Matchday 27: SC Paderborn 07 – FC Sankt Pauli 3-0…

Posted: March 26, 2014 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2013-14
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Disaster at Paderborn… FCSP was submitted to the superior (from every point of view) SC Paderborn 07, executed (as usual) by Mahir Saglik (yeah, the one that was not good enough for Schubert – this clown was there yesterday…analyzing the game) lost 3-0 EASY and, considering the league remaining schedule, put a premature end (unless Paderborn commits suicide) to the super-ambitious plan of promotion to Bundesliga… YSP are right. About time to get rid of the promotion stress, just support our squad and appreciate maybe the steps forward that have been made this season 😉


Despite our impressive away performance data, this was smelling trouble well before kick-off due to the theoretical ability of Paderborn to play for two results along with the big number of absences counted for our squad. However, Paderborn got into the game with slightly different intentions – first visit for them inside our box already on 2′ (Kachunga) and almost the 1st goal on 7′ with a Saglik bicycle kick just inches from (disorientated here) Tschauner’s right post. Penalty request for them (8′), Tschauner save to a Kachunga 20m shot (9′) and new, COLOSSAL this time, Tschauner right leg save in front of Vrancic (12′) and first FCSP signs of life in the game on 14′ with a long Buchtmann shot ending up just over Kruse’s crossbar, this was the opening quarter… Having survived somehow these moments of terror, the boys in brown managed to balance the game and from a certain point they even got the initiative. Verhoek (this wasnt the best possible occasion but Happy Birthday once more) asked for a penalty on 30′ after being sandwiched and abused between 2 Paderborn defenders but without any response from the FIFA Sleeping beauty in yellow and black and we had a pretty good chance to go ahead on 40′ with a Gonther header licking Kruse’s outter right post – moments later, the shock…Corner clearance for FCSP, direct 25+ Brückner direct shot with ball deflecting in some legs and ending up to the legs of…Saglik who executed Tschauner in cold blood from 9m…1-0 on 41′, the worst possible way to close the half…

1-0... (source:

1-0… (source:

…and while we were the ones supposed to get into the 2nd half demanding the equalizer, the beginning of the 2nd half was (again) all about SC Paderborn… Having already a Kachunga header on the crossbar on 46′, they dominated the game until they succeed their goal, something that didn’t take long to happen…Excellent 1-2 between Meha and Kachunga, ball again to Meha (outside the box, slightly to the left) and a shot-pure-beauty to the opposite corner despite Tschauner’s full stretch towards the ball. 2-0 on 58′ and despite the more than 30′ remaining on the clock we knew that everything is over…If there was a slight possibility to get again into the game, this could be on 66′ but incoming Nöthe (having entered the game a couple of mins earlier) missed just for a frame Halstenberg’s parallel to the net cross from the left – 3′ later (69′) a non-penalty awarded to the hosts and converted to their 3rd goal by Saglik locked the game for good…The rest of the match was about Paderborn controlling the game and relaxing on their half after 80′, a period that we lost 2 incredible chances for the consolation goal with Verhoek (82′) missing from 1m in front of an empty net (!!!) and Nöthe (90′) all alone, without pressure, in front of Kruse after some skillfull effort in the box, wasting the final (easy) shot over the crossbar. No injury time was played and actually there was no need to play anymore…

Moments after 2-0... (source: (c) dpa)

Moments after 2-0… (source: (c) dpa)

This was really sad but there are no complains from the Boys in Brown here…This is more about facing reality – Paderborn played like a team which stands at least one level up above us. They were doing whatever they liked in the game, accelerating the pace or controlling the game at will with only exceptions the 10′ before the 1st goal and the last 10′ when everything was already over and they managed to get a confident win instead of getting compromised with a draw that would keep them still over us in the table. A brown/white squad not 100% complete didn’t have a serious chance against this squad and it’s not about them being “super” it’s just about them being in the end better than us…As FCSP fans we can’t have complaints from our boys since they tried probably their best – unfortunately their best yesterday wasn’t good enough…

And now? Now, it’s SpVgg Greuther Fürth paying us a visit on Friday for a game that in theory represents our last chance to stay competent at the promotion race. In my humble opinion, after yesterday’s game the “obvious” has been seen, promotion seems something above our power and probably more than we deserve. So, instead of getting depressed about losing a promotion that a) should be considered as an EXTRA-Bonus and b) (it’s not lost yet!) maybe we should take a look just one year ago, matchday 27.

Table last year

In case the message was not understood, let’s take a look just 10,5 months ago:

Table last year May

Exactly! The same squad that “failed” yesterday at Paderborn to stay on track for promotion was trying to avoid relegation some 10-11 months ago – seems like a long way, especially considering that we have on the steering wheel a “Junior” Head Coach. If anyone has the time (I wouldn’t!) to track back the entire season in our blog, he (she) will find repeated references to a squad that has exceeded expectations. And this is exactly what both Technical Stuff and squad did – exceeded expectations. Let’s just relax then and enjoy a big game, as wisely noticed by YSP yesterday and became today’s post title 🙂 And, in case this is not enough (it should be!) as Charlie said yesterday:

Charlie wisdom

Match goals:

1:0 Saglik (41′, Left foot shot, Assist: Brückner)

2:0 Meha (58′, Right foot shot, Assist: Kachunga)

3:0 Saglik (69′, Left foot shot, penalty)

Spectators: 14441

Sankt Pauli cards: Gonther (7), Rzatkowski (6), Trybull (2), Buchtmann (11)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:



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