Matchday 25: Fortuna Düsseldorf – FC Sankt Pauli 0-2!

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Thank you 🙂

Against all odds and traditions, an emergency formed FCSP stormed over Esprit Arena, managed to make the almost impossible looking easy, wiped local Fortuna with 0-2 and let everybody wondering where (if) this squad can be stopped on its way to what we didn’t even dare to pronounce during winter break… Regardless of what will happen in the end (which after all, isn’t the holy grail when you are an FCSP fan), THANK YOU FCSP! Thank you for an entire month full of White/Brown magic, with all its thick and thin (Frankfurt), and for the goodbye present you gave me yesterday 🙂


The Saturday good omens: Triumph at Hoheluft!

Weekend started with the “standard” visit at Hoheluft Stadion for the last chance to see in action Thomas Meggle’s  U23 talent lab vs BSV SW Rehden. Good atmosphere, not so good weather, the usual Saturday morning faces and the usual chat about almost everything except the game, high quality time in a few words! Footballwise, the squad, stripped from the “big” names (drafted for Düsseldorf obviously), somehow managed a win, slightly more difficult than the final 3-1 probably suggests, after a quite entertaining game that could be anybody’s until the closing stages. In case it hasn’t been mentioned in the previous posts, a highly suggested experience for anybody interested in what’s happening under the surface and a chance to see some of tomorrow’s FCSP heroes on their way to the Millerntor glory 😉 

Match details (for connoisseurs!):

For anybody curious enough to see our youngsters in action, their next game (24/3, 20:15 German time) is scheduled for Live-Free-To-Air coverage by SPORT1 – better have satellite dishes and laptops ready!

FCSP U23 warming up

FCSP U23 warming up

...and the others ;-)

…and the others 😉

Overview, some half hour before


Squad entrance / message against racism


Game over

Goodbye Hoheluft Stadion, you became a habbit, you 'll be missed ;-)

Goodbye Hoheluft Stadion, you became a habbit, you ‘ll be missed 😉

Before the match? Not much 🙂

“Greg, good morning, we’ re in Düsseldorf, do you want a beer?”

Seems that this time whisky worked, no recollection of anything happened between the departure of the bus (05:00) and the arrival at Düsseldorf (10:30). Woke up by a friendly voice (no, I didn’t take the bloody beer!) in the middle of a BIG parking space, containing only Esprit Arena, some Wurst-kiosks and something like a cafeteria (with the final stage of some adventure game championship taking place inside!). More police force than Frankfurt, including cavalry (something that means a lot of horse shit!) but no spectacular stuff by them… A slightly grey scenery, brightened somehow by the colourful mood of FCSP fans arriving in big numbers (must been a lot of us yesterday!) and joining the brown/white crowd, slowly moving towards the stadium…

This way to glory!

This way to glory!

Esprit Arena? For sure, a matter of taste. A big, “modern”, functional arena, probably typical of the big Bundesliga modern grounds. Looking like a huge mall facing it from the outside, quite impressive from the inside, leaving me with an “it’s quite nice but for some strange reason I don’t think that I really belong here” feeling :-). Priceless moment while all the good local people were slowly filling the stadium, Body Count’s, “KKK Bitch” playing from the fuckin’ speakers!!! Extremely “explicit” content (probably would raise “sexist” issues for some if played in Millerntor – can’t imagine this!), especially considering the time and the place, Sunday morning in a “Family friendly” football arena! Total Scum Respect to the local DJ!

The Mall :-)

The Mall 🙂

Still, a real (even though “modern”) football stadium and when it was (almost) filled, it was looking so  impressive that the view in all it’s majesty (considering the fact that we’re talking about a Liga 2 arena) made me for (fortunately) a few moments feeling just melancholic, making a quick comparison with the Greek Super League grim reality, in and out of the stadiums… Not THE MILLERNTOR but still a great place for football…

The "mall" from the inside some 90' later :-)

The “mall” from the inside some 90′ later 🙂

The game

The Boys in Brown, playing with an “emergency” line up, got in the field in fighting mode, taking full control of the game during the opening minutes and creating more than one situations in the other end (Nöthe 3′, 6′, Schachten 7′, Maier 10′) while the hosts required at least 10′ to get into the game and balance the situation. After they suceeded doing it, they had the first major chance of the game (16′) with a Liendl 15m direct shot, following a slight mess right in the heart of our box, passing just by Tschauner’s left post… They kept up some pressure for a few minutes but next move was ours and it was a lethal one! Nöthe, having already taken advantage of a Paurevic error, behind the center, rapidly attacked along the axis between panicking Fortuna retreating players and tried the first shot outside the box. Giefer saved in the first place but nobody was around to save the finish by incoming Maier, who was following all along from the left and had no problem to make the final kill from 6m! 0-1 for FCSP on 21′ and at this point started seeming that we were about to watch a completely different play comparing to last week’s drama 😉 Squad stayed focus as it was from the very beginning and, as result of it, handled with peculiar ease all challenges that the hosts tried to create  (almost nothing except a shot for them – Liendl, 29′ – and one for us – Maier, 30′) until the closing 5′ of the first half when things got a little more rough and Big Phil had to interfere twice (42′, 43′ both times against Benschop) in order to keep it safe. Pressure went on, another chance for the with a Hoffer shot at the outside of our net (45′) and time was out for the 1st half 🙂 

0-1!!! (image source:

0-1!!! (image source:

2nd half underway with FCSP controlling the pace and without granting any rights to the Fortuna players, at least until 61′ when a Halstenberg big mistake got Hoffer in a quite dangerous position but situation was finally cleared by Gonther. Another good chance for them on 67′ with Tschauner saying “no” on 67′ to Benschop from 18m and…that was all. The “emergency” FCSP defense went as smooth as it can get and it was an astonishing (ha ha!) feeling watching FCSP giving space to the opponent without the scenery turning to Apocalypse inside our box. All remaining notable occasions were on our account with Bartels missing on a good counter attack (74′), Nöthe doing the same but from a much better position (89′) and finally the 2nd one (94′) with Lennart Thy sealing the fate of the match! Scenes of beaty with the entire guest block having turned to an Asylum for the mentally unstable and me screaming but without any sound coming out from my mouth simply because wasn’t anything left inside 😀

0-2 but not much to see here 🙂


The Technical shit version:

What was that? A MATURE FCSP maybe? The best answer I can give is this: a squad that finally has learnt taking advantage of the other guy’s mistake and finally “stealing” the games against equal or theoretically better opponents. Yesterday’s game,  as well as Dresden and Union (a game at home played like a game away) were won for the same reason that the Frankfurt game was lost – when we have open space to take advantage of things usually end up good – when are forced to play against solid defensive walls, waiting for us to penetrate them, then smells trouble. Probably this is something that we have to keep in mind in view of Ingolstadt (hello Ralph Gunesch!), a squad that will probably come to clain initially one point, something that inside Millerntor can lead to wonders 🙂

(If, after a MAGIC month here, I am allowed to moan for a few minutes, here’s my moaning lines: I fully understand the crticality of the match but still playing the corners in the flag already from 86′ like we’re into 95′ and staying on the ground the way the FSV guys were doing last week wasn’t exactly my best – except not being 1910% fair, shows a little lack of team self-confidence)

The Heart talking version:

What was that? A MAGIC last stop after an entire MAGIC month following everywhere the MOST MAGIC Club on the damn planet: FC Sankt Pauli…Thank you FCSP 🙂

Match goals:

0:1 Maier (21′, left-foot shot, Assist: Nöthe)

0:2 Thy (90+4′, right-foot shot, Assist: Nöthe)

Spectators: 41357

Sankt Pauli cards: Gregoritsch (1), Thy (5, misses next), Schachten (3)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Stadium overview


Squad entrance


Happy Ending



While participating to the party bus activities on the way back (and believe me, this WAS a party bus!) I knew that “OK, that was it”. An incredible to describe month (mostly not because of the things that were written here in this blog but because of all these that they weren’t!), a unique experience such I could never imagine some 10 years ago when (I was thinking that) all my businesses with the sport called “football” were finished for good already for some years… Trying to really explain feelings for all this mix including the squad, the neighborhood, all friends (old and new), etc, etc, is simply something that I believe that really exceeds my current ability… People that should be mention here are just too numerous to mention individually and the risk of leaving even one outside seems unbearable, especially today, last day at the Viertel…Summarizing things sometimes make them easier, so here how it goes…


To the entire USP crew (more than 30 names only here!) who made me feel the entire month like a distinguished guest while just being around was enough for me! Thanks for picking me up, asking for anything that I could need before I need it, providing me with a place, for the times in the room, in the bus, in the stadium, for all the hospitality and for all the friendship during all these years!

The entire staff of the Jolly (lived half my life there and STILL ONE MORE STOP to do 😀 ), all the boys and girls at the Fanladen for being always ready and willing to solve anything anytime, the Nord Support crew, the Skinheads, the Galaxy Fan Club (Ölene Kadar!!!), friends from all around the world being here and sharing good times (especially from Hapoel Tel Aviv and Standard Liege), the St. Pauli Thessaloniki crew, the St. Pauli Handball Hooligans, the Subbuteo St. Pauli guys (yes, you heard right!), and EVERY SINGLE PERSON that we shared truth, moments, beer, weed and everything else that can be shared with this entire month…

Lights out…until May 🙂



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