Matchday 16: FC Sankt Pauli – FC Köln 0-3

Posted: November 30, 2013 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2013-14
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Oooh shit…

The “what the fuck?” look on Seb Schachten’s face is quite indicative. FCSP ended up losing big yesterday to FC Köln after a game that almost nothing worked for us… 0-3 but no hard words for the Boys in Brown – just the sense of irony when Luck, that has stood by your side a good number of times so far in the season, suddenly changes sides and starts laughing at you 🙂


A game wanted bad by both squads and for multiple reasons. Again, hosted by our Athens Club comrades (it’s getting boring dealing almost every time with the inadequacy of the local Bundsliga pay TV provider that broadcasts only 2-3 games per matchday…) in the city center. Quite optimistic mood but no extreme predictions, most talk about the Athens fans (Skud & Knolle) present in the stadium and the possiblity of affecting the game, using the known FCSP-Athens-Fans-Ultra-Positive-Energy, in favour of FCSP 🙂 Squad entrance, the usual impressive display by the USP, one moment of silence in memory of Walter Frosch and off we go!

YNWA... (image source:

YNWA… (image source:

Game on, with FCSP storming into the game to general pleasure of the hot crowd that achieved another sold out yesterday. Pressure from the very beginning and good chance on 2′ with Halstenberg getting rid of 2 opponents outside the box and shooting a fine 20m ball that forced Horn to stretch almost as far as possible to deflect it just over the crossbar. Constant pressure for the opening 5′ from FCSP, managed well by the guests who started shaping up their response after the initial “surprise”. Two consecutive corners on 5′ and 6′, the second one following a Risse shot that forced Tschauner in a big save on his bottom right corner. Corner executed from the left…and 0-1 for FC Köln the usual way (header after a corner) with the hero this time being Wimmer who completely won his personal opponent on the air and killed Big Phil with a bouncing header in our right corner…up and down football for the following minutes with FCSP, despite the early shock,  finally gaining most out of it and a double tremendous chance on 19′!!! First the 20+m shot (slightly to the right) by Schachten and the big save by Horn with the ball ending up (via Bartels) to Nehrig all alone in front of Horn who performed a second, incredible this time, save with the right leg, right on the line – AAAAAARRRGHHH! A slight pace decrease but FCSP still having the lion’s share in the game in search of the, so much wanted, equalizer. 27′ into the game and new BIG chance for the Boys in Brown with Nöthe, following a corner on the right, setting up the ball with a header to… Markus Thorandt ( 🙂 ) whose 13m shot was initially stopped by Ujah before being secured by Horn, in between a lot of legs… Immediately afterwards…the PUNISHMENT probably in the most professional way possible. Organized attack by Köln from the left, Hector, Halfar aaand Helmes…all alone into the box from the right, in the back of the unaware FCSP defense for the cold blooded 13m finish on Tschauner’s right corner… 0-2 on 28’… Despite the unpleasant developments, the Boys in Brown continued trying to get back into the game and things could turn another way if Rzatkowski’s 15-16m shot was ending up a few centimeters lower on 35′ but ended up JUUUST over Horn’s crossbar. Still passionate football but nothing spectacular until the end of the half. Half time whistle with FCSP being 0-2 behind, having tried (and achieved) actually playing some real football but being “ripped off” by a far more clever and focused team in the field, the team of the damn Goat 🙂

0-1... (source:

0-1… (source:

Game would end before even resumes on 46′ if wasn’t Tschauner to save Gerhardt’s shot coming up from about 5m right to the penalty spot. We somehow survived and started pressing our guests, sitting and waiting comfortable on their half, and we came relatively close to something good on 54′ when Rzatkowski’s venomous cross from the left edge of the box almost on the boundary line, resulted to a panic situation inside the keeper’s box but nobody couldn’t put his body the correct way before the ball which finally ended just by Horn’s right post…Colossal chance for FCSP on 58′ with incoming Kalla, facing directly the posts, shooting from 14m the ball righ into Horn’s arms and the Tombstone to any Brown & White ambitions on the FC Köln counter attack immediately afterwards with Gonther taking his marching steps towards the showers by the referee for fouling Ujah from behind while being the last defender standing… FCSP down to 10 men on 59′ and expecting something good from this game just wasn’t feasible anymore. There was only to be torture for the last 30′ and that’s exactly what we got from an opponent that didn’t actually pressed towards a bigger score but all the odds where on their side. 0-3 didn’t happen on 67′ when Helmes’ shot shook Tschauner’s right vertical post on 67′ but came as an inevitable doom on 79′, courtesy of Big Phil himself when he completely blew it after a corner leaving the ball to Gerhardt for the comfortable finish from almost zero distance. The only thing that our guys had to say in the pitch before the end of the game was a distant (30+m) Maier free kick who sent the ball slightly bouncing on the upper side of the crossbar. 0-3 and an as fair as painful submission to the old pal Matthias Lehmann and his crew…

The 54' opportunity (source:

The 54′ opportunity (source:

We had it coming sooner or later. We ‘ve been lucky (or capable maybe?) enough to get results out of almost nothing in more than one occasions this year. But this time, against a very effective, as proven in the pitch, opponent and with the ball refusing to get in when had to (@$^%@E&E@%!!!), things turned completely the other way around, resulting to an annoying defeat at home, especially when coming from someone that we certainly DON’T like 😉 A result somehow “unfair” for the squad that tried hard and had their moments in the field while being behind almost from the very beginning of the match. No big deal, let’s call it a “table position adjustment” 🙂 What done is done, now better get our shit together because there is an equally difficult test, coming up next Friday…

It’s a trip to Aue for a game vs the local Erzgebirge Aue, a squad that (believe it or not) we have NEVER managed to beat so far on their own ground. An opponent theoretically “inferior” but an opponent that a) always gives us an extremely hard time, b) we beat for the last time some five and a half years ago (2/5/2008) and c) kicked heavily our ass during our last appointment. A game than can seen as a real challenge as well as a chance to get back in business, a business that normally shouldn’t be ours in the first place, the promotion business 😉 Under these circumstances and with not really much at stake, anything better than yesterday’s nightmare is welcome. C’mon FCSP let’s open the month in style!

Match goals:

0:1 Wimmer (6′, Header, Assist: Helmes)

0:2 Helmes (28′, Right-foot shot, Assist: Halfar)

0:3 Gerhardt (79′, Right-foot shot, Assist: Lehmann)

Spectators: 29063 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Gonther (Red), Kalla (2), Schachten (1)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:


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