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This doesn’t look good…

FCSP, without having any beginning, middle or end inside the pitch, ended up an easy prey for VfR Aalen yesterday afternoon at the Scholz-Arena. The final 2-0 result is quite indicative of an easy professional win against an inferior opponent (us) whose only achievements inside the pitch were the loss of 2-3 chances, incidentally created. The FCSP 2014-15 has been finally revealed for all of us to see… The problem is that  not only we’re (not me this time, we) not happy with what we’ve seen during the first 2 weeks but we tend to feel kind of scared instead…


A typical early August afternoon in Athens with the temperature being a little over 35 deegrees (Celsius for the comrades who will read this at San Fransisco 😀 ) and the only ones caring to watch football, being us. The only difference? No TV coverage by the local provider holding the rights, something traditionally easy during all the last seasons, due to the fact that very few other championships have begun at this time of the year. Laptop operation then, place secured, beers/other stuff fixed and some 1 hour before kick-off the Scum crew started assembling 🙂

Mostly, a down-to-earth approach before the game. Last week’s numb start on the one hand, the traditional first days’ optimism along with last year’s overall better performance at away games, on the other. Lots of Vrabec talk (usually, we don’t discuss trainers here, but for a strange reason since last April (interesting coincidence!), his name is very often of the table), some briefing on Ante Budimir (WELCOME!) and more or less a good mood that nothing can spoil UNLESS it’s March and we ‘re below the 12th place 🙂

The proud brown crowd before kickoff!

The proud brown crowd before kickoff!

To the game… (grmpf!): Basically, first half was all about Aalen having fun and us trying quite hard but without any serious results to justify our presence in the field. They sat immediately on the driver’s seat and by the first quarter they had everything in order. Pressure right from the start towards a confused FCSP, first warning shot on 11′ by Junglas (blocked by Tschauner) and the punishment on 13′ with Daghfous, finishing an Aalen counter attack in a way probably very similar to the way we did against amateurs during the summer preparation… That was it, from this point and until the end of the match hosts were just waiting an incompetent FCSP without facing any serious problem and they were creating grave dangers at almost any counter attack. Only real exception to this was the BIG FCSP chance on 18′: Schachten managed to find Budimir with a beautiful vertical long ball from the right flank – Budimir was initially beaten by Fejzic but managed to get the rebound and pass the header assist to Nöthe who missed the ball in front of the empty net…Numerous occasions for the hosts not only results of good counter attacks but some of them thanks to childish mistakes, courtesy of our defenders & midfielders. It was actually a small achievement reaching half time only one goal behind but sadly, without a single indication of recovery, it wasn’t looking like much help…

1-0 (source:

1-0 (source:

Back in the pitch for the 2nd half without anything having actually changed. Same motive more or less and the best representation of the situation is a graph displayed somewhere around 55′, showing 39-61 possession for FCSP and 20-4 shots for Aalen… Especially after the small Aalen crescendo (60′-62′, with Big Phil saving our ass twice, first by saving two consecutive (Drexler, Hofmann) shots and then with an AMAZING save, saying “No” to Daghfous – they had already asked a penalty on 58′, total chaos in the box with the FCSP defense smelling decay), all expectations turned to metaphysical hopes, “based” on last week’s outcome and whisky/beer… and guess what, the “miracle” almost happened on 66′, with a Budimir 5m header following a Rzatkowski ball (nobody sure if this was a pass or shot) but Fejzic denied for the 2nd time in the game with an excellent save… Everything ended 4′ later, with another Aalen counter attack of course, which unfortanetely turned to a goal thanks to an unlucky bouncing of Junglas’ shot on Gonther…everybody immediately knew that it was all over, despite the 20′ still remaining on the clock… With the hosts now really comfortable, game somehow faded out. FCSP was still trying for the consolation goal but the boys in brown just couldn’t do it…Verhoek probably could on 89′ but he didn’t…another Schachten (lucky he was spared the penalty and the 2nd yellow on 58′) shot wide on 90+1′ and that was all. It could be quite worse, you know…

Game over...

Game over…

This is a little scary… OK, it’s still very early and VfR Aalen may prove along the way a better team than we have been used to during the last seasons (last week’s away draw against one of the theoretical favorites, RasenBallsport Leipzig (BOOOOOOO!!!) didn’t pass unnoticed and we haven forgotten our last home game against them either ). Sadly,a) it’s early for everybody and b) this is not about VfR Aalen, it’s about us… We’re talking about a squad that wasn’t dissolved and built almost from scratch, like the Unspeakable with the blessings of the Club did some years ago, but about a squad that supposedly stuck with the plan and worked on weaknesses. This team looks worse than last season, this one doesn’t look like a team at all… No focus, no plan, not even the basic inner communication required. All I can recall from FCSP so far after 2 weeks is just 20 seconds: Gonther’s goal last week and Schachten’s forward ball to Budimir today… Let’s better not speak about our defense, things are looking really bad here, our opponents and their fans had enough fun yesterday already…

Yes, I (we) have to admit. Since last April, I am (we are) somehow prejudiced regarding Herr Vrabec. We believe that this guy doesn’t belong to FCSP and shouldn’t be at the edge of the bench. But this is not the case here and the only difference between Vrabec and any other guys is our much quicker reflexes (under “normal” circumstances we’d probably wait for 5-6 weeks 😀 ). The case is survival. Yeah, yeah, we’re FCSP fans, we don’t care about titles, big players and similar stuff but there is a red line to this – this line is called Liga 3… This Club simply can’t afford taking again the trip to Hell, for obvious reasons that are not strictly football related and have been extensively discussed here during past and more difficult seasons. What we have seen so far is not a “mediocre” team, this seems like a team that can win nobody SIMPLY because it’s not a team at all… We don’t wan’t to win the Champions league and be Bayern, we just want to stay in Liga 2 and still be FCSP 🙂

The explanations that Herr Vrabec has provided so far are nothing more than old football press conference stereotypes. Let’s hope that he’s right and we’re wrong and he will come up with the recipe that he hasn’t found in the past 9 months, leading the team to safety and saving us the agony. We hope also that he has worked and improved himself on handling critical sitiuations and pressure because if he is at the same level as he was last year, fireworks expected sooner or later…

League break next week, Pokal weekend is coming, FCSP is travelling to Rathenow for a knock-out game vs the local Optik Rathenow. They are aware of our recent pokal history and they’re expecting us with a big appetite, game is sold out. We’re not good at the moment but in every way we’ re much better than them. They’re actually playing (ffs!) in the same league as Hansa Rostock II, an easy afternoon is expected, let’s heal some wounds there, alright?

Match goals:

1:0 Daghfous (13′, Right foot Shot, Drexler)

2:0 Junglas (70′, Right foot Shot, Leandro)

Spectators: 9583

Sankt Pauli cards: Sobiech(1), Schachten(2)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Extensive match highlights


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