Matchday 21: FC Sankt Pauli – VfL Bochum 0-1

Posted: February 17, 2014 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2013-14
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Thank God, there’s still H$V…

First indications appeared last week but after Saturday’s ass kicking lesson, courtesy of Peter Neururer (you bloody fox!) and his VfL Bochum crew, things are looking a little more clear. Somebody should go to Kollaustrasse (hmmm, never been there 🙂 ) and kindly remind to the beloved Boys in Brown that the looong (at the level of getting used to it) Winter break is over since 2 weeks ago or so… Is the only rational explanation (except of course the tactical win of experience vs passion at the coaching battle, but these are too “advanced” issues for the Scum to deal with!) for the HORRIBLE spectacle that made us suffer for 2 hours on Weekend… Thank God (FIGURE OF SPEECH!), we still have our exquisite neighbors who have managed so far, with their Hot-Rails-To-Hell insane rally to Liga 2,  to almost absolutely comfort and smooth all pain and sorrow inflicted 🙂


Once more at the Athens Club venue, a slight anxiety due to the late arrival of the projector, everything finally up and running and off to the game, expexting a better overall performance from the squad comparing to last week’s away draw at Bielefeld. Squad initially seemed like getting with momentum into the game, penetrating for the first time  the Bochum defense, with ex-Bochumer Rzatkowski getting in from the right and trying a cross blocked by Luthe (2′) but wasn’t long before guests take control of the game. They asked for a penalty on 4′ with ex-Paulianer Sukuta-Pasu falling TOO EASY, had a very dangerous shot, JUST by our right post on 6′ (Latza) and they tested Tschauner for the first time on 11′ with a Tiffert shot, succesfully deflected to a corner. On the corner immediately aferwards (you guessed that, right?) Doom… Eyjolfsson got to the ball before Kalla, ball got the perfect orbit, hit first our left post, maybe deflected on stretching Tschauner a little and sadistically ended up into the net.0-1 for Bochum, already on 12’… FCSP reclaimed the initiative but had no way to penetrate the very well organized Bochum defensive line. A 20m+ Halstenberg shot on 23′ safe in the hands of Luthe, and patience until 38′ for the first FCSP serious opportunity: fine Rzatkowski cross from the left, right in the heart of the guest box with Gonther slightly intervening but Luthe cleared the ball in front of incoming Kalla. Bochum responded with a BIG ONE on 42′ but Sukuta-Pasu (YEAH!) lost the ball control that couldn’t (or shouldn’t, if you prefer) be lost and (involuntarily) saved us from the worse. Our response, a very dangerous 25m Halstenberg free kick, facing directly the net and ending up just centimeters by Luthe’s left post, signaled the end of the first half…

0-1... (source:

0-1… (source:

2nd half underway but unfortunately nothing changed. VfL well baricaded and looking really comfortable with the situation while the Boys in Brown had gained the field and were constantly trying to find a way in but without being able to cause nothing more than instant alerts, handled quite easy by the guest defense…First big moment in the 2nd half…on 67’…for Bochum with both Aydin and Sukuta-Pasu unable to finish 6-7m in front of Big Phil and between the confused FCSP defenders. A full Millerntor “pushing” the squad full throttle but squad at the same time almost unable to exchange more than 2 balls… In the very next minute, beginner FCSP mistake in the center, with Aydin charging all the way in from the left flank while having fun dribbling trembling brown shirts but his final, from some 12m, attempt was just too weak to create problems for Tschauner… We could probably do something on 73′ but Rzatkowski’s smart lob was not exploited in the best way by incoming Nöthe who preferred controlling instead of directly shoothing and was finally blocked. Full pressure from FCSP for the remaining game but nothing was working yesterday, not the tactics, not the substitutions, not even the EPIC injury-time Tschauner forwarding worked 😦 Surprisingly, the goal we didn’t deserve almost came out of nowhere but Rzatkowski’s torpedo just out of the box met the crossbar instead of the back of the net and when ball landed match was already over…

Typical image from the kind we hate to upload :-) (image source:

Typical image of the kind we hate to upload 🙂 (image source:

A higher than the Eiffel Tower pile of Bollocks!!! Unfortunately, the preceding and slightly excessive expression reflects 1910% squad performance on Saturday. For the first time after a long time memories of the Unspeakable returned and hunted the house as this was probably the first time since then that the squad gave a so disappointing overall impression… OK, errors are made, shit happens, even the mighty Motörhead have been excused when they released one of the most horrible albums of all time (“March Ör Die” – DIE!!!) back in the days 🙂 Chin up boys and move forward, after all, H$V is coming 🙂

HOWEVER, to further ensure that squad will securely return back on track, FCSP Athens South End Scum Crew has made an imporant decision… They decided to send along their Top Psychologist, IT Director (sic!) and one of the lowest scum of the crew for an entire month in Hamburg (starting this week), in order to follow, closely observe,  provide Top Psychology Expert Advise to the Squad and more or less do ANYTHING required to make sure that… these spoiled brats who wear the Brown and White will have realised by middle March the actual weight of the glorious shirt they wear 🙂 🙂 🙂 For matchdays 22-25 expect live instead of venue coverage something that means fewer things about what actually happened in the game and more details about outside-the-field activities like travelling with FCSP, being “welcomed” in Dresden (to begin with) and having fun / making friends while supporting FCSP on the terraces with other B/W wackos from all around the globe. Also, Twitter live update will be disabled for the specified period, you can always follow @fcstpauli for up-to-date and higher quality (not only the bloody goals like we do) information.

Hold on Coach, Scum is coming!

Match goals:

0:1 Eyjolfsson (12′, left-foot shot, Assist: Tasaka)

Spectators: 29063 (sold-out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Maier (2)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Fabian Boll…


Yesterday and to general surprise (at least here) Fabian Boll announced the end of his football career at the end of the season, saying Goodbye (at least as a player) to the Club that he was dedicated to for almost his entire football career… Words are few to describe the connection between him, the club and the fan base – only the fact that a cop made it in the first place, managed to fit inside and then achieved to be loved by the fans, make it as a Captain and evolve into one of the biggest Club symbols and all these in… FCSP speaks on it’s own louder than a thousand pages… We don’t want to say a lot about the story here for two reasons: a) there’s nothing that we can say that hasn’t been told everybody and (mainly) b) the Captain is still around. There will be plenty of time (and probably a lot of sentimental moments) at the end of the season but in the mean time, FCSP is into 2nd round with a lot of challenges ahead and Boller (even with the injury issues) is at the head of the struggle. STILL, everybody should read his, full of love for the Club, neighborhood and fans farewell announcement as kindly translated by @stpauli. And, for those of you who need MORE BOLL, you can always enjoy last year’s interview to the Yorkshire St. Pauli lads reposted yesterday due to the news…

No Goodbyes yet Captain – see you in the field 🙂

USP Choreo


Match (DIY) Highlights


PS: To anyone that expected more H$V here, sorry – we have more serious issues now and an entire season to have fun with them later 😉


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