Matchday 19: FC Sankt Pauli – Karlsruher SC 0-2

Posted: December 21, 2013 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2013-14
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Nevermind 🙂

A quite unpleasant surprise for the Boys in Brown on Friday evening and a more or less fair-and-square 0-2 submission to Karslruher SC of the old friend Rouwen Hennings (YNWA), despite the fact that FCSP was the only squad in the pitch for the most of the game (!). The worst possible closing before the winter break but still, a little the celebrating atmosphere, a little the COLOSSAL BIRTHDAY BOY BENE PLIQUETT who returned home, even for a while, yesterday, a little the hard effort (doesn’t go always along with performance) of the squad regardless the bitter result that made the “YNWA” chant after full time seeming like a logical consequence, all together left a, far more than supposed to, sweet taste in the end. Happy holidays squad, happy holidays COACH 🙂


The game:

Cautious optimistic mood before the match. Everybody aware of the risks but the unexpectedly fine course of the pirate ship so far had already spread the winning spirit among the Scum crew, a winning spirit that seemed embracing the team as well right from the opening minutes. Actually, excluding the first shot of the game that belonged to KSC (a Klingmann shot on 2′, ended up somewhere), FCSP immediatelly dominated a game that supposed to be more balanced, at least according to our predictions. First opportunity for FCSP on 7′ with a Kalla header, following a Halstenberg cross, just over the KSC crossbar. The entire occasion was triggered by a free kick just outside the box, wasted initially on the wall (or on the face of Peitz, if you prefer) by Maier. Another one for FCSP on 10′ with a double Halstenberg (in quite a mood yesterday!) attempt, into the box and to the left, being blocked first by some defender and immediatelly afterwards by the keeper, Orlishausen. AND ANOTHER ONE, right afterwards with a Halstenberg (again!) 20m shot, facing directly the net, ending up just by Orlishausen’s left post! FCSP still dominant, another quick counter attack with final recipient Rzatkowski who quickly closed in the box from the right but his curly shot lacked the appropriate orbit and ended up wide. KSC finally managed to overcome the opening 20′ minutes of pressure and game started turning slowly on the form predicted before the game – tight game, with FCSP having the initiative and KSC cautiously barricaded backwards. No spectacular stuff with the most notable occasion being a Maier 20m+ direct free kick ending up easily in Orlishausen’s grasp after having slightly deflected on the wall first. A penalty not awarded to FCSP for a Peitz handball (not the easier to notice, didn’t even figure it out ourselves before the replay) on 43′ and another Halstenberg long shot, safely deflected to corner by Orlishausen on 44′ was the last things to see from a 1st half that belonged exclusively to FCSP but unfortunately without the respective pay-off on the scoreboard.

Captain on duty (image source:

Captain on duty (image source:

Game on for the 2nd half, with a game very similar to the 20′-40′ period. FCSP on the spotlight, installed on the KSC half but unable to create serious situations to our, quite focused on their defensive duties, opponents. Some minor situations with Maier (50′), Halstenberg (54′) but certainly not the FCSP of the opening 20’… And guess what…right at the point where the Scum Idiots at Happy Hour started discussing that we actually should be happy with a draw, THE KILL…On the first serious KSC counter attack (63′), Torres crossed more than half the field, before brilliantly passing to Hennings, into the box, to the left – Hennings didn’t make it but,  thanks to the mess between Tschauner and Thorandt, incoming Micanski made it instead…0-1, out of the blue and INSTANT DEATH for FCSP! Squad never overcame the shock and no matter how Vrabec shuffled the cards, by playing it all or nothing, didn’t manage to seriously threat Karslruher SC neither once…Instead, KSC officially ended the ceremony on 84′, with another perfectly executed counter attack, having Torres (the architect of 0-1) as final recipient (after 4 or 5 players), who didn’t give a single chance to poor Tschauner and made 0-2, with a 45 degree torpedo into Phil’s guarded upper corner on 84’…Nothing more at stake, Karslruher SC robbed the house, nothing more happened until the final whistle but the loud “You ‘ll never Walk Alone“, coming from all corners of Millerntor afterwards tells the rest of the story 🙂

Torres 0-2, 84' - it's all over... (image source:

Torres 0-2, 84′ – it’s all over… (image source:

A game not only not won but lost to a team that for the biggest part of the game almost didn’t exist in the field. Very clever and disciplined game for KSC who managed to get the most out of nothing against an FCSP that tried really hard, but after a quite enthusiastic start, just didn’t have the solutions and the luck needed sometimes to get either of the two desired results that we were playing for… Shit happens but (hey!) we shouldn’t be ungrateful here. Closing for winterbreak and still in the promotion race is something that is exceeding the biggest season expectations, at least according to us. No damage done, let’s all enjoy the break (and try as every year to get used living WITHOUT FCSP) and get back in style for one of the most exciting seasons (Hell, both on top and bottom) of the last years 🙂

Match goals:

0:1 Micanski (63′, right-foot shot, Assist: Hennings)

0:2 Torres (84′, right-foot shot, Assist: Micanski)

Spectators: 29063 (sold-out )

Sankt Pauli cards: Schachten (2), Halstenberg (3), Buchtmann (9), Verhoek (2)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

The Birthday Boy!

It was a very touching feeling, watching Bene (already aware of his birthday from the morning) walking under full standing ovation (just not sure about the constant Haupttribune sausage half time consumers 😉 ) through the pitch during half time . The man returned home, as himself said on December 18th, on his personal Facebook page, just before he enters the plane 🙂 There’s nothing that we can say on the guy, that hasn’t been said already. Just our wishes for a pleasant stay at home with loved ones during the holdays and our yearning for his future and permanent return home, probably on a new post within the FCSP family 🙂

…and last but not least, the “new” Coach!

When this report got started, a few hours ago, this was supposed to be the section to write down all our arguments regarding Roland Vrabec’s future on the FCSP bench. In one out of the very few subjects that we all agree, we all strongly believe that the man gave already enough proof that he deserves 1910% the seat at the end of the bench, at least for this season. While in the process of this, noticed the Official Club statement, announcing the decision of assigning him the position of the Head Coach on a more permanent basis! Save your bytes Scum, nothing more needed to be added here 😉 Good luck to Roland and a “well done” to Rachid Azzouzi and the administration for a decision that no one will regret 😉

Extended DIY highlights (not sure, but don’t think that goals included)


Squad entrance & the usual USP impressive stuff 🙂


PS: RIP Carl Sagan (9/11/1934-20/12/1996)

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