Happy 104th Birthday FC Sankt Pauli!

Posted: May 15, 2014 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in Other stuff
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FCSP logo 2

104 years of magic, hoping for more in the years to come :-)

It’s time for remembrance, time for review, look ahead and time for wishes! Time to remember all the big and little heroes, in and out of the pitch, that led the way and helped building the FCSP football miracle, time to review what went good and what went wrong here (with the season over just 3 days ago), time to face the old ongoing and new upcoming challenges that lie ahead, some of them starting next month and most of all (of course!) time to wish, as “required” in every proper anniversary – here is where the Scum will stick:

We just wish for a Club that will not lose it’s identity, for an administration that will keep remembering who they are representing in their high responsibility posts, for a squad that will be again a lively part of the neighborhood with guys that breath, feel and live FCSP, and for a local fanbase that will keep succesfully defending our true values and protecting the unique FCSP fan culture against “modern” (and dangerous sometimes) football fan “trends” 🙂

Promotion can wait…

Happy Birthday FCSP!!!

  1. evoulino says:

    χρόνια πολλά 🙂

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