News: Athens Antifa League Playoffs coming up on weekend

Posted: June 25, 2014 by Zouz in News
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Glorious season closing!


After a season full of thrill, doping, football scandals and tons of fun overall, the Athens Antifa League is reaching it’s conclusion on Weekend!  Two days of a different approach towards football which is more than welcome, especially this week where the Greek nation lives big moments of national hysteria, thanks to the unexpected triumph of the National team yesterday which suddenly helped everybody here to remember that we have the bravest soul, the longest dick and of course we have invented civilization 😀

Playoffs this year are splitted in 2 parts:

Saturday 28/6, 17:00 Zografou Squat House

Quarter finals accompanied by music, beer and collective cuisine.

Match A

Los ingenieros vs Rakos Ferreira

Match B

Περσινή Κομμούνα (Last Year’s Commune) vs Τρολλετάριοι (Trolletarians)

Match C

Γνωστοί Άγνωστοι (The Known Unknown) vs N.F.Warriorz

Match D

Ποταμιακός (Potamiakos!) vs Zapatero

After the games, there will be a documentary shown regarding the recent, related to the World Cup, incidents in Brasil.

Sunday 29/6, 17:00, Athens Technical University (Polytechneio)

Semi finals & the final, graffiti sessions and party afterwards (21:00)

Semi Final A

Winner A vs Winner D

Semi Final B

Winner B vs Winner C

Surprise Match

? vs ? (this reminds me wrestling a little!)


Winner SF A vs Winner SF B

Of course, everybody knows where this is but we do documentation here not, bulshit :-) (Actual link:

Of course, everybody knows where this is but we do documentation here not, bulshit 🙂 (Actual link:

More details can be found at the relevant post already posted by the Antifa League Crew.

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