Matchday 31: Energie Cottbus-FC Sankt Pauli 1-1

Posted: April 18, 2014 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2013-14
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Cottbus bleibt?…Not on our watch!

Crucifixion of Cottbus2

With SP having nothing to lose, and Energie Cottbus counting every  match till the end of the season, as they played for their stay in the second league, it was obvious that Sankt Pauli would have no other option, than to crush Angela Merkel’s beloved team!



The first half started off though with Sp playing defensively and Cottbus having control over the midfield, while it had to be the other way round! Sp had Heerwagen defending the nets, as Himmelmann that was replacing the injured Tschauner, was injured also during practise. Already in the 2’ Cottbus’s captain, Möhrle, misses a header and sends the ball away from Heerwagen’s post who on the 9’  says no to a shot fired from Chrales Takyi. On 14’ Heerwagen secures a shot from Michel, fired 20 meters away from his right post and till then there were already 5 corner kicks for Energie! Luckily even the 8th corner kick had no chanse for Cottbus in the 20’. Sankt Pauli seemed to wake up in 22’ when Rzatkowski steals the ball and fires a really distant shot, having seen Renno a lot far from his nets! No luck with that though , as well as no luck with Lennart Thy’s shot in 23’ near the home nets as Renno secured the ball once again. SP seemed more certain of its steps in the field and then again on 32’ Maier attemted to open the score board with a free short but it actually didn’t seem to bother Renno who once again cleared the tension. Both teams showed effort and heart but the battles were mainly kept in midfield with some minor attempts on shot from both but with no luck. In 43’ Buchtmann sees a yellow  and that was all the action there was with the first half!

St.Pauli tv

Second half starts with  Perdedaj in Stiepermann’s place in Cottbus’s behalf and SP fired up to make it happen. On 54’ and a free shot from Maier, Verhoek misses a shot(Renno stops it again), and then Thy attempts a shot but finds no luck as Banovic stops the ball right on the line! On 58’ another shot from Verhoek after an excellent pass from Buchtmann get’s stopped from Renno. But the time for Sp was on 60’.Rzatkowski passes to Buchtmann and he passes to Thy who slides the ball under the opponents nets, and opens the score board. On 63’ another substitution for Cottbus, as Jendricek takes Rivic’s place, and then on 65’ Michel receives a yellow. From 67’ to 69’ there’s a really tight siege of Cottbus’s nets from SP. 67’ and Verhoek get’s really close to double the goals on Sp’s behalf as his shot passes a little under the top post, but he was caught offside and on 69’ Renno stops another shot from the same player. On 69’ Fetsch takes Sanogo’s place and on 70’ Gonther misses a header. 72’ is Cottbus’s first serious attempt on evening the score with Michel, who’s shot passes a little off Heerwagen’s right post. On 76’ Maier sees a yellow and on 80’ Nehrig takes Thy’s place until the last 10 minutes. As time passed by it seemed that Energie had nothing left, so Maier made sure he gave em a chance.A foul play on Michel, and A chance to even the score for Energie, that Banovic didn’t let go. 87’ and the score was even. Heerwagen made a great stoppage in a shot from Buljat in the last minutes as the tie didn’t work for Energie at all and so all the players surrounded Sp’s box in search of the winning goal. On 88’ Schindler took Maier’s place and Nöthe  took Verhoek’s , and that along wih the yellow card for Nehrig on 90′ was it til the end of the game.

St Pauli tv

Sankt Pauli, has lost the pursuit of the first league, and now for the remaining games has no anxiety at all. As it appears this will lead to quality football from Sp, that hasn’t dropped any weapon on the ground and still fights everygame as it should. Next game is on Sunday the 27th with  VfR Aalen at home. Waiting for the best. Forza Sankt Pauli!

Match goals:

0:1 Thy (60′, Right-foot shot, Assist: Buchtmann)

1:1 Banovic (87′, Penalty)

Spectators: 10000

Sankt Pauli cards: Buchtmann (13), Maier (3), Nehrig (5, misses next)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

0-1 (not much to see)


1-1 (unfortunately more visible)



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