Operation “Gefahrengebiet”: Neighborhood under Siege!

Posted: January 8, 2014 by Zouz in News
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2014 started in the worst possible manner regarding life in the Neighborhood. Seems that the escalation of violence, following a) the new attempt to evacute Rote Flora and b) the evacuation of the ESSO houses along with a few “holes” in the Hamburg legal system, provided an “opportunity” to the Hamburg Police (with the blessings of HH Minister of Interior and Sports Michael Neumann, of course) to unleash an unprecedented orgy of repression within the streets of St. Pauli… Seems though that this “initiative” day by day, slowly but surely, turns more and more to a boomerang returning directly to its sender…


Before we get to the chase, here’s a quick wrap up of the events that lead to the Martial Law declaration 😉

The Esso Houses Evacuation (15/12/13)

Like things were not already heated up enough, with another attempt to evacuate Rote Flora (for those unaware what Rote Flora is, you probably should leave this blog or take a visit to the wiki link first), on December 15th, 107 families living in the complex were evicted out of their houses for reasons “related to the structural security of the building” in an operation that was proven nothing more than a trick of the new owner, in order to get people out and make their plans for reconstruction of the area easier. Of course there was a lot of criticism on the media as well with a spontaneous demo the next day outside the building but things had been already done. If you want to follow the story in  more detail, you can refer to the German wiki link.

The Demo (21/12/13)

The aforementioned events led to a scheduled for December 21st demonstration in the neighborhood. The 8000 strong, demonstration, thanks to the behavior of the HH Police, quickly turned to a regular battle  between the police and the protestors resulting to about 500 casualties and more than 100 arrests along with about 100 casualties on the police side and lots of damages around the Davidwache station. A vulgar display of power by the Hamburg Bacon Knights, close to the standards been said by the Ultimate champion, their Greek colleagues… A detailed description of what happened on the 21/12 demo can be found here.




“Attack” to the Davidwache (28/12)

The explosive atmosphere on the air after 21/12, with spontaneous demos all around the neighborhood and close encounters all along with the Police, resulted to the situation being escalated once more on 21/12 with Davidwache station being again attacked once more and the casualty balance at the expense of the Hamburg Police… An attack that was initially presented as a cold blood, almost professional operation, a story that the HH Police themselves changed a few days later AFTER Operation (or wahtever they call this shit) “Gefahrengebiet” was triggered… Still, violence which sometimes can be soul cleansing but usually doesn’t solve problems but creates more instead…

Video from another minor attack on Davidwache, on 20/12/13


Gefahrengebiet (What?!?)

After the 28/12 Davidwache “raid” the scenery looked set for the HH Police and actually didn’t took long to them, with the approval of course of their political supervisor, SPD Party member (for the Greeks, SPD is the equivalent of… PASOK!!!) Michael Neumann, to respond in a way that probably stunned even the man himself, Kim Jong-un!!!

Gefahrengebiet (danger area) is named after the Hamburg police law an area in the public space in which to “accept on the basis of concrete situation findings is that committed serious criminal offenses in this area.” In this area, the Hamburg police police certain standard measures perform without having to check in each case whether a risk to public safety and order exists. Police can use it without any further conditions

  • People stop momentarily,
  • They ask,
  •  find identity and
  • take objects carried in inspection.

When setting up a risk area is a measure of preventive combating serious crime. Within a hazard zone of danger is waived for the measures described for the presence. Of these measures are law enforcement to distinguish where there is no danger, but a suspicion must be present.

Yes, you’ve got it right!!! Like the Junta in Greece some 40 years ago!!! Armed policemen occupying the entire neighborhood, having the right to do anything to anyone, without limitations, without citizen rights and (the best part) with fuckin’ state approval!!! “Measure” was announced on January 3rd and actually “enforced” the very next until further notice to the areas of Altona, Sankt Pauli, Sternschanze!

Polizei Hamburg/ Gefahrengebiet

The Invasion Zone!

The neighborhood has flooded since then with cops. They are simply everywhere abusing people, submitting them to insulting methods of investigation, handing orders of Eviction (!) and generally doing everything they can to make the life miserable to people who don’t look normal. Tragicomic scenes have taken place  all around the area with the “forces of law” causing occasionaly frustration and outrage even to the very “normal citizens” that they supposedly have come to protect from the scum (NOT the Scum, but we’re on our way 😉 ).

The good news is that the operation (costing approx. 200.000 euros per day) is not going the way that the masterminds behind the plan would like. The local youth (and not only) seems that has done so far the best of both worlds: a) Not giving a shit about the cop’s threat, they have flooded the neighborhood as well, instead of hiding, visiting in certain cases the neighborhood from other areas of Hamburg, JUST BECAUSE of the situation. b) Reacting to the Police provocations with HUMOUR, SARCASM and lots (but lots!) of POSITIVE ENERGY. At the same time, a lot people who believe more in the system (“normal” people 🙂 ), seem frustrated and dissapointed as witnessing scenes anything but consistent with the modern German democracy that they supposedly living in. There have been even cases during these first days that police forces have been collectively boooed by entire neighborhood blocks before leaving the scene 😉



Things (at least according to our information) looking positive (there could be Hell on Earth as we speak). No big damage so far, the police make a fool out of themselves day by day but still a tense situation up there. These guys seem a little out of hand (for the Standards of the German Police of course – if the Greek Police was there instead, there would be dead by now…) and… they are all over! Brothers, sisters and personal Scum-comrades in the neighborhood, please ENJOY RESPONSIBLY! After all, one thing is for sure here – the sooner they get the fuck out, the better 😉

And something about Flora… We’re not in the neighborhood, we’re not living the situation to know all the parameters (and we’re Scum of course!) but seems to us (me – didn’t see the others to ask!) that the problem, as recenty history has showed, will not disappear when (if) the cops go away… Two ways out of this for peace on the long term, acquisition of the building or an organized move aiming to a “cultural monument” status (!) for the place towards the City/State. Otherwise, there will be months or a couple of years at most before the current or new owner comes and rings the door once again…

Take good care of yourselves boys and girls up there – hold tight!

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