Scum on tour: FC Sankt Pauli II – Hannover 96 II 1-0 :-)

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“Are you tomorrow evening at the second team’s match against hannover?” This was Andre’s message content which caught completely sleeping the lowlife Scum HH patrol (me!) late Tuesday night, something that wouldn’t happen if I just had a quick look on the official webpage the whole day before. Of course, only one possible answer here – Wednesday evening, found me walking towards Hoheluft Stadion, home to SC Victoria Hamburg, for one of the rare opportunities (only twice during the previous years) to watch the next FCSP generation in action and enjoy a, completely different than Millerntor but equally interesting, football experience 😉



I knew I was exactly there when the first cops became visible at the corner ahead. A funny situation, considering the nature of the game, I initially thought but, as I was already been briefed earlier, this was not a 100% ordinary game, mainly because of a friendship between Hannover 96 (booooo!!!) and… the about to join Liga 2 H$V, something that brought about 50 cops in the Stadium, to keep safe a match with a total attendance of 196 and 20 of them guarding 20 other guys at the guest block (yeah, there was one as well!).

Hoheluft Stadion? A bloody cozy place with a very good lookin’ bar (Victoria-Klause) hosted under the only sitting terrace of the stadium and a big open space available to the spectators right in front, as an addition to the small standing terraces surrounding the pitch. A small but initimate crowd, a LOOSE atmosphere with cops looking more like spectators than cops, visiting the open air Bratwurst kiosk in groups of 5, the perfect Wednesday “amateur” (not really true when coming to U23) outdoor football evening 😉

The match

OK, no way for a regular coverage here! It was mostly about good company, chatting, beer, vodka, etc, etc while loosely watching football… Out of the guys that we already know, Coach Thomas Meggle (who turned 39 last weekend – Happy Birthday!) used Himmelmann (saved our ass already on 1st minute), Maier and Gregoritsch. Game actually was not of the best possible quality, with a few chances and Hannover 96 slightly better in the field overall …until 82′ when the only goal of the game was scored thanks to Okyere “The Black Panther” Wriedt, a big guy that managed to catch our attention, despite the endless blah blah, right after his entrance, on 69′, at a point where draw was looking more than possible! This goal actually sealed the fate of the game, providing 3 valuable points and pushing the squad at a safety distance from the relagation zone and squads like H$V II and Eintracht Braunschweig II 😀

Post game 

At the Jolly, having a few beers and some good talk with fine young lad Andre and a few more Nord Support boys and girls – top class bunch, getting to know all of them was the pleasant surpise of the evening, looking forward to a next round during this looong (not so long, already one week passed) month in Hamburg. Extra bonus: meeting the FCSP Handball squad (having a post-training Astra, outside Peter’s Kiosk, just by the Jolly), paying my respect and wishing luck for the away game vs HSG Hohn/Elsdorf coming up on Saturday!

FCSP U23 warming up

FCSP U23 warming up

...and the enemy :-)

…and the enemy 🙂

Guest Block!

Guest Block!

Victoria-Klause entrance

Victoria-Klause entrance


Victoria-Klause inside I

Victoria-Klause inside II

Victoria-Klause inside II

Game over, everybody left, except the proud SC Victoria flag :-)

Game over, everybody left, except the proud SC Victoria flag 🙂

Squad entrance

Scum unlucky attempt to catch a goal

For a proper match description, visit:


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