News: Athens Antifa League Season II kickoff on Sunday!

Posted: November 18, 2013 by Zouz in News
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OK, Athens Antifa League season II is just around the corner! Last season’s “experiment” was finally proven more than successful, so now the crew returns with a vengeance, far more organized we hope ( 🙂 ), kicking off this Sunday, 24/11 13:00, at Keratsini

The opening weekend is co-organized by the Antifa League Crew and the host squad “ΓΝΩΣΤΟΙ ΑΓΝΩΣΤΟΙ” (a.k.a. The Known Unknown!) along with the Keratsini Autonomous Antifascist Assembly and has kind of a special color, since it’s dedicated to the late Pavlos Fyssas, something at least expected taking under consideration the fact that Pavlos was murdered in this very neighborhood…

The usual anti-modern football extravaganza is expected with Collosal Clashes in the pitch ( 🙂 ), lots of music, beer, collective cuisine (sic!) and of course huge waves of positive energy!  Below (if there’s of any significance, most of these really imaginative names cannot be really translated in English 😉 ), a list of the 13 (!) participants follows:

  • Rakos Ferreira
  • Ypostego
  • Los Ingenieros
  • Villa Abalias
  • Gnostoi Agnostoi (matchday 1 hosts)
  • N.F. Warriors
  • Refugee Antifa Team
  • Persini Kommouna
  • Enosi Dytikon
  • Belza Gorria
  • Trolletarioi
  • Potamiakos
  • Abelogarden

All the best to the Antifa League crew for a tournament that will be enjoyed to the limit by both squads and fans! Matchday 1 is extremely close to the Vfr Aalen game to guarantee a report (OK, we’re junkies but this is nothing new 🙂 ) but the entire course of the tournament will by closely watched by the Scum. Well, Scum is (probably) excused but all the others, being real football fans and not Scum Junkies, BE THERE!!!

Contact information:

Link to the Antifa League Blog:

For Matchday 1 Location Map, click here

Antifa League

PS: In case extreme weather conditions occur, matchday 1 will be transfered to the next Sunday 1/12, same place, same time

  1. Zouz says:

    Athens Antifa League matchday 1 transferred to next weekend due to weather conditions

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