News: Athens Antifa League II Round 3 – Argyroupoli

Posted: January 14, 2014 by Zouz in News
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Football Mafia!!!


Sunday morning (1 pm!), with weather than can exist only here in Greece this time of the year and the Athens Antifa League right in the heart of the Scum “territory” 🙂 Scum crew couldn’t think of a better choice, so those of us that could make it (a sweet bunch of six, aged from 3 to 45) drove/rode/walked to the foothills of mount Hymettus – proved to be a very good idea 😉

OK, this is always fun but this time thanks to the excellent weather and the cozy spot (at the base of mount Hymettus, right by the Stone Open Air Theater), with a small park and a playground just by, this was serious fun for everyone, thanks also to the help and effort of the local co-organizer, Ypostego who not only took care of the technical details but also provided home made cuisine for anybody hungry – worths to take a look at their blog – a quite active initiative, made already their presence positively felt in the area during the last years, via a lot of actions varying from solidarity to local working class to a food bank for the people in need…


There were two parallel tournaments this time, with an additional 3×3 basketball one taking place on the open air court just above the football field. Of course, we have no idea what happened to the other one, we stuck with football 🙂 The level of football played was not of course up to par with the highest standards but the passion by the majority of the participants (those who COULD move in the field) paid up for the lack of high quality football 😉 Lots of fighting spirit, intense matches, even atrocious decisions followed by obections overruled by the tournament administration mafia! Fun and positive energy in a few words 🙂


For those who had better things to do than watching DIY football and smoking doobies (ooops!), the area provided an excellent opportunity for walk or play under the sun, something especially appreciated by the tiny participants (there was actually a good number of them) who had a ball running between the tries, jumping around in the playground or gathering pine cones, not interested at all to the football massacre taking place just a few meters away. Very good interaction between the event and the neighborhood, no problems at all, what more to ask from an ordinary Sunday morning?


Results? Not the right guys to ask. Actually we had a clue but, judging by the fact that not even the score-keeper (no referee allowed at tournament matches – referees are the players/spectators according to the tournament rules) seemed quite certain on the score whenever asked, we prefer to leave this responsibility to the Athens Antifa League blog, WHEN they decide to post results. Follow these guys alos for updates regarding the exact time/place/details of forthcoming matchdays.

Once more, well done!

Other links: Ypostego

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