Matchday 04: SpVgg Greuther Fürth – FC Sankt Pauli 3-0…

Posted: September 2, 2014 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2014-15
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Off you go!

Opening pic

We knew from the start that this was gonna be bad. Vrabec himself declared that the results SP had, made him loose his sleep.We knew that Fürth was a strong team, but for most it was a bet for Vrabec.What we weren’t expecting was a defeat so bad. It is not the 3 goals we suffered. It is the fact that SP never seemed more helpless in a game. SP clearly has a problem. When a team get’s it so bad, and we mean all sectors of a team suffering, then the problem definitely starts from the head. In this case, the coach. But let’s leave assumptions for later. 4 of us gathered on Cargo café in Alimos for the game. A game we weren’t expecting much from, but really hoped for a tie or at worst an honorable defeat. What followed made us look like fools…


First half starts and the only difference between us and Fürth is the defensive line. Ours seemed to be a total mess while Fürth’s seemed to be more accurate in stopping our attempts on opener. Early on 2’ Stiepermann fires off a shot really close to Tschauner taking advantage of a counter and the slack in SP’s defense. Rzatkowski answers on 3’ with a shot far from Hesl’s pole. On 15’ Przybylko causes a problem in Tscauner’s pole with a nice shot but he sends it away, and Fürth for a corner. Up til then, both teams were on a 50-50 almost possession and really the bad feeling we had early in the beginning started to sway. And then all hell brakes loose. On 21’ Gießelmann, almost unchallenged, finds his way to Przybylko’s head, who of course won’t miss and opens the score. Shortly after that, on 23’ Korcsmar  with another header doubles the goals. SP seemed more desperate than ever. SP literally never managed to be a threat for Hesl. It is as if the players couldn’t communicate with each other. On the contrary, Fürth seemed unstoppable. On 30’ Sukalo misses a nice free kick and yet a little later fails to bring a nice offence in SP’s box. It is not the amount of final shots but more that whenever Fürth wished for they were in to have a party with our defensives which seemed totally messed up. On 36’ Gonther takes a short leave to be treated in the abdomen after a hard collision with Trinks.On 39’ Stiepermann threatens again but with no luck as Tschauner clears the game. The first time we witnessed SP with the ball in the opposite box is on the first minute of extra time were of course nothing happened as Fürth’s defensives were at their place doing what they had to do.

1-0... (source:

1-0… (source:

Second half breaks in with early substitutions on SP’s behalf as Vrabec seemed to be playing all his cards in this game. Anybody who he saw helpful was in the game for sure. So it was time for Alushi to take the place of Gonther on 46’. SP tries to attack from the middle on 47’ with Nöthe who soon misses the ball. On 48’ Trinks receives a yellow card for foul play over Nöthe, but Buchtmann and Nehrig made sure the free shot went missing. On 52’ Trinks with a really exceptional free kick manages to score the third one for Fürth and maybe the best goal of this matchday. Condition remained red for SP who really seemed hopeless. Each effort seemed to be stopping on Fürth’s defensives, and on the other hand Fürth seemd to be unable to be controlled. 54’ is time for Maier to take some spielminuten on his back taking Görlitz’s place. On 56’ Fürth threatens again with a free kick fired from Schröck this time but with no luck. Gießelmann then on 64’ fires off an attack with no special ending , and on 66’ Nöthe receives a yellow on foul play over Weilandt. On 69’ a free kick from Stiepermann after being improperly stopped by Maier ends up on Tschauner’s hands. The only creative playing from SP was when Rzatkowski held the ball but even then he seemed alone in the field as no one could follow.  On 77’ it was time for Budimir to receive a yellow and about there was the time when everyone begs for the second half to simply end. Fürth started cooling down the engines, with Kramer mixing the players and trying new ones in this game which they already had won and had nothing more to gain. On 88’ Rzatkowski obviously angered receives a well earned yellow  by playing nasty defense over Fürstner . With this and that the nightmare saw it’s end after 2 more minutes of extra time.

Tschauni (rightfully) in distress... (image source:

Tschauni (rightfully) in distress… (image source:

The fact that even before the end of the second half, messages as ‘’Vrabec Raus’’ started to appear on the SP fb page, states a lot on what most of the fans think for SP’s situation the current moment. We don’t know what kind of dude Vrabec is…He clearly had his time of shit last year (Disrespected the fans on the ‘’Boller’’ issue)  but that does not definitely enlist him to the enemies of the Mannschaft. What’s definite is that this man is unable to coach. He clearly can’t figure out what are the weak spots on the team and clearly can’t empower them. Mr Roland Vrabec cannot inspire a team to win(No..winning a 5th league team is not considered a victory actually, and for his own information…we sucked at the previous matchday as well..for our sake though, Sandhausen sucked worse and we happened to be daaaamn lucky)  and in our case is not the desired person we want to see on our bench. His place has been in doubt and since he has nothing more to offer, we see no reason for him to stay. Of course a coach leaving or staying is a matter of our hands and way beyond our licking. This time it is a matter of management and Mr Vrabec lost if not all, most of his points to the trust the management gave him(scenarios of him leaving were also present with the end of the previous season). Three names are the ones that play ball and these are the names of Thomas Meggle, Michael Büskens, and Holger Stanislawski, with the one of Meggle being the loudest. But again we won’t fall for it. Waiting for the official words from the management. No decisions and ultimatums here. Only assumption that tend to be at point of 99% true. The word out there wants Vrabec’s chair kicked and him looking for a new team. Him staying= SP demotion. IT is that simple. We’ll leave the paperwork to the management. Next matchday we welcome 1860 München in Milerntor. We hope for the best and get prepared for the worst.

Match goals:

1:0  K. Przybylko (21′ , Header , Gießelmann)

2:0 Korcsmar (23′ , Header , Stiepermann)

3:0 Trinks (52′ , Free Kick)

Spectators: 14035

Sankt Pauli cards: Nöthe(1), Budimir(1),Rzatkowski(1)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

 Last nail in yesterday’s coffing, looks amazing even this way 🙂

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