Interviews: Meet the Blue Rebels!!!

Posted: February 3, 2014 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in Interviews
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The looong Winterbreak is almost over as action resumes next weekend and Scum is closing it in a rather different way 🙂 Do you think ONLY about H$V or HRO (or the National Team of Greece for us Greeks here!) when seeing Blue color? Do you get disgusted just hearing the word “BLUE“??? Do you think that mixing Blue with Brown is something like a sacrilege? If so, you ‘re probably unaware of the Blue Rebels, the tiny FCSP Blue Army, supporting the cause since 2011! Farewell, responsible for this mass Blue Guerilla mobilization, was not only kind enough to spend time answering our questions but even willing to create our own SCUM REBEL! Bloody cool work, keep reading 😉


When and how did you come up with the “Blue Rebels” idea?

It was in January 2011 after the match agains Freiburg when the awsome Jolly Rouge Campaign took place. That was very impressive. Unfortunately there is no funny story about the genesis of the Blue Rebels. In the worldwide web the Blue Rebels are non established since 2012.  This Project is my personal way to give thanks to all the people who are fascinating me every day since the first time I get in touch with FC St.Pauli.


Looking at the blog gallery seems clear that, technically speaking, this is more than just decorating Smurfs (a delicate task on its own) – even an entire bloody Südkurve exists! Except skill, this looks like requiring a lot of patience and effort. How much of your free time does it take?

It takes a whole “Smurfy Weekend”, except I`m on the move. At Away Matches I`m accompanied by one of the Rebels in order to have an open air shooting.


Would you like to share with us some technical details of your work like materials or methods you are using?

It takes on smurf, a scalpel, colours, glue, cloth, toothpieks an lots of rubbish in the brain. Some bottles of Astra may help as well 😉

Have you ever reached a point where nothing was going right, lost patience and finally sent something to your trash can?

Of course. In the beginning I had massive difficulties in finding the right colur that keeps staying on the rubber material and dries as quickly as possible. I got the same problem with the glue. That was quiet exasperating. The Südkurve is not true to scale and ramshackled which is thoroughly wanted. But it has a construction fault, that obviously no one noticed till now. After I fixed the seat laths wrong, I had to chop off the laths with a hammer and refix it damaged on purpose. At that time I didn`t imagine that the Südkurve could ever be seen by someone else. But now I decided to leave them damaged. I won`t build anything new just because it has a fault. I don`t have the aspiration to be perfect. I just wanna have fun doing this.









How many soldiers your Blue Army currently has? Any of them favorite among the others and why?

Puh, difficult question. Most of the Rebels are in the winterhabitat so I can`t count right now. But I think it must be about 140.

Favourite…. oh yes… the tailor. It is a very simple one and was one of the first. And of course “The 4.Herren Rebel” That was the major challenge and the communication with the team members was very funny. Most of them have great Memberances.

Any unusual or funny story that you remember about the Blue Rebels? Scum has heard that your Blue Rebels have travelled to lots and different places

The Pirate is always with me on away trips but I`m always so excited that I almost forget to take pictures with him. The Runner Smurfette was already competed sucessfully  the race “St.Pauli läuft gegen Rechts” Thank you, Mel for Transport on your basecap 🙂


Have you ever thought (or thinking maybe) of using “Blue Rebels” in a commercial way?

No, definitely not! The Blue Rebels won`t get used in a commercial way in any case and they are not purchasable but if somebody would like to be eternalised in Südkurve, he can get in touch with me.

Any plans regarding the future, like exposing them in public or anything?

I don`t know what will happen with the Südkurve when it`s finished. It would be very nice if it could be opened to public.










Last question: is there a possibility that you could create in the future our own “South End Scum” Rebel???

You`re welcome. How should it look like? I`ve seen your Logo with Popeye 🙂 I think I will find a Rebel who loves Spinack too 😉 

Thank you very much for your support and I hope to see you soon again 🙂 

Links: Project homepage, including a stunning gallery that, if have already made it reading up to this point, you really DON’T wanna miss!




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