Friendly: FC Sankt Pauli – Celtic FC 1-0

Posted: July 27, 2014 by Zouz in 2014
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Welcoming the new season with the Celts!


Inside a colorful Millerntor (with the exception of Haupttribüne of course, whose majority of the regular seat owners probably preferred a summer boat ride in the canals, at the other side of town or a multiplex cinema maybe),

STOP HERE: The first two lines were kept intact after the copy-paste operation from last year’s friendly vs Beşiktaş – resuming 🙂

… FC Sankt Pauli, having this time the honour to host our special old friends Celtic FC, played the last friendly of Summer, giving us a preview of what we are about to see during the forthcoming season. In the end, no serious conclusions were made (we don’t usually make anyway!), the breeze of the feast with the Celtic pals (even if only on TV and social media) and the fun of some of us being together and enjoying FCSP again was the final taste left instead 🙂


Warm Up!

Already a strong friendly vs Udinese last week but in a completely Summer environment with only about 50-60 heroic Italian Ultras disturbing the siesta and everybody, in and out of the pitch, being apparently at a holiday pace. Finally, some real action! We were also aware of the fact that the game is having free-to-air coverage and finally, despite the fact that we’re in the very middle of the Summer, almost half the Scum population (this means 6!) was gathered into one of the Scum living rooms, for a real first taste of what we are about to witness this year 🙂 . All happy to see the Dead Guy (aka Costas) after some months in the house, lots of beer, weed from a Groningen coffe shop (!),  bright mood by everybody, food from the local (top) old school neighborhood pizzeria, a good preview of what’s happening at the neighborhood through the social media and FINALLY, Hell’s Bells from the speakers! HAPPY NEW SEASON!!!


One minute of silence…




Players / referees lined up in the field, people stood up and silence covered Millerntor, spreading almost directly to the room, forcing the Blasphemous Scum to shut up since everybody figured out directly what was this all about…

It was the moment of silence, tribute to the former FCSP player Andreas Biermann who sadly lost his fight against depression on July 18th… Words sometimes coming a little too short here, especially when dealing with such incidents… Just sincere condolences to his family and friends…

For anyone interested in a few more details about who Andreas Biermann was, a few more details can be found on the German Wikipedia


The match

1st half can be summarized in one single word: “Bollocks”. Of course, this wasn’t a problem for anyone in any way. Nobody expected spectacular football and the fun alone in the room was quite enough. Still, this was one of the worse halves watched this year 🙂 A physical game actually (more than expected in a friendly but on 2010 was this way as well) but completely deprived of pace and beauty. FCSP showed some good signs of work been done during the preparation while Celtic (especially after the opening 10′) were looking like they ‘re doing energy maintenance, having in mind their forthcoming obligations. Only serious highlight of the match was Twardzik’s (“booo!” to transfermarkt for not having a picture 😀 ) World Class fuck-up and Nöthe’s goal that followed immediately afterwards (39′)…

2nd half was a slightly different story. Don’t imagine any dramatic improvements, just a few more good moments to mention and all of them in the closing 20′ of the match. Tschauner (still doesn’t seem as stable as he was) was ready at his guarded corner when Watt, (incoming from the right) challenged him on 71′, so was Zaluska (not quite but he made it!) when he was challenged by a 30+m Maier free kick (80′). In the meantime we asked for a penalty on 74′ but no opinion here, was talking on the phone next room (well done!). Best chance of the match, for FCSP (82′) with Daube (Ack!) losing in front of Zaluska what normally can’t be lost and the chance for a friendly agreement on 86′ courtesy of a Trybull noble penalty offer. Fortunately for us and unfortunately for our dear friends, Atajić wasted his chance up high to the Hamburg sky 🙂 Celtic had one more chance on injury time but Watt from the same position that was beat by Tschauner some 20′ ago, sent the ball just a few centimeters wide while aiming for the opposite corner.

Some guy demanding his moment in football history towards the end of the match (image source:

Some guy demanding his moment in football history towards the end of the match (image source:


Yeah, a nice occasion alright 🙂 Missed of course all the happy madness that takes place around the neighborhood on such weekends but still good football fun along with friends after some time (nobody was giving a shit about the world cup). Football wise, not much too tell, match not the best possible one in order to shape any kind of opinion. Two teams that were looking having their minds more to the upcoming obligations than the match itself, especially Celtic as mentioned earlier. Thought I noticed a few automation attempts haven’t seen before during the game but then again it may was just my idea 🙂

One way or another, we’ll have a first real look in less than a week from now. Liga 2 kicks off again (YESSSSS!) next Friday. Ralle’s FC Ingolstadt is coming to town next Saturday, from now on everything counts, so we expect to see more or less the backbone of the team that will go through the season. What I expect, trying to be as objective as possible? I don’t expect any radical changes but a team (it’s obvious actually when looking at the transfers made this summer) that will just work to improve the weak spots in order to become more competitive. The scoring problem doesn’t seem resolved at the moment but defense looks A LITTLE more solid. What remains to see is, if this squad has been improved not only in terms of skills but in terms of focus, fighting spirit and most of all, PASSION, PASSION FOR FCSP 🙂

Enough of this, after all time for words is over, Liga 2 (again!) on the way! Jolly new season everybody 🙂


Match report on the official website

Match report on the Celtic official website



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