receives a yellow one for improper stoppage of Bartels’ counter attack! A shot from Rzatkowski on 58’ was blocked and on 62’ Banovic after a fight in the air with Kringe ends up with a deep cut above his eyebrow. Nothing intended though, so once he received first aid he got back to the game and no harm was done! On 68’ Kringe gives his place to Thy and it was on 70’ when  Bartels passed to Rzatkowski  who danced in danced in Cottbus’ defence and created a shooting position for Schachten so sweet that it was impossible for him to miss. So, with Schachten  scoring  the second goal for SP, Cottbus became even more nervous and someone could see that through their finishing lines on all attempts to score. SP though became even more  greedy! No attempt to hide back until the game ended. All team forward for a third one, and it so happened on 73’ and after Cottbus switched    Kruska with Jendrisek and Formitshow with Bickel,  Markus Thorandt, after another lesson on how to create a goal from Mr Rzatkowski could do anything else than score! Tombstone sealed for Cottbus, with the rest of the game having nothing important to show. Only another gold yellow for Cottbus  on Schulze (83)’ and  a player substitution (85′) for SP with Mohr taking the place of Buchtmann.

2-0! Sebastian Schachten knows it's over (image source:

2-0! Sebastian Schachten knows it’s over (image source:

First they took away their hearts, and then they took away their heads.  The proper performance this team should have. No one actually could tell that this was a team playing with a substitute coach. I really can’t say a lot for Vrabec. The man did what he was supposed to do. I suppose he could do something about this 4-4-2. Worked well but still..why should the 4 on the back be lined in a row? A row breaks easier. Anyway that’s up to them to fix!  This win showed the heart that this team has, when they decide to organize things a bit better, and this game showed what Markus Thorandt can really do when he decides to do a little yoga before the game. A true granite wall on defense, and a menace unmatched when given the opportunity to score. This guy shut a lot of mouths with his performance , mine included. Let’s hope he keeps up that pace.  Rzatkowski and Bartels also were in a great shape with the first creating the two last goals and the second scoring the first one and actually doing a hell of a work on destroying the moral of Angela Merkel’s favorites! Next target is VfR Aalen on  the 24th! Let’s hope that this march against Cottbus will be repeated against Aalen. Of course no one can be sure of that cos this is SP we’re talking about but one thing is for sure. Sankt Pauli made a statement with this win: ‘’DON’T FUCK WITH US!’’

Match goals:

1:0 Bartels (35′, Right-foot shot, Assist: Nöthe)

2:0 Schachten (70‘, Right-foot shot, Assist: Rzatkowski)

3:0 Thorandt (73′, Header, Assist: Rzatkowski)

Spectators: 27441

Sankt Pauli cards: Buchtmann (7)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

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