DFB Pokal, Round 1: Optik Rathenow – FC Sankt Pauli 1-3

Posted: August 17, 2014 by AndyChristos in 2014-15
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Let’s start over…

The hottest day in all summer was this of this matchday. The few of us who stayed in this damn town summed up moral and gathered for a sporty evening with Sankt Pauli facing Optik Rathenow for the first round of DFB-Pokal. The previous two games in the league were a true disaster and normally we would have no reason in expecting anything positive out of this, but the class difference between SP and Optik is so defining that we had our expectations set to ‘’any type of victory’’, and then see what went on after that.  So 3 of us under Zouz’s  air conditioned  lair seemed like a good plan for the afternoon…


First half starts and the class difference gets obvious from the start as our players seem unusually comfortable in the field doing practically anything they wanted, with Optic having the nasty role of trying to keep them away from their box.  On 3’ after a free shot from Buchtmann, Ziereis  follows a header and finds the pole , and then on the rebound, Nöthe hits the pole again. Nöthe makes everything right on 9’ and opens the score with a header after a long distance pass from Maier. On 18’ Regulski receives a yellow card and on 20’ a free shot from Maier ends in the opponents’ wall and the follow up shot from Rzatkowski gets blocked. On 24’ a brilliant pass from Rzatkowksi to Nöthe fails to end up in the nets as Subke blocks it . SP kept on the pressure and this was something that they didn’t sweat enough on achieving. On 31’ Rzatkowski  again, cleverly leaves the ball open for Budimir, which fires a nice one under Subke’s legs and doubles the goals for SP. On 34’ Optik get’s its first chance to threaten but Tschauner had an eye fixed to the ball. The well executed free shot from Optik ends ubove SP’s nets driven away from Tschauner. A yellow to Ziereis on 36’ and on 45’ Optic threatens again from a corner kick, that found the entire SP defense sleeping and landed to Wilcke, but luckily he missed.


Νöthe congratulated, after opening the score account

Second half and no difference in the pace of the game. Started exactly where the first one ended. SP dominated the game and Optik tried to keep their box safe. All that until 51’ when Rzatkowksi passes to Bubballa and he opens a good one to Nöthe. Header follows and the scoreboard writes 0:3. On 60’ Nöthe after  two personal goals leaves his place for Thy. On 62’ Rzatkowksi’s distant shot get’s repelled by Subke, and the same luck did Thy’s close shot. Despite the fact that Optik was minus 3 goals, Subke was definitely the man of the match for them. On 76’ Kalla receives a yellow card, and on 78’ Trybull takes Buchtmann’s place. The same minute held possibly the biggest chance on SP’s behalf. A great pass from Kalla to Budimir and he manages to miss a close quarter shot almost alone.  A little later he gives his place to Verhoek, and on 83’ SP fucks up in mid field and Optik gets the ball. Printemps fires a shot from 18 meters and opens the score for Optik. The action ends in 90’ with Thy missing another shot slightly away from Subke’s right pole.

Game over, everybody happy (source: www.fussball24.de)

Game over, everybody happy (source: http://www.fussball24.de)

Winning a team of the 5th league can be no reason for bragging or feeling proud or whatever. Of course it is a nice change over the so heavy climate created by the previous two games. Victory is victory and is accepted with open arms but let’s try to be sceptical here and see the black spots in the game. For example, our defense may have had an easy job, but that was mostly because the opponents offence was not much of a threat. In two or three occasions they managed to get closer , either from a corner or even with a free shot, they caused disorder any other team would have taken advantage, and on one time they even scored. One of the bad assumptions made during the game is that when on corner kick, any team (and we mean…ANY team) can take the header against SP’s box. Defensively despite the mistakes made, nothing of major importance can be mentioned mostly because the sample of the work our defensives had to do was sooo small. Optik was no actual threat so we’ll stay in the basics. Well done to the team for this win but also many hails to Optik for standing strong against a team of the second league.  Next Friday we play home versus Sandhausen. Let’s hope that this is the beginning of the improvement we all hope for. Forza Sankt Pauli.

Match goals:

0:1 Nöthe (09′, Header, Maier)

0:2 Budimir (31′, Left foot Shot, Rzatkowksi)

0:3 Nöthe (51′ , Header, Bubballa)

1:3 Printemps(83′ , Right foot Shot)

Spectators: 4500

Sankt Pauli cards: Ziereis(1), Kalla(1)

For full match coverage (in German) visit: http://www.kicker.de/news/fussball/dfbpokal/spielrunde/dfb-pokal/2014-15/1/2397914/spielverlauf_optik-rathenow-3251_fc-st-pauli-18.html

Extensive match highlights

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