Matchday 18: 1860 München – FC Sankt Pauli 0-2!

Posted: December 17, 2013 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2013-14
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Seems like the lean years are way passed for Sankt Pauli. The recent results are more than overwhelming, leaving us in the third place alone, a rank no one would expect us to have when the season started. Sankt Pauli is strongly flirting with the playoffs for Bundesliga, and that is something achieved with Sankt Pauli’s ability in gaining results. We’re still not among the teams that play exceptional football. In fact, we still need a lot of work in several matters, defensive and offensive, but the big difference with this year’s SP is that this team knows how to take results. And this is a virtue that makes a great team! 1860 München was the team we should eliminate to be left alone in the third place and it was done so…


The first half started in Allianz-Arena and both teams seemed pretty fired up as this match was of the same importance for both teams. A yellow card for Schindler of  1860 on 4’, and  another one for  our own Kalla on 27’ though, were the highlights of the first half, in a game , everyone thought adrenaline would hit the red zone. There were a couple of good moments for both teams, but nothing worthy of mentioning as most of the action was spoiled in the mid field in the pursuit of ball possession. A really defensive game with both teams being really careful, trying to secure null in defense  and then counter. A system that worked for Sankt Pauli, as on 43’ Nöthe found his way to break into Kiraly’s nets after an exceptional pass from Rzatkowski, sending both teams away for the break with the odds clearly on SP’ side!

Moments after 0-1 on 43' and everyone seems happy (image source:

Moments after 0-1 on 43′ and everyone seems happy (image source:

Second half and things didn’t change dramatically on the action field. Teams kept wearing their  cautious mask and nothing big happened! Some bright spots here and there but most ended either in the goalkeepers’ gloves or out of the nets.  This half was the substitutions half as both teams used them all. In SP there was Maier for Kringe, Gregoritsch for Nöthe and Halstenberg for Rzatkowski on 61’, 70’ and 87’ respectively, while in 1860 there was Wood for Bülow, Hertner for Wojtkowiak and  Hain for Stark on 66’, 78’ and 83’. And when all the action seemed dead, a  great counter from Buchtmann on 81’ gave the chance to Bartels to put another nail in the coffin of our former player Moritz Volz’s team! Another yellow for 1860 with Stahl on 86’ and that was about it with the game!

THE SHOT! (image source:

THE SHOT! (image source:

A great game? No. Sankt Pauli delivering football lessons through die Zweite Liga? Definitely not! Sankt Pauli has a looong way to go, and after the break many things may change! The team still lacks on fantasy in offense, and still needs a lot of work in defense! Certain player’s that “want” but “can’t” might have to be replaced or repositioned, but that is not the point! Sankt Pauli has finally found the beginning, in a rope that seemed so messed up.  When a team knows how to take results, all other issued can be worked! Sankt Pauli is slowly turning in a beast with sharp teeth that needs to be unleashed! A fact the players of Karlsruhe SC will see for themselves on the 20th of December , for the last game of the season in Hamburg!

Match goals:

0:1 Nöthe (43′, right-foot shot, Assist: Rzatkowski)

0:2 Bartels (81′, right-foot shot, Assist: Buchtmann)

Spectators: 23700

Sankt Pauli cards: Kalla (3)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Victory in all fronts yesterday 🙂


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