Matchday 33: FC Köln – FC Sankt Pauli 4-0

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A train full of FCSP magic 🙂


After being an entire month in Hamburg on February/March and following FCSP everywhere the brown white squad travelled (a lifetime experience overall) I was quite sure that I had already seen what was there for me to be seen this season and my first ever Sonderzug was looking more like a way to somehow recall this incredible month and say goodbye to all good friends for this season. Couldn’t be more wrong (why not surprised?) here… the 15-wagon dinosaur proved to be one of the finest experiences I ever had with FCSP and all these days in general an invaluable entry in the FCSP memory book 🙂 About the game? We should limit as long as possible references to match and football here – it would really spoil a good report…


Warm Up: FC Sankt Pauli II – SC Victoria Hamburg, Friday evening Hoheluft Stadion!

Last possible opportunity to watch Thomas Meggle’s youth brigade in Hoheluft Stadion. a) squad is leaving the place and moving for a year to a facility towards HH North (BAD decision – crowd attendances expected to suffer a serious blow) before moving back to the CLASSIC Weidmannstaße base  (a lovely amateur football place for anybody have been lucky enough to visit it during the past) and b) there’s a strange feeling that the next time I will see Thomas Meggle in a stadium he will be holding a different post within the FCSP organization… Beyond these, there is always the obvious reason of meeting a good bunch of FCSP wackos in a loose atmosphere, have fun, beer, etc, etc. As result of all these, all roads were leading toward one spot on Friday afternoon 😉




Stadium’s Iconic ticket kiosk!

This was anything but a waste of time! Weather good, all good people were there ( 😀 ) along with a good crowd (funny situation with SC Victoria Hamburg which owns the stadium being the guest), with the sitting section (the oldest one in Hamburg) beeing almost full and even 15 (Fifteen!) local Ultras (surrounded of course by some “normal” (!) fans) at the “guest” block! FCSP youngsters, capable for the best or worst at the same time, as I had the chance to find out during my extended stay here, were actually in a good mood and aided by the quality gap between the squads (we even had Florian Mohr on board – sent off on 71′!) managed to have an easy afternoon against our hosting guests. Already having cleared somehow the match from the 1st half thanks to 2 goals by Okyere “The Panther” Wriedt, they kept playing good football during the second, reaching a comfortable 5-0 victory. Highlight of the 2nd half the “tension”( 😀 ) immediatelly afterwards the marching steps of Florian Mohr with the Ultras Absurde (non-stop 90′ chanting!) shouting “Scheiß Sankt Pauli” in anger, a gesture accepted with smiles from the FCSP fans around who managed to hear the 15-person outrageous Ultra mob 🙂 Lots of fun overall, a classic FCSP-fun-at-the-U23 afternoon, something higly recommended to any FCSP fan being in Hamburg and want to get another taste of FCSP beyond the obvious Millerntor magic!

Ultras Absurde in action!




End of match



Up relatively early, to catch up with Herr O, the Scum crazy bastard that responded from München to our last night teasing text messages by leaving his beer in the middle, going to the appartment to get a scarf and joining the Schickeria buses on the way to Hamburg! A walk by the sunny port through the equally shiny but not equally attractive (it never is) Reeperbahn and off to (almost packed) Jolly (actually all bars around the area full with fellow “interested” FCSP fans) to join the others for everybody’s 2nd favorite weekend thing – watching H$V!!! The pathetic Black-Blue-White troupe justified all our expectations by comfortably losing to Bayern München but unfortunately survival rivals didn’t manage to capitalize on this, so the Relegation Drama will reach his peak next Saturday with all three of them (H$V, Nürnberg, Braunschweig) having their chances – it will be certainly something to watch 🙂

Hamburg, St. Pauli without other words...

Hamburg, St. Pauli without other words…

After the game, there was supposed to be a party at the Jolly with guests of honour a lot of Schickeria guys, something that never happened thanks to the HH police which after “escorting” them back from Reeperbahn S-Bahn station following the match, managed to block them (along with about 30 FCSP fans) without any excuse inside Tallstraße. After a time consuming process, guest fans where redirected to their buses while our guys were “allowed to leave” the police station some hours later but fortunately early enough in order to avoid any problems with the Sonderzug. Still quite interesting seeing people’s rights violated but in a much more delicate manner comparing to Athens – a complete blockade but in a much more “civilized” (if I’m allowed to use the term) and “by the book” way, comparing to the way things are usually happening, here in home city Athens.

FCB/FCSP fans blocked in Tallstraße

FCB/FCSP fans blocked in Tallstraße

On the way

Altona train station 7:50 am

Altona train station 7:50 am

Having failed to sleep during Saturday, Sunday morning found lots of us not looking very lively when we arrived at the Altona train station around 7 am. Of course, everything started looking more lively as people started gathering at the platform. For anybody unaware, there was already a dressing concept called “Childhood Heroes” so, with time passing, place started progressively getting filled with Supermen, Super Marios, Ghostbusters, Undertakers, Bushwackers (!!!), Mailmen Bobs, and every crazy thing that we could recall out of our teenage youth (especially for those who experienced the 80s!), a more carnival than football atmosphere, to be honest 🙂 Our train, a very old one, the kind of trains that are used only in such occasions nowdays in Germany (FCSP civilization-fun-fact: we’re the only ones allowed to use glass bottles when travelling!) was waiting to be loaded and almost exactly on time everybody (and everything) was on board – moments before 8 am, the FCSP fan bunch hit the road!

Less than half an hour inside and good staff already out - South Vietnamese Vodka!

Less than half an hour inside and good staff already out – South Vietnamese Vodka!

It took just a few minutes to figure out that this is a different kind of train. First of all, instead of being into my supposed wagon (no 7), been “dragged” (yeah, like I didn’t want to!) by my people to wagon no 2, having all of us the pleasure to share a cabin with a lady, certainly over 70 – she initially caused some worrying looks when she entered and occupied the only vacant seat in the cabin (even with an USP scarf around her neck!), but there wasn’t long before everybody’s worries about her presence were completely calmed. Actually, before the end of the trip, she had managed to win everybody in cabin and wagon, participating responsibly in ALMOST EVERYTHING happened inside! Thumbs up for the Super Grandma who was actually not dressed but for real!

With less than an hour since the train had left the station, everything was the way it should be! The entire train (at least our side of the party wagon) was an entire party with everybody already mixed up, chatting, drinking, playing, dancing and all sorts of stuff – a situation escalating while approaching the Party Wagon, right in the middle of the train. Inside? A happy chaos with happy faces jumping up and down and becoming occasionally a single mass, especially when the train was taking rough turns and with nobody complaining about the anything but comfortable conditions. Somewhere in a corner, I managed to meet the top Yorkshire St. Pauli bunch (including Nick Davidson, author of “Pirates, Punks & Politics”, a book that proved the best companion I could have on my way from Athens to HH and back!) squashed between other people and bottles – we had occasionaly met before during game weekends but this was the first time that I really had lots of time to share opinions, beer, etc with them. Top class lads – high quality fun – looking really forward on repeating something like this next season!

The carnival caravan arrived at Köln around 11:4p5 pm. Sunny day, city centre busy, lots of people dressed with the home colours (don’t forget, this was their promotion celebration day) and a very positive mood everywhere around. Boarded in groups on local trains with final destination the stadium. Not the best part of the trip, being really crowded and sweaty for more than half an hour inside before approaching destination. There was actually and an unsuccesful attempt to approach our train by some local Ultras, an attempt that was “abandoned” when the very first FCSP fans (including a Ghostbuster actually!) jumped by the already removed train door on the platform. A quick intervention of the local police, some trouble there, one of our people captured that was almost immediately “returned” unharmed, the classic “Ganz Hamburg hasst die Polizei” shout (probably the majority didn’t notice the “noble” move 🙂 ) and on the way to Rhein-Energie-Stadion!

Boarding on local train


INSIDE the local train (notice the police inside the wagon! normal here)


At the stadium

Leaving aside the very minor issues with the local ultras (fuck off!), everything was like a walk in the park. Around 5000 FCSP fans already assembled, almost mixed with the locals under police surveillance, having  a good time in the big green space around Rhein-Energie-Stadion, with a junior FC Köln team playing a game just beside – a proper football Sunday, some 3000 Km away from home 🙂 Finally, off to the gate with my personal weekend “highlight” taking place at the door while being checked at the gate:


Security guy asks me to start emptying the external pockets first.

I do it.

He then asks me to do the same with the internal ones whose content  can already feel by touching my jacket.

I get out of the pocket the 3 tobbaco packs (one of them full with weed) and the long rolling papers.

He gets them and without opening them, he puts them right under his nose and he takes a smell.

He looks at me and says “You smoke”.

I respond with the smile of a boy just been caught with the hands in the candy box “It’s a long trip from Greece”.

He breaks a smile, gives me my things (yes, all of them) and makes way.

I respond “Thank you” with a different kind of smile and a slight bow and move in 🙂


FC Köln youngsters playing their own league just next to the big guys 🙂


The game

There’s not going to be any game description here, FCSP was just tragic. The weird thing is that my feelings watching FCSP being pulverized in front of my very own eyes and somehow spared in the end by FC Köln were even more calm comparing to the ones I had watching on TV FCSP getting abused by VfR Aalen at home last week… (before the press conference of course!). The reasons were basically the following:

a) This FCSP didn’t had any luck against FC Köln anyway.  They were far better than us during the entire season, in our best day here we would be happy with a draw

b) Seems that last week’s incidents have already taken their toll on the squad. Last week’s press conference was probably the sadest thing that happen during this season and seems that it has triggered certain developments. There are already rumors and press reports talking about possible Vrabec successors. We will not deal with this here, we have discussed it already during the previous match report. What’s of interest here is that FCSP didn’t even have the psychological condition to go and play a good game, especially against a good opoonent…

c) Club’s failure to create (at least seems this way, judging by the overall image of the team during recent matchdays) a squad that breathes FCSP and plays 1910% for the Club and the fans, without any additional motives required.

One way or another, season’s practically over, nothing can change now. Let’s just hope that all issues will be addressed and new season will find all of us with an improved squad both in skills and soul. In the meantime, we owe one more round of support to the boys for the efforts they made during the season – this may not be the ideal FCSP but they’be been through a season with lots of changes, even regarding the technical stuff, with lots of new faces and (let’s not forget) offered us a far more relaxed season, comparing to the last agonizing one…everybody there and…DON’T forget – there’s also a last round of applause for CAPTAIN BOLL!

The FC St. Pauli Fanclub Catalunya banner present. Didn't know these guys were there, lost the chance to finally meet some of them - maybe next time!

The FC St. Pauli Fanclub Catalunya banner present. Didn’t know these guys were there, lost the chance to finally meet some of them – maybe next time!

If anybody is still needing some match highlights, here are some:

  • The local Haupttribune singalong (and applause) to the “Zweite Bundesliga H$V” chant coming from FCSP fans to the displeasure of the local Ultras (b-a-a-a-a-a-a!)
  • Passing of beers from the local VIP suites (where beer is free) to the guest block (where beer was not allowed inside) after 70′ along with some good chat and “prost!” – better late than never – previous comment would also apply, if the local Ultras knew!
  • Fabian Boll’s entrance in the pitch on 65′! For me, who will not have the chance to be at the Millerntor for the farewell next week vs Aue, it was an unexpected gift and one of the moments to keep in the future…
  • Squad’s massive move towards the guest block and the applause that immediately followed from the fans, after such a defeat – we were, we are and we will always be there, even if some people within the FCSP Cosmos occasionaly forget it…

Important: Some may noted, especially on TV, a relative silence from the guest block, during the closing 10′ of the game, especially from the USP. This was not only due to fatigue, score, etc – there has been an accident with two fellow FCSP fans falling from the verge of the guest block. Thankfully, damages where not serious – they were both taken to hospital but, according to the last reports before leaving, nothing really worrying! Get well soon boys and enjoy responsibly 🙂

Match goals:

1:0 Ujah (13′, right-foot shot, Assist: Nagasawa)

2:0 Kalla (39′, own goal, left-foot shot, Assist: Risse)

3:0 Helmes (43′, right-foot shot, Assist: Halfar)

4:0 Bigalke (61′, right-foot shot, Assist: Lehmann, yes, the one you know)

Spectators: 50000 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: N/A

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Stadium overview




Boller and company approaching the guest block after full time


Return trip

Expected probably the trip back home being quiet due to the heavy defeat and fatigue? BOLLOCKS!!! The way back was at least equally mad as the way to Köln! There was actually a situation looking more like we won the Ultimate Challenge and got promoted than like returning home from a 4-0 defeat. My recollection of beeing by the Party Wagon Bar around 9pm, at the very edge of total switchoff (seriously!), having some of my senses starting refusing to work but, instead of getting back to the cabin and quit, sticking around for one more beer and one more joint along some of the finest dudes around because I simply couldn’t afford stop being part of this, probably summarises in one snapshot my overall impression of the trip 😉 Party until Hamburg and even after we stepped on the Altona station platform (fresh air always helps!), almost midnight in Hamburg, almost all “survivors” headed towards the Jolly for ONE LAST round, like we wanted to keep the atmosphere a little longer. In my case, last round completed around 4:00 am Monday, passing finally away in bed on 6, after 42 hours  – the Sonderzug Scum Marathon finally came to a succesful conclusion 🙂

Sonderzug, approaching Hamburg 🙂


Last day – Millerntor Gallery

Last afternoon in the neighborhood had in store an unexpected nice surprise. Found myself initially at Knust to meet a friend there but there was more in it than meeting and going for and few drinks (something that happened one way or another!) – inside, there was a presentation scheduled regarding Millerntor Gallery. For those not familar, this is a joint project from Viva Con Aqua and FCSP (regarding Viva Con Aqua, you can take a look here for additional details), hosting a lot of art along with lots of other activities. This year it takes place between 28 (pre-opening) and 31 May 2014 and the Monday event was a presentation of this year’s activities.

Good stuff the presentation: I was already aware for years about Viva Con Aqua but regarding Millerntor Gallery I have to say that I had only a vague idea (or to be more honest, limited knowledge) about what is exactly about. Something quite educating came out of a day that was supposed to be dedicated only to friends (noble cause as well!) and respect to Micha (if I got the name correct – lots of buzz around at the time – thanks also for the poster!), the guy responsible for the presentation who, after being informed that there’s one foreign guy in the audience, approached me and offered to make the entire presentation in English.  Of course I had to refuse and stick with my quite elementary knowledge of German which along with my tablemates, the presentation slides/media and my  knowledge of the subject so far, worked just fine but still this is a typical example of how things are working at the neighborhood 🙂

Some additional information about this year’s event can be found here

Millerntor Gallery 2014 I


Millerntor Gallery 2014 II



The perfect (almost, there was a game as well!) closing for a season that, even though wasn’t an unforgettable one when coming to results, was a very special one in terms of  personal FCSP experience. Been there as never before, travelled as never before, turned contacts to friendships and lived/breathed FCSP at a level that I really doubt that I will manage to repeat in the future. From this point of view, this was the perfect ending to an unforgettable season. I don’t have extremely high expectations for the next one – enjoying only a few new experiences like the ones I had but having at least some of the Scum boys and girls  along  (who were missed during this “glorious” but “lonely” season), would be more than fine 🙂

Ah, and maybe some new squad reinforcements…and a promotion maybe… Get the fuck outta here Greg 😀

Thanks to all the old and new friends in the neighborhood for all old and new good times – best things always ahead – see you next season!

In the meantime, we still have one more to watch and one “goodbye” to say left. Next Sunday, all together with our Athens Club partners in crime in their venue – rumours say that we are not supposed to leave the place after the match but there’s going to be some fun in Locomotiva afterwards instead 🙂

…and of course, there’s still H$V!!!

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