Newcomer… Daniel Buballa

Posted: July 15, 2014 by St. John in FCSP Players
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Welcome lad!!!!!


On July 1st 2014, Daniel Buballa signed his contract with St. Pauli valid until 30/06/2017. Daniel was born on May 11 1990 (he is 29 years old) in Bergisch, Gladbach and started his football career at the age of six as a junior player in TuS Asbach.

At the age of nineteen, Daniel moved to SV Roßbach/V. (on loan) and after 49 appearances and 3 goals he was offered a position in 1. FC Cologne (fucking goat loving freaks) but TuS Asbach refused the transfer so he ended up in the second team of 1 FSV Mainz 05. For almost 2 seasons he did his best as a left-back playing in 43 matches, causing VfR Aalen’s scouting team to put him in the transfer list for the 2012/13 season.


His professional debut started with good omens as VfR Aalen won the away match (1-4) against MSV Duisburg while Daniel was holding the left wing full time. Although Daniel is not much of a scorer, on his almost two seasons with VfR Aalen he found the way to the nets twice in 64 appearances. Let’s hope that during his stay in St. Pauli district he will have better luck and much more chances to score.

C’mon Daniel, you are a boy in brown now, show them what you’ve got!!!!!


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