Matchday 22: Dynamo Dresden – FC Sankt Pauli 1-2!!!

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Dy dy dy dy dy dy dy dyyy

Na na na na na na na naaaa

Mo mo mo mo mo mo mo mooo

Scheeeeiß Dynamoooo!!!

Ha ha haaaaaaa!!! The Boys in Brown finally emerged from the Winterbreak Slumber and managed to a) take 3 points that maybe proven along the way priceless, considering the crazy outcome of the championship so far, b) push Dynamo one step closer to the verge of Liga 3 Hell and c) turn the trip to Dresden into an experience that the Scum correspondant will remember (smiling) for a long looong time 🙂


On the way

4:45 am, having already wished a good trip to the friends departed on 4:00 with the USP buses, up to the neck in various kinds of whisky and with a head full of gold standing outside Südkurve, surrounded by lots of indistinguishable shadows, multiplied by the minute as more and more shapes approaching from every corner of the desert DOM. Finally everybody here on time, supply load at the Fanladen buses and good to go for the 6 hour trip to Saxony. A sweet emotion closer to sedation than sleep along the way, aided by good Rock’n’roll sounding smoothly from the bus speakers,  the occasional sound of bottles meeting each other and the low buzz created by other guys, obviously more fresh than my sorry ass, while slowly chatting, all together creating the perfect pregame lullaby…


Last stop before Dresden

Finally, after a 6 hour trip and without any particular hurry (4 or 5 stops on the way) bus entered Dresden. A city that, judging by the poor 10′ sightseeing bus experience on the way to the stadium, seems even more pretty than I initially thought, a green city, full of space, combining all modern styles of architecture having at the same time a DDR hue, legacy of the 1945-89 period and a city overall that reminds nothing of the pile of ruins left, result of the WWII war crimes, at the end of 1945… A place that, under normal circumstances, I would really love to have a chance of walking the streets of and mix with the local population – a place so unfit with the mentality of the pathetic Dynamo hardcore fan base mob. Unfortunately, no chance for anything like it – directly to the stadium with strong police escort while saluted with the middle finger by local fans 🙂 Guest area outside the stadium looking a little like warzone, with BIG numbers of riot police having already surrounded the area but the mood inside completely different with almost everybody there, drinking beer, smoking pot, having fun and relaxing in view of an quite intense (as proved) game.

Calm before the storm 🙂


Squads entering the pitch under the sounds of… Metallica (Government Music, so fit to this pathetic fan bunch 😉 )


The game

Strong game from the very beginning with both squads wanting victory bad but for completely different reasons but with hosts getting in with the foot on the throttle. First, SCARY, moment for our defense already on 5′ with a Dedic 6m diagonal low shot that was deflected by Trybull’s legs just enough to end up just over the crossbar. Following the corner immediatelly afterwards (this is always scary with FCSP!), header by Hartmann (6′), a little outside Big Phil’s right post – phew… Having escaped the early cold shower, FCSP managed progressively to catch up and game became more balanced while loosing a little the good tempo. Some minor chances for both sides – a Susac header to the left (following a corner, of course) that Hartmann arrived one step late to turn it to a goal assist for them on 22′ and a Thy 18m shot that Scholz succesfully deflected out of danger on 29′ for us. Things rapidly changed as cloch reached half an hour of game with FCSP, taking the initiative and starting merciless hammering the hosts! First warning shot (header!) from Kringe on 33′ with his header being saved on the very last time to a corner by Scholz. No second warning… Frames after Kringe’s head got in contact with the ball again (35′, this time following a Trybull cross from the other side – left), the entire guest block jumped much higher than him seeing the ball resting into Scholz’s  left corner for the 0-1!!! The 4 minutes that followed (36′-39′) were simply a fuckin’ nightmare for Dynamo! Two saves on Scholz’s account (36′ Thy, 37′ I still don’t know!), another last moment save by Susac in front of Nöthe (38′) and a Schachten 20m shot (39′) just over the crossbar! Oh maaan, we could finished them off for good here but we didn’t and everybody knows what happens in such cases… Foul for Dynamo somewhere between the center and our goal, CLEVER Hartmann quick execution to Kempe catching the entire FCSP defensive line sleeping, parallel to the posts Kempe low cross, the usual Markus screw-up (grrr! but still quite good yesterday overall 😉 ) and ball again to incoming Hartmann (good stuff) who let no hopes to Tschauner and equalized (1-1) on 44′ before we (squad and fans) realise what happened here… This was the unfortunate conclusion of an otherwise quite entertaining overall first half.

Some random 1st half action…


The beginning of the 2nd half compensated us more than enough for the way the 1st one ended! Free kick for FCSP, some 2-3m outside Dresden’s box, almost directly facing the net, just a little to the left. A few steps from Marcel Halstenberg and THE KILLLLLL with the ball travelling into Scholz’s opposite upper corner!!! 1-2 for FCSP on 48′ and the Nazi bunch, provoking after the equalizer from the left of the guest block, can now surely go and fuck themselves!!! MADNESS!!! Kick off again and not much later a Menz rocket shot (50′) with the ball ending just by Tschauni’s left upper corner and the atmosphere in the entire stadium turning (positively) HOT! From this point, game started shaping up at a form that I’m personally terrified of – FCSP leaving the initiative to the opponent and trying to preserve the lead. Much more space for the hosts in the pitch, pressure slightly increasing and another very good opportunity for them (57′) with incoming Quali, forgotten by everyone) getting the ball alone into our box from the left (still, not having the best shooting angle) but Big Phil defended succesfully his posts, something that repeated succesfully on 59′ with much less problems this time, again following a Quali (longer this time shot). New attempt for them on 60′, Poté first to receive the ball on the front edge of the keeper’s box, but ball again deflected somewhere ending up to a new corner, this time without anything further… Happily for us, there’s a reason that Dynamo struggles desperately to save the league – seems that’re just not good enough and the 60′ occasion was probably the last serious one, facing an FCSP famous for their (our) defensive instability. The Boys in Brown by time started feeling more comfortable playing the counter attack and the next big one (73′) belonged to us with Thy having fun at the expense of the Dresden defense from the left and passing to Rzatkowski who passed almost immediately to Schindler but was just a little to late (and maybe Kevin a little “rusty” 🙂 ) – ball deflected to corner. Schindler could secure the game on 80′ but his attempt to score, incoming from 5m after a corner from the left, ended up high in the beautiful Spring Dresden sky 😀 This was the last serious chance of the match and, despite the agonizing attempts of the home team to achieve something better, nothing changed and final whistle found the guest block glorifying the Boys in Brown, the Dynamo Kurve booing (I think!) their own, some Dresden Big Nazi Boys to our left reacting actually… with a slight sense of humour! (fair is fair!) and 1-2 wannabes trying (while howling) to overcome their own stewards to attack the guest block, finally forced down to chill out and making the laughingstock for the crowd (who didn’t give a shit about them anyway). Final score Dynamo Dresden 1 – FCSP 2, this was what the Scum calls “quality time”!

End of match


Last season on this ground, this was the game which signaled the final (succeeded in the end) Dresden assault in order to win the relegation struggle. This season was a competely defferent story – after yesterday and in combination with the other results, seems that this was a signal for the final slide towards the Liga 3 Inferno. A part of me, feels actually a little pitty for a team with a very loyal and true football crowd whose majority is not these Nazi bastards that their hardcore fan base is consisted of, and actually deserve something better that Liga 3. BUT on the other (and this is my good one) hand, a club that provides shelter to such scum (not Scum) of the Earth (some of these bastards, by the way, attacked the team bus yesterday, fortunately without any injury) can’t be entitled to sympathy… Was really A PLEASURE for me witnessing first hand Dynamo’s ass getting kicked twice in the same season. Good luck in your Liga 3 village (and Rostock!) excursion tour 2014/15 and if you manage to recover from this, we’re expecting you back, hopefully with a slightly renewed Fankurve 😉

Regarding our boys, seems that they finally smelled Spring around the air and woke up from their ongoing sleep, started towards the end of last year. Even when squad retreated unreasonably instead of finishing the match, we didn’t relived scenes of mayhem and terror within our box. Job well done, expecting more from next week’s Super Derby vs Union Berlin, coming up, next Monday in Millerntor! We don’t have to further explain the significance of the game. Want to stay here and wait for H$V? Play shit (as we lately do in Millerntor) and we’re OK… Want to do the Colpo Grosso, promote to Bundesliga, be for the first time OFFICIALLY the first team in town and watch all together H$V on SPORT1 Monday night football??? Get in the pitch and play like you deserve it 🙂

Match goals:

0:1 Kringe (35′, header, Assist: Trybull)

1:1 Hartmann (44′, right-footed shot)

1:2 Halstenberg (48′, left-free kick)

Spectators: 29622

Sankt Pauli cards: Rzatkowski (4), Gonther (5, misses next), Thy (4)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

The sweet Bohemians Barflies/St. Pauli Skinheads bunch, closing in Dresden a perfect weekend Prague :-)

The sweet Bohemians Barflies/St. Pauli Skinheads bunch, closing in Dresden a perfect weekend started…in Prague 🙂

On the way home and afterwards

A slight delay, due to a BIG police operation (they were everywhere) for a “safe” eveacuation (something that didn’t work so good for the team bus as well 😀 ) and then off to the bus and on the way to Hamburg. A return trip including loads of beer, good music, lots of fun (in a bus actually that I knew nobody inside), a lot of sightseeing at the vast German fields lying endlessly at both sides of the route and even a chillout projection of “Soul Kitchen” on the bus screens towards the end of the trip when evening came and some guys and girls had already fell back in their seats sleeping as result of a hard working day ( 🙂 ). An exceptional overall experience, thanks to all travel companions in the Fanladen Bus 2 and especially Juliane (Fanladen person in the bus, responsible for a smooooth trip!) A quick stop at the somehow sleepy in view of the working week Jolly for a couple of rounds, a quick bite and (at last!) off to base wearing that well known stupid smile on my face 🙂

Was very pleased to know today that the Scum bunch had a really good time together with our comrades from the Athens Club and actually planning to repeat it next week for the derby vs Union, with a party actually taking place at the venue (Locomotiva) after the match! Let’s hope that result will help towards the best possible experience afterwards 🙂 My sorry ass may not be able to join but I will do just fine here, having along 6 people from the St. Pauli Thessaloniki Club, coming for their first ever organized trip to the neighborhood. Expected to be fun, if FCSP manages to win on Monday it will be a ball!

Now off to Jolly for FC Köln vs SpVgg Greuther Furth – a little ashamed to say but…I think that (tonight) Hennes VIII looks a little more adorable than usual 🙂

And, lest we forget!

Dy dy dy dy dy dy dy dyyy

Na na na na na na na naaa

Mo mo mo mo mo mo mo mooo

Scheeeeiß Dynamoooo!!! (all together!)

Halstenberg’s 1-2! (NOT our video 🙂 )


Quiz for Greeks: how many toll station stops during the 6 hour bus trip? None.


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