The “Gefahrengebiet” (brief) diary

Posted: January 23, 2014 by Zouz in News
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Things look like have cooled down a little at the neighborhood but story seems anything but over. Maybe the “combat” situation is off but a lot of things have happened during the last days… Here’s a brief chronological description of what has happened after the first intense days in the quarter. Many thanks to Walter from Berlin for taking the time to sort things on paper for everybody to understand and our Athens Club pals for immediately forwarding the information!


here the latest news from Hamburg.

Since the days of 3. of january (start of “red areas”)

Bicycle – and other spontaneous – demonstrations in the “Red Areas”. Banner – actions on houses and balconies in the area: “We need UN – Blue – helmets” and others.

People carried dangerous arms like toilet – brushes. Presented it to the newspaper “Morgenpost” for their articles and politicans. So the toilet – brush became a symbol of the movement.

Every evening smaller and bigger – up to hundreds – spontaneous protest walks through the districts.

Friday, 10.01.14:

Big feather – pillow – battles, sources did speak about up to 1 – 2000 people, at the Reeperbahn/St. Pauli

Saturday, 11.01.14:

Noise – demonstration through St. Pauli. Hundreds of supporters, inhabitants and families, pissed of by police – treatment, marched through the districts with horns, maracas, bongos and other loud instruments to protest against the police – chicanes.

Monday, 13.01.14:

Demonstration of the students for the ESSO – houses: “Right on affordable flats and residences” !

Saturday, 18.01.14:

ROTE FLORA as first protected from inviction and demolition!

6 – 8000 on a demonstration “Right on the Streets” in the former “Gefahrengebiete” (Red Areas/ Areas of Danger). Also thousands of cops, anti – riot water cannon vehicles, tanks, bulldozer and riot – cops on horses.

The demonstration was loud an “peacefull”. Main point of criticism were the Red Areas from the 3. to the 13. of january in the districts of Altona, St. Pauli and Sternschanze. The police – controlls on suspicious, dismissals of the area and the exclusion order/ban of staying.

The demonstration passed the Red Areas, the ROTE FLORA and the ESSO – houses on Reeperbahn/St. Pauli.

Now, days later, a little all – clear – signal to the ROTE FLORA in district Sternschanze. An information from “NDR – Info – News” (Norddeutscher Rundfunk/ Radio and TV) did say that the development – plan for the ROTE FLORA – area has changed. The owner Klaus Martin Kretschmer has no permission anymore to demolition the ROTE FLORA or doing any building work on the area.

He needs a new permission of the district of Altona.

One of the trade – unions, they are two of them, of the cops, called “GdP” (trade – union of policeman) did not get this decision. The chairman of the “GdP”/Hamburg, Gerhard Kirsch, still prefers to invict ROTE FLORA (what a wonder…). He sayd: ” Better an end with a scare, than a scare without an end!”

Last week the senator of finances, Peter Tschentscher (SPD) offered Kretschmer 1,1 Million Euro (Kretschmer payed 2001 190 000 Euro for ROTE FLORA) for the formerly THEATER (!), squattered since 1989.

Anyway the protest will be going on.

Next saturday, 25.01.14, will be the next demo of the Lampedusa – group.

Since the 3. of january more than 1000 persons has been controlled or send of the area for 24 ours. 2 persons has been wounded hard.

About Berlin – Refugee – Camp/ Oranienplatz Berlin Kreuzberg:

Still a lot of discussions about inviction. Green party is splitted (green maire in Kreuzberg). In the moment 10 decrease minus in temperature and snow. People do not like to see invictions in this cold days. Will inform you.



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