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$$$ Cashdance $$$


The new club oufit was expected with great expectation for more than one reasons… The obvious one of course was curiosity about the new outfit but there were a little more in the picture like the beginning of the new Club co-operation with Hummel along with the beginning of a new period of partnership with Upsolut, after the latest settlement, splitting the profits at 2 equal 50% shares last month. Therefore, the announcement of the new outfit at the outrageous and insulting at the same time price of…69,95 € came as quite a shock…

There wasn’t supposed to be a blog post about this (the problem is not new, charging 59,95 € during the last years for unquestionably 2nd class material was already a little too far) but some disagreements on Friday night with people arguing that the price is fair comparing to other big European Clubs and nothing comes cheap in football nowdays, revealed that some things are not so obvious as probably some of us may think. So let’s go to basics and discuss a little WHY a price of 69,95 € is provoking…

This, as you  probably all have already noticed, is the NEW 2014-15 Liverpool FC home shirt at the price of 49,99 GBP or 62,49 € with today’s rate. Well, what do we have here? One of the most respected and influential football clubs worldwide (not my personal favorite) with 5 European Championships, 3 UEFA cups, 18 English championships, 7 FA cups and the list could continue for some time. At the same time, a Club participating in one of the most expensive and commercialized football leagues world wide, in a country that the public’s complains about extreme commercialization that makes the sport inaccesible to the masses have exceeded any previous level during the latest seasons…

This is bloody Chelsea… Master of the money game in the Premier League, 1 Champions League, 1 UEFA Cup Winners Cup, 1 UEFA Cup, 4 English Championships, 7 FA Cups and the perfect example of the “money can buy everything” mindset in modern football. Shirt priced at 75 €…

Actual link:

Actual link: (copy and paste entire link)

Somewhere in between, we have our new home t-shirt at 69,95 €. Comparing to Liverpool FC or Chelsea we are just a spot in the map either in sporting history or in financial numbers. Never won any title, never played in any European League, actually the fingers of both hands are enough to count the times we have even managed to play in the Bundesliga. Still, talking strictly business, the club has the ability to sell at competitive to the aforementioned clubs prices and still make money… Why? Simply because during the recent years FCSP has evolve to a big commercial brand. So what’s your problem Scum and where’s the difference?

My problem is this: almost all the big commercial football brands have been built through lots of investments (how clean they are is another story and certainly out of topic here) to World Class Players, Trainers and all kinds of high specialized and expensive staff, expecting sooner or later either a payback or a good laundry… The FCSP brand has been built mainly thanks to the true love and support of the fans, the fanbase that started changing forever (we hope) the identity of the Club some 30 years ago… Most of the other clubs have (or at least try to have) football stars as trade marks, our trade mark is our fans… And the majority of this fans may not be the Punks, outcasts and homeless of the late 80’s but is still consisting of working class people who are not just consumers but they strongly identify with a unique Club, a Club that has and preserves different values… Very few average football fans outside Germany know Fabian Boll or Roland Vrabec but a good number of them know the Millerntor and the unique neighborhood around…Taking advantage of these values and the special bond between Club and fans to help the club financially when needed is acceptable – turning all these to empty words, just to gather some more cash it’s not… In Fanshop terms, selling your “Alternative Club Image” on the one hand and milking without mercy the fans on the other, is simply immoral…

We’ re not here for free. We have paid thousands travelling for FCSP, money most of the times not very easy to find, we are AFM, we are paying Club subscriptions, here in Athens we have even Gegengerade bonds that we never cared to go and collect not because we are rich but because supporting the Club in any way we can is no joke to us… When the Club got out in the street to fund Gegengerade, some 20 millions were covered in 3 weeks. Rich neighbor H$V had tried something similar one year earlier with a harvest of around 300 thousands in 6 months… We’ re dedicated and always here to support the club, still that doesn’t mean that the club has the right to take us for fools, taking advantage of our love for our Club and selling us pieces of clothing with outrageous profit margins – we’re grown ups, we can evaluate the maximum cost of a t-shirt, what’s your overall cost for the replica t-shirt, including all side expenses, 15, 20 € maybe??? Even a huge profit margin could be accepted as long as the final price could be an affordable one… unfortunately, a t-shirt at 70 (sorry, 69,95!) € isn’t, at least not to everyone…


We were very pleased when we were informed last month about the settlement between the Club and Upsolut on a more fair sharing of the profits. We never imagined, that the financial cost of this settlement would get transferred on the backs of the fans… Hummel factor can’t be an argument in any case. Thankfully they are an old partner of the Handball Team and we’ve been lucky enough to see the respective (and similar) t-shirts getting sold for 10 € at the kiosk in the Budapester Straße Sporthalle only some 3 years ago…

Of course, this is another episode of the same old song and dance, taking place during the last years, with the Club management testing like some government the public tolerance to see how far can they go… call it the Millerntor currency, call it two levels of business seats, Susi Bar, expensive prices for low quality merchandise (I don’t accept any argument here, I have enough of them) and so on and so forth… What do we do about it?

I don’t know exactly what to do but I have a good idea what I will not do… there’s no snowball in Hell chance, not only of bying this but even passing the door of the Fanshop, while this comedy is taking place. If you want us customers instead of fans, we can do this just fine…the only problem is that as customers we would never prefer to shop from you…


And here’s some real theft for Epilogue 😀

This is AS Monaco’s 2014/15 home shirt… Yeah, the princedom of the rich and famous and one of the bigger Tax Heavens for the “elite”. T-shirt coming at 85 €, 21% more expensive than ours, although me made a good effort catching up on them with a 16% raise on our t-shirt prices…

Off the press: some fact and figure corrections regarding the GG Bonds issue from Sönke (thanks a lot mate!)

FCSP: total of 8 million Euro
HSV: 17.5 million Euro collected very quickly (Scum edit: grrrr…)

The 300,000 Euro were not H$V, but Hansa Rostock which bond failed miserably.

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