Matchday 17: Erzgebirge Aue – FC Sankt Pauli 0-2!

Posted: December 8, 2013 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2013-14
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Eat this!


Wooohooo! Impressive victory on Friday evening for the Boys In Brown over both Erzgebirge Aue and the indescribable Wolfgang Stark (this guy is going to Brazil on Summer!!!), the first ever at their own ground, with a comfortable 0-2 and an equally impressive climbing to 4th (!!!) place upon completion of the 1st round!


Friday evening, finally with FCSP coverage on TV after some weeks and Scum back to our “standard” location, after being hosted for some weeks at the city center by our Athens Club fellas. Some “long time no see” chat, the usual questions from the “local population” regarding the potential of betting to FCSP with the usual answer “if you wanna take some risk, play it over 2,5 otherwise DON’T touch it”, drinks served, everything in order 😉

Game on, within quite tough football conditions (lots of wind from the beginning along with some snow on the way) and well, well, well… the farce of the season on 5′ with a penalty awarded to Aue for a supposed Mohr (welcome back!) challenge to Sylvestr, something that only WolfgangScent of a WomanStark noticed, within general surprise both on and off the pitch… Some awkward moments of silence with us looking eachother like morons, trying to figure out what the ref has awarded, the ANGER after watching the replay, the shot Sylvestr and THE BLOODY SAVE by Big Phil! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! Game wild right from the start, 60-65 (?!?)m forward long ball from Buchtmann to Bartels, with my sorry ass still tweeting Tschauner’s save (one of these days we ‘ll get rid of these “live updates” 🙂 ), excellent ball control from Fin within the box, to the left and WHAT A FUCKIN’ INCONCEIVABLE SHOT! Ball directly on the opposite upper corner flying over, stretched all the way but still helpless, Männel and 0-1 on 8′! From Earth to Hell and then to Heaven in 2′! Kick-off again, with the hosts somehow shocked by the course of the match and FCSP holding comfortably and safely our ground. Pressure upon FCSP start slowly built around 20′ and first (and big) opportunity for Aue on 23′, the classic FCSP-self-screw-up way, from a corner. Right flank corner from them by Novikovas, Klingbeil 7m header aiming for surely for the left bottom corner and save, right on the line, by the Pocket Demon, Marc Rzatkowski! Probably the last time that they really worried us, 25′ into the game, 3 FCSP headers starting from the defense with the last one by Rzatkowski ending up to Fin Bartels, running all alone in front of MännelFin didn’t finish himself the job but, in a great team spirit display, passed the ball, right on time, to (incoming on the right) Gregoritsch who had absolutely no problem finishing in front of the empty net for the 0-2 – Checkmate!!! If the Bartels goal was a shock for Aue, imagine how this must felt…  The home side couldn’t not find in any way their steps in the pitch and the remaining 20′ passed with the Boys In Brown IN ABSOLUTE CONTROL of the game, something seen very rarely lately. No more surprises (we had enough) for the remaining 1st half, half time whistle: Aue 0 – FCSP 2!

0-2, bye bye :-) (image source: FCSP on Facebook)

0-2, bye bye 🙂 (image source: FCSP on Facebook)

2nd half on the way with Aue having a chance to get back into the game on 47′ but Tschauner said once more “No!” by reacting correctly on an Ivan Gozalez header. Area secured and not much work until the 60′ occasion: Corner (what else?) from the right for Aue, ball ended up to Fink who tried all alone for the kill from 16m, facing directly the net but…ooooooh maaaaannn, can anybody tell me what the fuck Big Phil did again??? To me, a sincere, slightly drunk, FCSP junkie seemed like one of the best saves I have seen in all my bloody sinful (actually filled much more win sin than football!) life…Muthafucka… Anyway, area secured once more and it would really be a pity if this one was turning into a derby again, since these two Aue chances are not reflecting the full picture of the game up to this point, which looks more like an easy FCSP afternoon. We, on the other hand, still better overall in the field, we could have a 3rd (and pay them 100% back for last year’s 0-3!) on 67′ but Gregoritsch’s finish, following a deep Kalla ball, was rather weak, right on Μännel’s grasp instead of passing the ball over him… Another long Buchtmann shot on 71′ blocked by Männel and the very rare feeling, of being able to watch an FCSP game really RELAXED, has occupied the venue 🙂 An even longer free kick (some 30m) for Aue (Novikovas) on 79′ couldn’t be a problem for Friday’s Phil, who majestically stretched himself for the save, giving the feeling of being in full control from the beginning of the shot. Last big one of the game belonged to FCSP, with Halstenberg getting Bartels all alone in front of Männel but with the Aue keeper this time managing to save Fin’s finish and send the ball to a corner, just by his left vertical post. Nothing more to a game belonged to FCSP from the very beginning until the very end – full time whistle: Erzgebirge Aue 0 – FC Sankt Pauli 2!

Being happy! (image source:

Being happy! (image source:

Still happy! (image source:

Still happy! (image source:

Wowww yeeeaaahhhhh…Even without being a spectacular performance in terms of goals, chances and domination in the field, this was one of the top FCSP performances so far. Maybe it has to do with the shock of the 5′-8′ period that seems that Aue never recovered from but the Boys this time made it look sooo easy 🙂 Probably things could turn out more difficult if Tschauner wasn’t reacting successfully on 46′ and (especially) 60′ but from 0-2 and until the end of the game we experienced a feeling of (probably false, we have suffered a lot!) safety, pure product of the picture of the squad in the field (excluding of course chronic and persistent diseases like our inability to setup the defense when opponent has a corner 😉 ), that seemed all along in full control. This was a FOCUSED FCSP. And let’s not forget: the first ever win at Erzgebirgsstadion!  Hope only it stays that way…

…because on Monday the 2nd round kicks off with a visit to Munich and the Allianz Arena for an anything than easy (as usual when being FCSP!) vs the local 1860. First round, was a 1-0 victory at home, after a quite poor performance made possible only thanks to a Gabor Kiraly’s  (as repateadly stated here, one of the true Scum favorites, considered one of the most experienced keepers in the league) major screw up towards the closing stages of the game. Match history seems quite balanced, and actually slightly in favor of FCSP but there’s no safest way of screwing ourselves up that sitting on the stats, after all the course of the squad so far this season, at least according to the Scum, is against any kind of conventional thinking 🙂 As usual, we ‘re expecting anything out of this game but this time (thanks to the dazzlingly 4th place, just 1pt below the promotion zone, somehow conquered this weekend) expecting something more: a proof for the first time from this squad that maybe they are capable of achieving the unspeakable – promotion to the…sssssssshhhhhh!!!

Good luck to both squad AND the travelling along FCSP friends in one of the toughest trips of the season!

Match goals:

0:1 Bartels (8′, Left foot shot, Assist: Buchtmann)

0:2 Gregoritsch (25′, Left foot shot, Assist: Bartels)

Spectators: 8700

Sankt Pauli cards: N/A (well done!)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Tschauner saving the penalty:


Bartels 0-1 (wow! too bad the video is short and missing the ball control…)

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