Matchday 28: FC Sankt Pauli – SpVgg Greuther Fürth 2-2

Posted: March 30, 2014 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2013-14
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Scottish Shower…

How else would an Sp fan describe the latest ups and downs Pauli has been through? From the 0-0 tie with Ingolstadt to the 0-3 defeat from Paderborn, with the team being a disgrace to what anyone would call football, to a new tie but a really fierce match, with 10 yellows and lot of tension and passion from both teams! But let’s cut the bullshit and get to where the bullets are flying…


1st half starts in Millerntor Stadion and finds both teams thirsty for the win, and willing to get out of there, 3 points heavier! Early action on 3’ with an almost own goal from a header of Brosinski in an attempt to drive away a corner fired by Buchtmann. Couple of minutes later the same player finds Sankt Pauli’s post with a great shot while attacking from the right! The heat kept rising in Millerntor Stadion on 11′, as  Röcker with a header that Tschauner missed threatens to open the score card, but Rzatkowski  was already placed well on the post  line and says no driving the ball away with his head! on 12’ Nöthe fires a shot, stopped by Hesl, and a little later, on 15’, Weilandt threatens Pauli with a shot really close to the pole! The game had a really intense flow as both teams aimed for an early opening goal. Buchtmann sees a yellow on 26’ and a little later, on 27’, Verhoek threatens Hesl’s nets  but misses to score a header, while couple of minutes later the same player fails to score a shot, fired 10 meters away from Hesl’s post, and a follow up header!. On 28’ Djurdjic receives a yellow for Fürth and another yellow goes to his teammate Gießelmann on 40’. The fisrt half’s end left us having seen a lot of action, many cards and our assistant coach Timo Schultz cast out to the stands after his interfearance in a mass confrontation of Greuther Fürth’s, Sukalo (yellow card) with the line Judge!

Having seen the first half , everyone expected the 2nd to start with the cavalry heads on! SP though seemed granite steady. Stopped every attempt from Fürth and answered with many counters! On 49’ Gonther turns yellow and Schindler follows his example on 53’, while 54’ finds  Fürth on giallo with Weiland! A lot of heat in the atmosphere and on 57’ Sparv replaces Sukalo for Fürth saving him from getting red. On 63′ Verhoek steals the ball from Hesl and passes to Nöthe but he receives an early stoppage before he manages to threaten.Pauli, on 65’ substitutes Thy for Schindler. The unsuccessful flirting with the opponent’s nets ended in 66′ when Schachten scored the first goal for SP after a free kick from Buchtmann. A little later, on 68′ Thy breaks in Fürth’s defense and passes to Verhoek but he slightly misses to make the 2-0. On 70’ Sparv sees a yellow card. Same thing for Hesl on 73’ And during 10 minutes of a defense jam for Sankt Pauli, Fürth managed , first to even the score , and then to take the lead, on 75’ with Rocker and on 78’ with Azemi. In the meantime and in between those two goals, Hesl had to block a shot fired from Thy about 30 meters out of the box. Substitutions for Pauli with Maier replacing Rzatkowski and Gregoritsch replacing  Ziereis on 80’ and 85’, and Fürth replaces Korcsmar for Djurdjic. Minutes flew and Greuther Fürth seemed to be leaving with the three points, but Mr Thorandt had a different opinion on the matter. On 85’ using his chest, he scores the goal that kept Sankt Pauli to the pursuit of the play offs making the score even! A shot from Gregoritsch that went way above the left post of Hesl on 89′, and a  free kick from Maier on 93′ that Hesl blocked was more or less all there was with the second half!

So apparently what we have is another tie for Sp. 2-2 in a fired up game full of tension and high spirit from both teams. If the attitude remains the same, results will follow but we’ll just have to wait for our next match up with Sandhausen on Saturday , to see if Pauli is mad enough for victory! In the end this team as we all know represents higher standards, so victory is not the utter goal here. But even in these ”higher than victory” standards, no one wants to see his team loose or come at a tie hands down. The whole point is this: If you can win, go for it loud, but if it is to lose, give em hell before you do so. This is the attitude we want to see. Forza Sankt Pauli!

Match goals:

1:0 Schachten (66′, left-foot shot)

1:1 B. Roecker (75′, header, Brosinski)

1:2 Azemi (78′, header, Brosinski)

2:2 Thorandt (85′, chest(!), Gonther)

Spectators: 28087

Sankt Pauli cards: Buchtmann (12), Gonther (8), Schindler (2),  Schachten (4)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Squad entrance


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