Matchday 15: VfR Aalen – FC Sankt Pauli 0-1!

Posted: November 25, 2013 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2013-14
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Vrabec’s brigade marching unstoppable!

source:, (c) dpa

source:, (c) dpa

After a run-and-gun game (as turned during the second half), the Boys in Brown overran the obstacle of VfR Aalen and, in a paranoid way, climbed on 4th place, 1pt below the promotion playoff zone and 3pts from the top! No ending to the surprises with this squad, Roland Vrabec seems to be the latest one 🙂


Hamburg weather in Athens, no TV coverage by the bloody local Pay-TV provider, so off to the Athens Club venue for a game open to any kind of predictions as agreed between the local mob before the game and while trying to set up the projector. Good mood and a certain anticipation (at least personally) after two weeks without real footbal mixed with curiosity regarding the football that the squad will play after the break, under the guidelines of an Acting Head Coach

Squads in the pitch, inside a very cozy football stadium and with the USP paying their tribue to Walter Frosch (R.I.P.). Good football weather and game on with the Boys in Brown showing their aggressive mood, right from the start. 3′ into the game and first BIG chance for FCSP with Rzatkowski getting caught by surprise and beaten by Fejzic on the 1-1 confrontation just in front of the Aalen posts! New opportunity for FCSP on 9′ with Rzatkowski filling in with a distant right flank free kick and Hübner jumping higher than everybody for a header that only it’s own crossbar stopped from being the matchday highlight! FCSP continuously aggresive, having limited Aalen in their box and a new minor panic in the box on 25′ with Bartels arriving just late for Kringe’s dreadful cross in the box! Things finally got in order on 29′, in a somehow unexpected way, with Nöthe receiving the ball some 30m away to the right and penetrating into the box, distributing vomit bags to the entire Aalen left defensive flank along the way, before he kills Fejzic with a well aimed shot! 0-1 FCSP, SAMBAAAAAA!!! Hosts woke up from their slumber, got their shit together and pressed forward to claim something more from the game and they succeeded at a certain level, creating a few sitiuation within our box with best ones the Weiß 13m shot easily handled by Tschauner on 32′ and their BIG ONE of the first half on 40′ with Big Phil FLYING to his left window to save Lechleiter’s elaborate shot! First half 0-1 to FCSP, with the impressions on our side and a lot of optimism in view of the 2nd half 🙂

Scorer as captured by the Scum minutes after 0-1

Scorer as captured by the Scum, minutes after 0-1

Match resumed in the 2nd half with FCSP having the chance to “lock” the game but the scorer Nöthe who had scored earlier what couldn’t be scored, lost on 48′ what couldn’t be lost, aiming completely wrong, all alone in front of Fejzic on 48′!!! To make things spicier FCSP actually scored a 2nd goal on 49′ but Schachten (covered at least 1m!!!) was 100% incorrectly called off for offside by the assistant referee who can rightfully claim the Breille award of the day! Squad didn’t secure the match and as result of it hosts, having already escaped the worse, started turning more and more demanding in the field. 57′ into the game, Buballa cross right in the heart of our box, extremely skillful Valentini intervention on the ball and an EXCELLENT Tschauni save over the crossbar! Match turning wild, counter attack for FCSP on 59′ with Nehrig finding Nöthe at the 48′ position but more closely guarded, Nöthe aiming better this time but Fejzic prevailing the 2nd once more! Intense up and down game for the remaining time of the game (with a little decrease in the pace between 66′ and 72′ due to cards and substitutions) with lots of minor situations in front of boath goals and VfR Aalen having the last serious opportunity on 81′ with Buballa incoming with a lot of momentum in the box but his 11m ended up RIGHT IN Tschauner’s arms!!! A lot of heartbeat for the closing stages of the game as FCSP has been proven capable of anything at anytime, but nothing happened and the final whistle found FCSP winner, even in a way slightly more stressful than expected during half time 🙂

Game over, party can begin! (image source:, photo: Daniel Maurer)

Game over, party can begin! (image source:, photo: Daniel Maurer)

Well done Coach, well done Boys, well done Fans! A squad setup like a good  ordinary day without an “emergency solution” at the edge of the bench, a squad that (with a few exceptions, we’re FCSP, perfection is the enemy!) didn’t gave many rights to VfR Aalen overall and a Fan Travellin’ Band that was the only one heard inside during the 90′ of the game. Even if we possess a moaning habit in this blog, we don’ actually enjoying doing it, hence today is a happy happy Monday 🙂 Squad has already exceeded our competitive expectations and is now more free to perform, without any relagation anxieties, under the directions of a guy that has already earned the respect of the fans and having nothing further to prove at the moment.

A special mention has to made here to Walter Frosch, an FCSP veteran and a unique personality that unfortunately passed away on November 23rd… Both squad and fans paid respect to his memory, squad by wearing black mourning bracelets, fans by performing the coreo you can see below, thanks to Yorkshire St. Pauli who had the kindness to share it on the web. R.I.P. Walter Frosch, all of you that reading, you can take an idea about who this guy was about by taking a look at his German wiki link or at the video at the bottom of the post…


Wir trauern um Walter Frosch

Next week??? AAAAAAARRRGHHH! The EVIL GOAT (B-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e!!!!) is coming to Millerntor on Friday! Normally, we should keep a low profile but due to a) the pleasant surprise that old buddy Ralph Gunesch (a.k.a. @felgenralle) served them at home, on Saturday b) the fact that we’re going much better than expected and (mainly) c) the fact that THEY DON’T LIKE US, HENCE WE DON’T LIKE THEM has already made the Scum far more cheeky than supposed to be! KICK THE EFZEH ASS RED, climb above them on the table (in the promotion zone), be responsible in the remaining games and go home satisified and happy  for holidays!!! And if all these are not enough, there will be a few Athens Club comrades inside Südkurve to support the noble cause 🙂


Match goals:

0:1 Nöthe (29′, Right foot shot, Assist: Schachten)

Spectators: 10480

Sankt Pauli cards: Nöthe (4), Buchtmann (8), Gonther (4), Halstenberg (2), Bartels (3)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Link to the goal:

Walter Frosch!


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