Matchday 26: FC Sankt Pauli – FC Ingolstadt 04 0-0…

Posted: March 24, 2014 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2013-14
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Is there any worse?

Another game indoors and yet another proof that Sankt Pauli needs something more than good will! Fortunately the gods are on our side till now and our bad performances haven’t cost us this much. On the contrary.  The 26th matchday is over and we are 4th in the ranks. A place we wouldn’t bet on, had we been asked when the Liga started and definitely we don’t qualify for 100%.


First half sets off our high expectations left from our previous game, but as the minutes passed by, SP made sure to kill every one of them. The players sure looked like they’ve been  dragged out of a long sleep. Passes weren’t coming through, the defense looked hopeless, but good for us , Ingolstadt was worse. Really nothing to mention in this first half other than some lousy opportunities our guests made sure to lose. No big opportunities, no action at all (except Quaner’s tremendous chance wasted on our crossbar on 41′!) and the teams found their way to the locker rooms after 45 minutes, leaving us with the hope of a better second half!

Big moment at a no-game: two modern age FCSP giants, Fabian Boll & Ralph Gunesch "reunite"... (image source: @stpauligram on Twitter)

Big moment at a no-game: two modern age FCSP giants, Fabian Boll & Ralph Gunesch “reunite” in the Millerntor pitch… (image source: @stpauligram on Twitter)

Second half starts with an early change in rotation for SP, as on 46’ Gregoritsch leaves his place to Buchtmann, but other than that it looked like we would see the same story again. Sankt Pauli seemed unable to take the ball away from her box, and Ingolstadt seemed unable to find it. It was a bit of comedy and tragedy at the same time having SP players doing the worst of whatever they thought they should do, and Ingolstadt players just throwing rocks every time they thought they should attempt to score! On 61’ Gonther from SP sees a yellow card and then two more substitutions for Sp with Kringe replacing Maier and Verhoek replacing Bartels on 68’ and 77’ respectively. Tschauner’s  stoppage to Caiuby  on 70’ and Mohr’s yellow card on 90’ completed this game for the 26th round…

Really is there something to comment after such game? Sankt Pauli is 4th but seriously no fan of Sankt Pauli thinks this is our place, and there are many reasons to it! Where to start? Defensive Pauli was for laughs. As well as offensive. And that’s not all there is. SP looked tired. Looked like no one was willing to run or sweat or even try to do so. Good thing for us that Ingolstadt was a team that couldn’t score tha damn thing even with a compass….Next game is with Paderborn out (TOMORROW 18:30 – midweek matchday!) . Let’s hope that the tradition that wants Sankt Pauli to perform better as guest, will come true!

Match goals:


Spectators: 28301

Sankt Pauli cards: Gonther (6), Mohr (1)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Game “highlights” – see for yourselves


PS: Fin Bartels out for 3 weeks due to the knee cap injury that caused his substitution…

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