News: A tribute friendly for the Captain!

Posted: August 8, 2014 by Zouz in FCSP Players, News
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Für immer mit dir!

Yes, this was a very pleasant surprise 🙂 To be honest, after the very sentimental “official” farewell of the Captain (whose career is not technically over as everyone clicked in the previous link can find out 🙂 ) back on May 11th we didn’t expect any further happenings to take place. This time the Club acted beyond our expectations and arranged a friendly where Fabian Boll will be honoured for all these years of passion and contribution to the FCSP Mythos 🙂


The place is Millerntor and the appointment is set for October 11th, 15:30 CET. Tickets will be out August 9th and prices are varying from 9 to 30 euros. Inside the pitch FCSP will face…the Hellhounds!!! Who are these guys? Well, take a look below 🙂

Squad: Benedikt PliquettPatrik Borger – Sebastian Boll – Andre TrulsenFlorian LechnerMarcel EgerMoritz VolzIan JoyChristopher DobirrFabio MorenaBjörn BrunnemannHauke BrücknerMichel Mazingu-DinzeyFilip Trojan – Marvin Braun – Rouwen HenningsFlorian Bruns – Alexander Wendt – Marius EbbersThomas MeggleRalph GuneschTimo Schultz – – Charles Takyi – Alexander Ludwig – Felix Luz –Deniz NakiCarsten RothenbachMorike Sako – Olufemi Smith – Robert PalikucaFabian Boll

Trainers: Holger Stanislawski, Andreas Bergmann, Klaus-Peter Nemet

Motherfucker!!! The entire recent FCSP History gathered in a single place for a single afternoon! The best way to honour the heaviest Nr 17 t-shirt ever worn in Millerntor and we hope that the support bars that will have to handle the weight after the shirt being withdrawn (we can’t imagine it any other way) will be strong enough for the job 🙂

What we would like to see on this day: A BLOODY PACKED AS HELL Millerntor, with even the Haupttribune being 100% crowded and even the VIP suites available to the FCSP fans instead of “tourists” and “show offs”, in order for as many people as possible to be able to pay their deep respects. We also expect an extavaganza of chants, colours and choreos from both the Südkurve and the Gegengerade. In a few words, we expect PURE FCSP MAGIC. Anything less is just not good enough for Boller 😀

What we WOULDN’T like to see: Brown and white t-shirts with the number 17 printed on the back being sold for 70+ euros to “honour” the occasion… If the Club really wants to do that, they can broadcast the match live for free via FCSP TV (don’t worry Club, we have an active subscription 🙂 ) for all FCSP fans worldwide to be able to watch live instead…

Looking already forward to one of the biggest moments of the season and yearning for an afternoon that we never forget 🙂



Official website post for the game

Kiezkicker post

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