Matchday 01: FC Sankt Pauli – FC Ingolstadt 04 1-1

Posted: August 3, 2014 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2014-15
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Get Serious….!


Starting the season usually everyone wants to see the best of their team. And if not the best, improvement from last year’s performance. So having seen the friendlies, almost all the Scum, gathered in Cargo café, our operational base for such games, along with the company of our friends from Hamburg and SP die-hards (Patrick and Birgit), to hopefully watch Sankt Pauli smash the resistance of Ingolstadt and set things right from the start in this season.  Hopes and expectations were high especially after witnessing  some really nice moments in the friendlies. What followed next? Read below.



SP started with Vrabec showing a great deal of trust to the new players and therefore started the game with Buballa, Görlitz,  Sobiech and Bahn. Action starts really early on 6’ when Schachten misses a really nice header close to Özcan’s keep. Up til 21’ both teams remained in effortless game. A pursuit for the center started but no team seemed to be gaining points. Some free shots and of course the proper tension needed for such an opening game which led to a yellow card for Hübner for an improper attempt to reclaim the ball he lost, on Görlitz. Minutes passed and what we expected to be an easy opening game seemed to be turning to a nightmare. SP seemed unable to threat, but not only that. Ingolstadt seemed to be taking advantage of this indolence SP was showing and threatened many times from the flanks.  The first major attempt  was on 25’ when Morales succeeded a really dangerous header but Tschauner with a classy interference drove the ball away. SP tried to answer but with no result. They looked awfully tired to accomplish anything right. A header from Buballa on 38’ and the attempt from Sobiech on 39’ had no effect as they didn’t even start to threat, with one out of the box, and the other on Özcan’s arms. Ingolstadt seemed to be doing whatever they wanted in the game. A lot of action close to our box. SP seemed to be doing  precisely anything Ingolstadt needed, to score an opener. SP managed to LOCK THE OPPONENTS ON OUR OWN BOX. And this lead to an amazing header from Morales on 42’ after an excellent free shot from Groß. The thing got even better in the  end of the first half, when we witnessed the – known for spoiling a good chance- Verhoek ( For f… Christ’s sake man..Just put it in) missing a shot almost a breath away from Ingolstadt’s nets. Whistle sounded and a first half of Ingolstadt dominating Sankt Pauli in its own field had ended.

Sankt Pauli 1

Second half starts with an early substitution for SP as Maier takes Bahn’s place and an early yellow card for Schachten on 47’ for a dangerous foul he did on the right flank. On 49’ Maier attempts a really distant shot from almost 25 meters, which is of no worry for Ingolstadt as it went way up from the upper pole. Ingolstadt answers to that with a nice attempt from Hartmann, who leaves Buballa behind and passes to Leckie who shoots from 13 meters and send the ball a little over Tschauner’s upper pole. On 55’ Verhoek sees a yellow for dangerous playing over da Costa, and on 59’ we have the first serious attempt from SP to even the score when Nöthe misses a really close header. SP seemed that was not enough as the players’s hopeless efforts on finding one another in the field were still present. On 61’ Tschauner shows his class once more as he saves SP from receiving another goal when he reacted rapidly and blocked a shot from Hartmann, and a little later another from Morales. SP seemed to be stuck off its own box, but mostly because the pressure from Ingolstadt stayed with some counters. On 71’ Thy takes Görlitz’s place. The ‘’sleeping’’ on our backline seemed to be going really well. On 74’ da Costa attemted a direct pass on our box. None reacted and SP was lucky that none from Ingolstadt reacted also. The game carried on likewise till 78’ when suddenly time froze. For just one minute SP showed the world what they were capable of. Kalla receives the ball from Nöthe and plays 1-2 with Thy which passes to Gonther and he shoots on the top right corner of Özcan leaving him unable to react. All of a sudden we seemed to be watching Sankt Pauli as we wanted to see it from the beginning of the game. This one minute was everything the game was worth for. Right after that, and as soon as Ingolstadt went to the center of the field,  a long distance pass was fired wich left Tchauner exposed . No harm done there as the continuation was caught off side and we returned to the reality of the game forgetting quickly about that one minute of glory we viewed earlier. The action ends with Daube taking Verhoek’s place on 85’ and Roger on 90’ receiving a yellow card.

Sankt Pauli 2

People say that in the end of the day, result is what matters in football and in our case, our first match was a draw. 1-1 with Ingolstadt and all hopes for the better in the coming matches and to look upon the mistakes we made in this game and blah blah blah…Fuck that. We’ve been saying these words all year round in the previous season and supported Vrabec  in good and bad, and despite all this support everyone remembers what happened in the end of the season. Personally I thought that the man was history, but here he is again for one more season. But of course besides him, here WE are again for one season, and this time things aren’t going to be so easy for our coach. In Japan, Yakuza members cut of their fingers in case of unaccomplished missions while In case of disgrace they execute a hara-kiri. How many fingers does this man have, and how many bullshit will be forgiven? It is obvious that the man is incompetent. Unable to train a team because it is obvious that he is unable spot the mistakes, and were the team needs to improve. I mean how many great teams have you seen playing with their defensives all standing in a line? Defensives in a line are the easiest defensive system an aggressive team can break. Everyone knows that. Ask any fan of SP and he will nag about SP’s defense. And what does this bright man do after all this? He starts off by having everyone in a line. But let’s leave that aside. Sankt Pauli was unable to create. Unable to find one another. Communication in a team is worked in the trainings through systems analyzed and worked on, and everyone should know his role. In this first game SP looked like a team of school kids. No system at all and everyone trying to be a hero. This thing only leads to one assumption. The team has no plan. No one knows what the hell he is doing there, and definitely a team can’t have expectations by playing like this. And yes I know…SP is more than football, but this is not about a pass gone wrong or a bad result. This is about  your team getting humiliated from a team that was no threat at all. It was like we were playing against Barcelona or something. No fingers left for mr Vrabec to cut. HE wants to be there for a whole year, he’d better start taking his position seriously, and if this is indeed his serious face, he might as well have the courtesy and honor to quit, and let someone else try. How worse can it be?  Next game is on Friday the  8th with  VfR Aalen out. Let’s hope we won’t have to copy and paste today’s nagging. Forza SP!

Match goals:

0:1 Morales (42′, Header, P. Groß)

1:1 Gonther (78′, Right foot Shot, Thy)

Spectators: 26664

Sankt Pauli cards: Schachten(1), Verhoek(1)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:



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