Newcomer… Dennis Rosin

Posted: July 26, 2014 by St. John in FCSP Players
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Welcome lad!!!!!


Dennis was born and raised in Hamburg and on his first steps (the dark years) he joined H$V junior squad. Being born in 1996 (June 27th) and living on the wrong side of town doesn’t give you much of a choice. This poor boy joined Hamburg Jgd. (No link. If you are interested in finding more info about H$V then you are on the wrong blog so fuck off!!!) but pretty soon he understood his mistake.

On 2010 he moved to St. Pauli’s junior team for a year and then joined the U17 as a midfield (playing mostly on the right wing). The following two years he only played in 13 matches but as he was growing older, he eventually joined the U19 team (back on 2013).


His first year in U19 was a success with 16 appearances, 5 goals and 4 assists. He proved that he deserves a chance for the first team so on July 2014 he was announced by the St. Pauli administration for a three-year contract (with the option of another one). He supposed to take Kevin Schindler’s place, with number 25 on his shirt.

I have a good hunch about Dennis. I believe that by the end of the year, everyone will be talking about his performance.

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