Matchday 20: Arminia Bielefeld – FC Sankt Pauli 2-2

Posted: February 10, 2014 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2013-14
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Back in business… FCSP, despite having luck by side, managed to waste a 0-2 lead, with less than half an hour remaining on the clock, and “compromise” with a 2-2 draw (after 2 IDENTICAL home goals) versus, passionate and better in the field overall, Arminia Bielefeld, after a quite entertaining game. What the hell, good to have FCSP and football back 🙂


It’s been a long Winter break and just being back in business (even without coverage by the local Pay TV – screw these guys…), couldn’t be anything less than pure joy… Off to Locomotiva Bar (Athens Club venue) for a reunion with our local comrades and a common streaming experience 🙂 A mixed bunch of 20-25 FCSP people in the house, party mood, and lots of expectations, along with the usual “better watch out here…” (no one has forgot the matchday 3 funeral) inner feeling, standing by at the corner.

Match got underway in style with the first big chance of the game (2′), credited to Arminia: delicate move  by Klos well into the box, U-turn and shot with Big Phil, fortunately clearing the situation to a corner. Both squads looking in mood for football and first good FCSP attempt on 6′, with Nöthe giving a try from a position some 3-4 meters right to the penalty spot but Platins was ready and secured the ball. Silence succeeded the funny buzz on the very next minute, with a marginal but “correct” penalty awarded to the hosts after a contact between Thorandt and Schönfeld, just into the box… Spells whispered, penalty executed by Hübener (8′), ball met the crossbar instead of the net and finally got somehow the hell out – Lady Luck again in league with FCSP – a good omen to begin with 🙂 Direct response from FCSP (10′), with Platins magnificently saving Schachten’s 5m header, outcome of a brilliant Rzatkowski deep ball. Another (far easier this time) Platins intervention, this time after a Halstenberg header (12′) and some “rationalization” in pace, after a somehow wild start. A quick Arminia counter attack with Sahar (19′) found Tschauner ready, pace decreased some more and, at the point that game has lost most of his initial momentum, GOAL! Appiah made the blunder of the match, followed by a spectacular drop (don’t feel sorry about the guy, made up just fine later) trying to control a Trybull lob at the edge of his box, lurking Thy didn’t missed the chance and won Platins for the first time with en elegant diagonal 10m finish from the left –  0-1 for FCSP on 30′!!! We got happy, they got shocked and the only thing notable until the end of the 1st half (except a few bad referee decisions, most of them at the hosts’ expense) was a Thy attempt, just after entering the box from the right, that represented no problem for Platins. Half time whistle with the Boys in Brown ahead, almost out of nothing and the positive energy in the venue almost able to reach Bielefeld 😉

Our lucky moment on 8' (image source:

Our lucky moment on 8′ (image source:

2nd half underway, again in a fast tempo – first occasion, for FCSP on 52′ with Nöthe (after a little initial confusion between him and Bartels) taking the shot but Platins once more deflected the ball to safety. GRAVE DANGER FOR FCSP on 55′, with an almost ideal Klos header (following a Lorenz corner kick, our usual way of getting screwed!) which ended (after a lovely curve) sadistically on Phil’s (he could’t do anything more than just starring here) right post and then saved after a small chaos in the box! FCSP response? A fine teamwork goal on 61′, the kind of goals that making you feel that MAYBE you have a good squad. BartelsBuchtmannNöthe-Tor! Just like that 😉 Moments of joy in the venue and for the first time since kick-off, the feeling that we may have secured a spectacular getaway here. However, 0-2 with less than 30′ on the clock BUT still not safe for FCSP as was proven (ONCE MORE) quite soon… Arminia, wiped off once more the dirt from their faces, took advantage of the gradual FCSP retreat and managed to get back in business on 69′: deep cross from the left flank, ineffective clearance by the FCSP defense, new deep Appiah cross, this time from the right where (incoming on 65′) Przybylko jumped well over Thorandt (kind observer of the situation until right before the very end) and sent the ball in Tschauner’s (Phil was a little over hesitant and seemed not in complete control of the box yesterday) right corner… 1-2 and hosts again into the game, making an absolute valid use of the right that we provided them with… Closing stages of the game, with Arminia pressing with high balls trying to take advantage of the clear instability in the heart of the FCSP defense and the Boys in Brown barricated in the back and just waiting for a counter attack opportunity. Not a festival of imagination by the Arminia offense though and, with the exception of an Appiah overhead kick on 82′ just by Tschauner’s left corner, FCSP managed somehow to survive the pressure without very big stress…until 92′ and the equalizer, almost exactly the same way and with the same people involved as the first one on 69’… What impressed me more than the general dissapointment that naturally followed in the venue, was how natural this seemed to almost everybody in the room – we have seen the play again and again 🙂 No time for anything, before the final whistle – a dissapointing draw but only for the way it came. Arminia was the best team overall in the field and the final result, despite the drama, should be considered at least fair…

Przybylko, the Butcher of Bielefeld :-) (image source:

Przybylko, the Butcher of Bielefeld 🙂 (image source:

A bloody silly draw and a very big chance lost to gain the advantage in a race that, for a lot of different reasons, has turned a lot to our favor… Arminia Bielefeld may tried with passion to reverse the flow of the game but they are not such a good team to come back from such a situation by overplaying the opponent. Final draw is a pure result of our defensive dysfunctionality, their goals speak for themselves… Our “policy” (mine actually, other guys that occasionaly write here, are SLIGHTLY more “hardcore” 🙂 ) is to avoid dissaproving our players in public and (of course) never hissing them for reasons more than obvious. My limit as an FCSP fan goes up to wishing that a few guys that we respect, adore and love for years maybe should start considering resting a little and give a little more (to begin with) space to the new blood that will eventually carry the weight in the years to come and start thinking about their new and future place in the FCSP majestic world… Unfortunately, there’s a possibility that we have such a case here…

What done is done, a good cause to return a little down to earth – let’s not forget that this squad has already exceeded expectations (at least ours) for this season… Next step? Peter Neururer’s (Clever Bast’rd!) VfL Bochum is paying us a visit (and hopefully their respects) next Saturday on the rematch of the matchday 4 draw. Tricky business but, if the Boys in Brown dominate the game, take advantage of the bloody Millerntor and deprive them from visiting our half with ambition, we can do the job done and stay close to our (capable for the best and the worst at the same time) rivals. What the hell, probably it will be fun one way or another!

Match goals:

0:1 Thy (30′, Left foot shot, Assist: Trybull)

0:2 Nöthe (61′, Right foot shot, Assist: Buchtmann)

1:2 K. Przybylko (69′, Header, Assist: Appiah)

2:2 K. Przybylko (90+2′, Header, Assist: Appiah)

Spectators: 23828

Sankt Pauli cards: Rzatkowski (3), Buchtmann (10, misses next), Halstenberg (4)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Bielefeld city 800th Anniversary Choreo (partly “ruined” by the HORRIBLE soundtrack!)


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