The “Gefahrengebiet” police findings!!!

Posted: January 30, 2014 by Zouz in News
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Hamburg Police published a list of objects that were found on people that were submitted to “proactive controls” between 4th and 12th of January within the neigborhood. This list of Horror is quite indicative of the problem and, in an indirect way, reveals the reasons than forced the HH Police bosses to take this dramatic decision and turn the area into a danger zone… If you think that you can stand the truth, please read what Walter (Athens Club correspondant) has to say 🙂


“News from Hamburg:

The bureaucratic correct police published the results of the controls in the danger – zones from 4. to 12. of January in Hamburg now.

Police has made about 1000 controls.

On the first day of control, 04.01.2014, they found: “pyrotechnics (three), broken flagstone (one, controlled, not restrained), firecracker class two (one), heavy duty firecracker “La Bomba” from Poland (four), can of colour – spray (two), anti – dog – spray (one, controlled, not restrained)…”

On the 5. of January: “protection – mask (one), substance similar to drugs (PARSLEY! One, controlled, not restrained!)”. Police – statement: “It would be parsley – leaves and they look similar to marijuana – leaves”! (p.s.: be carefull by cooking! W.). “Pepper – spray (one), stickers (numbers unknown)…”


“19 firecracker (what a wonder, a few days after new years eve!), one baton, two sticks, six masks (including one ABC – protective mask and scarfs – in winter!), one plastic – bag, one plastic – bucket, a tent, an unknown number of TOILET – BRUSHES (p.s. we had spoken about this symbol given to the newspaper “Hamburger Morgenpost” for all their dirty lies about R.F.) and a paper – toilet – roll in aluminium – household foil, inside a note with “PENG!/BANG!” on it…”

Altogether things an extremist needs in his days – and night – work.

The MP/ Hamburg, Christiane Schneider named it “a list of ridiclousness”. The assistant speaker of DPOLG (right wing police trade – union), Freddi Lohse, answered: “To ridicule the work of police in this way is undignified!”

(Source: “Junge Welt”, 29.01.2014)

BRAVO to the police in Hamburg.

With a big smile in my face…




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