Matchday 23: FC Sankt Pauli – FC Union Berlin 2-1!

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Simply incomprehensible…


It’s a big temptation (and quite handy actually) to go supernatural (the Coelho way) after such incidents, and start saying crap like “when you want something so bad, all elements of nature conspire so you can achieve the golden goal” etc, etc… Even more handy? Is the bloody Scum Aura man!!! Since we’re here, everything is roses for FCSP and it will be even more pink in 2 weeks, when I leave Germany with a 4/4 account 🙂 However, since we all know that all of the above are class A bullshit, the fact that we won out of the blue a game that should be normally lost is still under thorough investigation and maybe could be explained taking under consideration a lot of different factors, starting with the weird obsession of the Union players towards aiming directly on Tschauner and a feeling I’ve been left with, that we chose to play at home like we were playing away and…stole the game in Millerntor… In the meantime…we’re just going insane here with FCSP!!!



The classic Monday football scene in Sankt Pauli. Almost a regular working day…until 3 o’clock when offices and stores start closing for the day. By 5 o’clock, a completely different situation, with the neighborhood having already changed to almost a different place – bars and streets full with people and color, already 3 hrs before the game and a positive mood all around the area including a lot of Union fans, mixed with the “local population” in a party-like scenery – bloody good vibes 😀

5 o'clock, Jolly - in red, Union fans :-)

Near 5 o’clock, Jolly – in red, Union fans 🙂

2 hrs before the game, it’s Sankt Pauli the way we love it. A worldwide FCSP  mosaic, incuding people from all over Europe (Greece, Italy, England, Scotland, Wales, Belgium, Spain, Israel, etc, etc), even including friends from Malaysia, together with a good number of local people (from all corners of Germany) and a good Union crowd, all together swimming in beer and (mostly Punk) Rock’n’Roll 😀 Lots of police of course but keeping their presence at a discrete level, obviously going along with the friendly (despite the criticality of the game) atmosphere dominating the neighborhood. Finally, hooked with the St. Pauli Thessaloniki crew and on the way to the Südkurve , with a short stop in between at the USP kiosk, located inside, for some merchandising and bus reservation 😉

The St. Pauli Thessaloniki club banner hanging proud on the south

The St. Pauli Thessaloniki Club banner hanging proud on the south

Half an hour before the game (with the exception of Haupttribune of course, some of these guys have slightly different priorities and maybe views about what a football game is about…) and Millerntor almost full. And of course (we have been again over this), it’s not a problem coming a and taking your (seating) place just 5′ before the game but there is a problem when leaving your place at halftime whistle to go eat, socialize etc and returning back 10-15′ AFTER 2nd half kick-off like you don’t give  a shit about the match… Yesterday was a sold out game (as usual) and all streets around the stadium perimeter where full of people holding cardboards writing “KARTE SUCHEN” (looking for a ticket). Probably most of these people didn’t make it in yesterday and this because of the fact that the tickets they were desperately seeking, were in the hands of people that just really don’t care about football – fucking waste…

Millerntor, 7:45


Considered a good idea to leave the younger and more enthusiastic lads move towards the centre (to get more into the “action”) and save myself a post towards the right edge of the terrace, in order to have for a change a better view on the match, something not easy at all sometimes in the Südkurve Hell 🙂 Now the place has become packed – last minutes of waiting, some chat with fellow FCSP people around, some last minute hellos, Hell’s Bells and finally off we go!

8:10 – Hell’s Bells


The match

A balanced game from the beginning, without any good pace intially but with Union looking more ambitious in the game. Their first serious chance on 24′, following a corner as almost always, was almost a goal but first Tschauner and then Rzatkowski (or both of them together!) saved Kreilach’s header and Eggimann’s 3m (!) shot immediatelly afterwards before Schachten gets the ball the hell out! FCSP responded to the wake up call by first paying a visit immediatelly afterwards (25′) with an 18m Halstenberg shot (blocked without trouble by Haas) and then creating our first big chance in the game with Verhoek getting the Kringe assist behind Union’s back and trying to dribble Haas but his finish being too weak and stopped by Schönheim in front of the goal. Nothing paid up, back to “normal” and to prior situation with Union looking a little more like the home team in a more or less balanced game. Another really good chance for them on 39′ with a dreadful curvy Mattuschka shot, from the left edge of the box, ending up centimeters over Tschauner’s far upper corner – there would be no way out of this! Our response, a Mohr header from a good position in the box, after a Halstenberg deep forward cross on 41′, ended up some meters of target and was the last of a 1st half that left me after half-time whistle with this weird, felt before, “smells trouble” feeling…

Something like football with Schachten, Mattuschka and Thorandt involved (image source:

Something like football with Schachten, Mattuschka and Thorandt involved (image source:

This feeling became quite more intense with the beginning of the 2nd half as Union entered the pitch like they were the home team and started creating situations inside our box. First chance (49′) with Terrode, collecting a Mattuschka diagonal low pass and shooting under some pressure (just into the box facing the net) right into Tschauni’s hands. New opportunity for them on 52′ with Pfertzel this time, into the right edge of the box forcing Tschauner to a big save! And ANOTHER ONE on 54′ with Brandy, after a small panic in our defense, shooting from 10m to the sky! An attempt by Coach Vrabec (56′) to regain some game control by putting in Bartels for Kringe but at the moment, only one team in the pitch. New big chance for Union on 58′ with Big Phil saving to a corner a very dangerous shot by, incoming from the left edge of the box, Köhler. Everyone can imagine what followed this corner… Mattuschka corner, Kreilach header, save by Big Phil, rebound by Terrode and 0-1 from 2m… Finally, guests ahead on 58′ after a nightmerish up to this point 2nd half and with FCSP practically absent from the field – In Hell…AND BACK on 61!!! Inadequate clearance by the Union defense to a Halstenberg free kick, ball to Schachten just into the box with back to the net, a few steps back, U-turn and GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLL on 61′!!!!!!!!!!!! 1-1 immediately, against all logic, MADNESS! Kick off, ball to FCSP, Bartels 20m lob shot, just over the crossbar as Millerntor has turned INSANE 😀 Up and down game for the following minutes and a new big chance for FCSP on 71′ with a Halstenberg (has become the power shot specialist) 30+m shot hitting Haas’s left post, pure result of Union’s bad defending positioning. More changes for both squads and game a little back to “normal” with the initiative again to Union and a lot of dirty work for Big Phil (Scum MVP) into the box. Some minor incidents and a big one on 85′ with a Mattuschka 30m thunder shaking for good our crossbar, having changed direction as much as needed, thanks to Tschauner’s fingers!!! I can recall myself, looking up at the clock and thinking “all good things end somewhere, don’t be an idiot, draw is nice under these circumstances”… While looking the clock, FCSP finally on a counter attack, good ball to incoming Verhoek (87′), U-turn (under close surveillance) and shot almost from the penalty spot, deflected initially by Haas and then to Hell by someone…and almost immediately afterwards (88′), 2-1!!!!!!!!!!!! New FCSP offensive attempt, fine vertical Maier pass to Halstenberg at the base of the box to the left, direct cross and finish by incoming Fin Bartelsss with the entire stadium going mental!!! This was too much for Union and time too little – it could be ever more, if Bartels wasn’t losing (while all alone) another big one (90′, saved by two Union men). Video is probably the best way to describe the end of the game…

FCSP vs Union, closing seconds, end of match


Incredible feeling, not an incredible game by FCSP. A game that was grabbed out of Union’s teeth almost at the very end. A win deserved 1910% in terms of soul and passion but not reflecting yesterday’s opponent’s performances in the MILLERNTOR pitch. It would be a brilliant away win in Berlin but looks somehow bizzare at home… what the hell, if this squad can play at the the moment only by giving space to the opponent, let’s do it this way…under this aspect, the two in a row away games coming up, looking like extremely good news! First stop, next Sunday, Frankfurt for a game vs local FSV. The vigil Scum eye will be there watching, having a good time and providing top level support to the Boys in Brown, along of course with hundreds of FCSP maniacs. More on this, next week.

Standing ovation to the point that phone memory ran out 🙂


Match goals:

0:1 Terrode (58′, left-foot shot, Assist: Kreilach)

1:1 Schachten (61′, left-foot shot)

2:1 Bartels (88′, left-foot shot Assist: Halstenberg)

Spectators: 29063 (sold out but not believe the 29663 Kicker report number)

Sankt Pauli cards: Trybull (1), Nehrig (4)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Post game 

The typical FCSP VICTORIOUS Monday night 🙂 It took around midnight for the area around the stadium to be cleared something that does not include the Fanraüme where the party was still going on.

Millerntor celebrating Monday night

Millerntor celebrating Monday night

Atmosphere at the Jolly, difficult to describe. Place packed , partying in an extremely positive atmosphere, with even some Union people participating. Certain things can’t be described – just recalling myself, taking a time-out deep in the couch corner opposite to the door, smoking a joint while feeling completely screwed up a little due to some bloody cold (early today’s fever convinced me for good), looking around and thinking how incredibly lucky I am to be (even half dead 😀 ) a part of all this, taking place around me… When I decided, around 3 to take my night bus and go crash, nothing had actually changed 🙂

Overall, nothing more than a new entry to the list of the unforgettable experiences – MAGIC FCSP, MAGIC NEIGHBORHOOD, Business as usual 🙂

Seb Schachten’s 61′ Kiss Of Life


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