Matchday 30: FC Sankt Pauli – FC Kaiserslautern 2-3

Posted: April 13, 2014 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2013-14
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This is football

This is bizarre… New loss at home, at the last-chance game vs Kaiserslautern with the last goal conceded on 97′, today (with match weekend still in progress) should feel like Hell…I’m just proud and glad instead… Proud for my squad’s true fighting spirit (effectiveness is skill, fighting spirit is ATTITUDE) and glad for the football that we all had the chance to watch on Friday night 🙂


Despite the importance of the game (a win would keep FCSP alive on the promotion chase), a quite relaxed mood before kickoff. Already aware of the weaknesses and the limits of the squad (we should, season’s almost over!), we all had more or less the feeling that, even with a win, our odds were already very limited… Relieved from the promotion stress, comfortably set at the venue (with an incredible Spring shower banging on the ceiling above!), expecting a good result and good football. Maybe we didn’t get the first in the end but for sure we got plenty of the second 😉

Intense and balanced game from the very beginning. First chance for FCSP, a Halstenberg 20m free kick on 8′ that almost fooled Sippel (for sure fooled the Greek Pay TV broadcaster who commented moments earlier that “this is not Halstenberg’s side, no direct hit expected”) but the FCK keeper deflected the ball – rebound shot by Thy ended up high over the bar. Immediate guest response with an Idrissu shot on 10′ (having just endered the box from the left) saved to corner by Tschauner and BOOOMMM on 14′! Seemingly lost forward ball to Rzatkowski on the left who managed a brilliant last moment cross to incoming Verhoek who nailed Sippel with a header for the opening goal of the game! 1-0 FCSP!!! Game on, up and down football, lots of minor threats at both ends, both sides looking determined with FCK a little superior when coming to details. Their efforts were rewarded on 31′ with a Lakic 17m direct free kick ending at Tschauni’s unguarded corner (fooled big time here). 1-1 for FCK and could be even worse just 2′ later (33′) when a Zoller distant (some 25m) shot ended up a few meters away from our right post while Tschauner  (not his best day yesterday…) was desperately trying to return back to his orphaned posts, following a fishing ride… Almost total FCK domination and hard pressure for the following 10′ and…almost the 2nd for FCSP on 43′ with a Halstenberg 20m shot that banged on Sippel’s right post on 43′! Half time whistle, with squads tied after an absolutely entertaining first half 🙂



Game resumed in the 2nd half like it never stopped. Passionate, intense game with FCK on the driver’s seat but FCSP being dangerous in every opportunity. Good FCK chance on 52′ with Zoller easily outrunning Thorandt and getting dangerously into the box from the left but his tied angle shot ended up a little over Tschauner’s guarded corner. Good FCSP moment on 57′ with a Thy long shot just by Sippel’s right post and a COLOSSAL chance for FCK on 58′: high foward ball to Zoller who again easlily outran Thorandt and got all alone in front of Tschauner – lob shot over him with the ball ending up on our left post – rebound again from Zoller with Big Phil neutralized on the ground due to injury, new shot and ball saved right on the line with a heroic tackle from the Master Of Disaster, Captain Markus Thorandt!!! Unfortunately, what avoided on 58′, happened on 61’… for anyone that believes that this FCSP belongs in the 1st league, this is the perfect answer: Karl header goal, after 6-7 defensive errors inside our box in 20”!!! Or, to put it another way, 20” of torture watching the one screw up after another, begging for someone to get the ball the hell out, until the unavoidable punishment…Guests 1-2 up, things looking tough and new chance for them on 69′ with Idrissu entering again from the left but Tschauner (playing injured since 58′ – left shoulder dislocation) saved to a corner. This was Big Phil’s last attempt on the game – minutes later (72′) he had to be replaced by Himmelmann – get well soon Big Guy! FCSP, with time running out, got the initiative of the game, pressed FCK towards the back but couldn’t find a way to the equalizer while the guests were looking more and more dangerous in the counter attack. Rzatkowski’s header on 85′ was accepted with a silent sigh, like it was our last chance in the game but, regardless what we believed, the match still had A LONG WAY to go 🙂 89′ into the game, Maier 40+m despair free kick from the left into the heart of the FCK defense with ball passing between everybody, hitting Sippel’s left post – Kringe was the first to get the rebound and equalize with a header! GOAL FOR FCSP, 2-2, AND WE CAN’T FUCKIN’ BELIEVE IT! 5′ additional time by the assistant referee, FCK down to 10 men with the second Orban yellow on 91′ and game having gone wild! BIG FCSP chance on 93′ with Schachten’s header (who won everybody in the air) ending just by Sippel’s (nowhere around) left post and RESPONSE from FCK (95′) with Himmelmann winning Matmour on the one-to-one challenge and saving FCSP something that he repeated moments later (96′) saving Heintz’s 6m header right on the line! Sudden Death came on 97′ in the form of a Skyrocket, launched by Jenssen in the absolute last moment of the match but the only thing lost from this game was (just) 1 point…

Doom on 97'...

Doom on 97’…

Bloody football at it’s best! FC Kaiserslautern was better overall and won the game fair and square – they dealt with out epic comeback, regained control of the game (outnumbered from 91′) and finally won (in a dramatic way) a game that more or less deserved. On the other hand, FCSP exceeded once more our expectations – let’s not try hide and seek using our fingers here, everybody knows that the current squad has big weaknesses, our defensive functionality is a total joke, we have problem breaking opponent’s defense so we practically “steal” the games and so on and so forth…we’ re not better than them, we’re not better than Paderborn and I’m not even sure that we’re better than KSC or Union and, at the end of the day, we’re FCSP fans (of the South End Scum kind!), we don’t really care 😀 What we do care about is a squad that respects the fans and gives 1910% in the field for FCSP, no matter what this 1910% worths – having a competitive team is more than welcome but still a “nice to have”.  Even if justified, such demands should be targeting towards the administration, all you can ask from the players is be focused, commited and give all heart and soul for FCSP. From this point of view, the Boys in Brown get a big A+ for Friday and we hope that they will keep doing it for the remaining part of the season 🙂

Next game takes place on Maundy Thursday. People on this day usually are dealing with things like the crucifixion of Jesus Christ but since we’re an alternative club we will deal with the crucifixion of Energie Cottbus!!! We don’t like them, they don’t like us, we don’t want them around, H$V is coming, the timing is perfect! Let’s provide this hillbilly bunch with the required momentum so they can enjoy a seamless trip to Liga 3 and give them a really good reason to weep next week! C’mon you Boys in Brown!!!

Match goals:

1:0 Verhoek (14′, Header, Assist: Rzatkowski)

1:1 Lakic (14′, Right foot free kick)

1:2 Karl (61′, Header, Assist: Torrejon)

2:2 Kringe (89′, Header, Assist: Sippel’s left post!)

2:3 Jenssen (90+7′, Left foot shot, Assist: Karl)

Spectators: 29063 (soldout)

Sankt Pauli cards: Schachten (5, misses next), Thorandt (6), Halstenberg (5, misses next)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:





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