Matchday 29: SV Sandhausen – FC Sankt Pauli 2-3

Posted: April 6, 2014 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2013-14
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After  the manschaft’s comeback in matchday 28 with Greuther Fürth, matchday 29 made us wet our pants with this dominant performance of Sankt Pauli over Sandhausen.  Great game from SP, that showed a lot of heart and made the hosts look weak and unable to react despite their opening on the scoreboard twice!


The first half starts and Pauli instantly shows , intensions on the 1’ when Buchtmann passes to Nöthe who misses to get a clear header. On 3’ Tschauner clears a ball from SVS which came directly in his hands, and a little later Kalla (not his day) almost creates a mess on defense with a wrong ball drive away, but luckily SVS never managed to take advantage of it! Sankt Pauli though had the first and last word in this first half. 60% ball position and it looked like SVS was unable to work anything out, having SP blocking every attempt to score. On 17’ Nöthe passes nicely and Verhoek slightly misses to open the score! 22’ was probably the best chance SVS had  for an opener   but Thiede sent the ball a little far from Tschauner’s left pole! On 26’ a collision of Maier and Zimmermann causes a short break to the game as Zimmermann had to cover up a small wound above the eyebrow! No harm meant and no harm done! SP getting more dominant on this first half, and Verhoek fails to take advantage of a mistake from Olajengbesi on 37’ after a free kick from Halstenberg. A yellow card for Kalla on 38’ and another for  Nöthe  on 43’ kind of completes the action in this first half, with SP clearly willing to leave SVS’s ground with the three points! A question is left unanswered though, as the ref shows only 1 minute extra time when at least 2-3 should be kept.

source : fcspsouthendscum

Off for the second half and where all the action was held. SP missed a lot of chances in the first half but clearly the intensions remained the same.  On 49’ Schachten jumps over Stiefler and shoots a really nice one, but Riemann stops it! Despite SP’s will though, it was SVS who opened the score board with Blum after a nice pass from Lindsmayer on 50’. The answer was not far away and Gonther after a free kick from Maier does a double header. Misses the first time but scores the second bringing everything back in order! A yellow for  Tüting  on 56’ and Nöthe get’s replaced by Gregoritsch. Tschauner vs Tüting on 64. In a duel in SP’s box, Tschauner says no to Tüting two times, first by blocking a shot fired from him, sending SVS to the corner point and  then blocking a header from the same player on the coming corner!On 69’ Schindler takes Ziereis’s place and then…… Defense mistake punished on 70’ as Kalla tries to play ball inside SP’s box (something our defensives constantly do, causing us trouble..when you get it there, just throw the damn thing away), leading Adler first to steal from him and then to score , setting SVS in front of us for the second time. But damn it Pauli’s reaction was fierce! After a yellow for Gonther on 71’ and a substitution for SVS on 72’ with Jovanovic taking Adler’s place, it was time for Schachten on 76’ to fire a dynamite after a beautiful pass from Halstenberg. And not only that. A little later and specifically on 78’ after an effort from Gregoritsch, the ball comes to Rzatkowski and he seals the victory for SP with a great shot on target! Attacks of minor importance were attempted from both sides but nothing really worthy to mention.  On 81’ Ulm takes Zimmermann’s place, on  84’ Trybull takes Maier’s and on 89’ Hübner replaces Thiede.  This and 3 minutes of xtra time completes the second half of the game!


Beers and pig-steaks and Sankt Pauli in a 2 in a row kill streak. Can anyone wish for something better? It looks like some people there are startin’ to get serious and it was about fucking time. In this game Sankt Pauli was the hunter despite the mistakes there might have been made. Now I don’t know if we should be willing to enter the play offs for Liga 1(Personally I think that another year in Liga2 would make the team even more solid before having to face the monsters in 1), but this will be a certainty if we keep playing at this pace. Next Friday we got Kaiserslautern as our guests. this year’s history declares that our home games are a bigger nightmare for us than our away ones. Let’s see if Sankt Pauli will keep momentum in this one!

Match goals:

1:0 D. Blum (50′, Left foot shot, Assist: Linsmayer)

1:1  Gonther (55′, Header, Assist: Maier)

2:1 Adler (70′, Right foot shot)

2:2 Schachten (76′, Right foot, Assist: Halstenberg)

2:3 Rzatkowski (78′, Left foot shot)

Spectators: 8050

Sankt Pauli cards: Kalla (4), Nöthe (5, misses next), Gonther (9)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Heroic DIY highlights (1-0 is missing) by some guy videoshooting his tablet 😀

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