Friendly: Udinese Calcio – FC Sankt Pauli 0-0

Posted: July 21, 2014 by AndyChristos in 2014
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High hopes and expectations!

Sp-Udineze 1

Soooo…the friendlies have started and what an awesome period in football this is don’t you agree? It is this time of the year when you actually and literally don’t give a shit about results and gather around with buddies to talk about the last season, the coming season, expectations , football in general, politics and whatever else anyone has in his agenda but with the lack of anxiety on a result, while watching your top team playing. So here we are on our way to ‘’Uncle’’ Zouzounos’s house for sun, watermelon, coffee and SP vs Udinese Calcio from the Italian Serie A.


The whistle sounds and SP sets its pace to the game, attacking from the flank. Some good moments here and there but really nothing important to make us get off the couch. Thy on 4′ missed a nice one and then Bahn on 6′. SP kept pushing in this nightnmarish 10 minutes for Udinese and Nöthe fires a shot on target and attempts another one a little later but stopped from Udinese’s defensives. A Free kick later from Buchtmann repelled by Udinese’s keeper and then Kalla on 10′ shot again and missed. Some ups and downs followed from both sides but really the action in the whole first half was mainly in which team would win the center of the field rather than which one would score. And SP went really good on that. The end of the first half found us having 5 attempts on goal from which 3 ended up on target and Udinese having null.

Sp-Udineze 2

Second half sets off and Sp seems to have cooled down the engines. Udinese takes control of the center a bit more and fires of some good ones, whithout any luck. Sankt Pauli seemed to be holding back on purpose and played more with counters leaving an important percentage of the center to Udinese which started to get a bit more dangerous.On 64′  Kalla gives his place to Trybull and Thy to Daube who on 69′ fires off a nice shot a little over Brkic‘s bar! On 74’ Nehrig takes Görlitz‘s place and a little later on 84′ Dennis Rosin takes Bahn’s. SP had some shards of promise on this second half, but the ball was definitely owned by Udinese.Despite that though, the only thing they achieved in all that was a goal that has been cancelled as offside near the end of the game. SP’s pursuit on an opener stopped in the hands of Udinese’s  keeper, or on rival feet.

Sp-Udineze 3

Friendly game and like we said above, no need for worries. Both teams had equal share on the game. SP in the first half and Udinese on the second. Like Tschauner stated in the end of the game: ‘’After all, it was a rightly won draw’’.  Through this game and of course the previous one, it can be easily assumed that the team is progressing in a good manner. The newbies seem to be blending in really well (Kyoung Rok Choi scored a goal on the previous match), and our expectations are lying high this time! Some mistakes here and there but really nothing to worry about as this is the phase where the players are working intensively on their conditioning so the exhaustion is more fierce this period.


The whole fun of the day came to ruin a tragic loss. Andreas Biermann, former player of Sankt Pauli passed away last Friday. The 33 year old had been suffering from chronic depression and has tried several suicide attempts in the past. He came in SP from Tennis Borussia Berlin in 2008 and his last club was FC Spandau 06. Our wishes,hearts and regards lie with his family. R.I.P man!


For info on Andreas Biermann (in German) visit :




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