Matchday 34: FC Sankt Pauli – Erzgebirge Aue 2-2

Posted: May 12, 2014 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2013-14
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Season Finale: A FLAG lowered with pride!

Last game of the season and last game for our honored captain, Mr Fabian Boll. In this last game of his career, the fans were there to honor the man that has managed to leave his mark in his way on Sankt Pauli. No reason to mention the dispute between Vrabec and the fans over the matter, cos this game marked the closing of a season in which, in good and bad, we were all there. No reason either to start nagging over bad results we happened to witness during the season, cos what we were saying all year round, came true. Sankt Pauli is a lot more than cheap results…


First half starts and the game proved to be an early party of a season finale. No fightin and no bitchin. Just great football and entertainment. The whistle sounds and Fabian Boll receives an early applause and cheer from the crowd. Definitely this day was all about him. On 10’ he passes the ball to Bartels (last game for him also, as next season he continues his career in Bremen) and he sets a pass for a header to Nöthe, who misses to score, but makes everything right on 14’ when he takes perfect advantage of a pass from Maier and opens the score with a perfect shot on target. The 17’ minute is a tribute from the fans to the Captain that ends his career in his beloved team with number 17 in his back. Fabian Boll receives his share of glory in this moment of the game, and the captain clearly emotional replies with a smile. The game rolls and the plot wants Thy missing a header on 22’, and a little later on 28’  Nehrig fails to stop Kocer who scores and makes the game even. Nothing special then, until 38’ when Maier and Thy change passes quickly and Maier scores and leads Sankt Pauli to the locker for the break, leading the score board.

The second half sets off and again the captain makes his presence known .On 49’ and after a pass from Maier, he shoots a dynamite from 15 meters, with a nice curve, which unfortunately ends up in the hands of Männel . A little later we came to witness a sight we seemed to have forgotten for so long. Thorandt receives a yellow card on 51’, but for no reason at all. Anyway it was nice to see Markus again on his favorite color. On 56’ a yellow goes to Schlitte and while various attempts from Aue  to even the score come to pass, on 62’ Sylvestr finds his way to score, taking advantage SP’s defensive malfunction. On 65’ Schachten receives a yellow and like Thorandt we saw no reason for that, but let’s hope that the ref saw something we didn’t. On 70’ Schachten fails to score a header from a corner shot. And basically all the action was up till there…The rest of the time was spent on discussing about the captain’s departure, and watching  the player substitutions etc etc.  A yellow card on Gonther on 87’ and another failed attempt on goal from Schachten closed this second half.

So the season ends up with a tie, and all our hopes and expectations now will focus on the fall of Hamburg.  There’s a first time for everything and so, this is the first time for those bastards in die zweite Liga. Willkommen. We’re waitin for ya. All our hopes and expectations lie within your fall! ‘’Locomotiva bar’’, the base of Athens club, in which we attended the game, was full of emotions this time. From the early anxiety due to equipment problems, to the outbreaks of excitement during the game (especially upon scoring), up until the most thoughtful ones about what the future of the ‘’Mannschaft’’ could be, the thought on the next season but always and no matter what the outcome of the game was, the end found us with hearts at the same place as when the season started. Different people, but all sharing the same passion for the team and what this symbol represents, under one roof. The end of the season finds Sankt Pauli better than ever. 8th in the ranks is not bad at all considering the fact that, last year we were lucky to remain in the second league! The end of the season also marks the end of Fabian Boll’s career. A true captain and a player that loved the team and of course Sankt Pauli’s people loved him back. Best of luck from now and on to whatever you do mate. Lots of luck also to Fin Bartels with the continuation of his career in Bremen, but also to Schindler and Mohr who will not be with us next year either. Season’s end and so many emotions sum up to form a solid conclusion that we mentioned many times during the year. Sankt Pauli is more than results and football. Sankt Pauli is a way of life and those who get up this train know…So…till next season…Forza Sankt Pauli!!

Match goals:

1:0 Nöthe (14′,Right foot shot, Assist: Maier)

1:1 Kocer (28′, Left foot shot)

2:1 Maier (38′, Right foot shot, Assist: Thy)

2:2 Sylvestr (62′, Left foot shot, Assist: Diring)

Spectators: 27856 

Sankt Pauli cards: Schachten (7), Thorandt (7), Gonther (10, misses next…next year)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Squad entrance – Südkurve choreo


Fabian Boll gets deified while Thees Uhlmann sings “das hier ist Fußball” …


FCSP TV version from inside the pitch – Priceless…



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