News: Bye bye Roland Vrabec… “Welcome” Thomas Meggle!

Posted: September 3, 2014 by Zouz in News, Zweite Liga 2014-15
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The club announced a while ago the, expected more or less, change of shifts in the Brown White bench… Roland Vrabec took his marching steps as result of the horrible squad performance during the opening stages of the season and he already belongs to FCSP History… The task of bringing FCSP back on track has been already undertaken by… Thomas Meggle!!! Yes, now we’re getting hot 🙂


The guy out…

Things were not looking good already from last April when, according to my personal opinion, everything started changing significantly after the “unlucky” match with VfR aalen… His inexcusable breakout during the press conference back then set the clock ticking and required less than 5 months for his time to end up… Looks a little like the Unspeakable situation but at least for me is not the same… All of the guys here (whatever value this holds 😀 ) had from the very first moment a very good vibe about this guy. He wasn’t only bold like Stani, he looked also fresh, confident and his time already spent being a member of the technical FCSP staff looked like the proper voucher for the FCSP bench. Unfortunately, maybe due to extreme stress or whatever (we’re not bloody psychologists here), lost his grip first and the grip of the situation soon afterwards… Crossed the line, offended the fans (inacceptable when you’re the FCSP coach), lost also any clarity he was possessing up to then and in the end we reached the inevitable, having wasted already a summer and probably an entired period…

Despite all this, there is a slightly bitter feeling on his way out. Maybe due to the fact that he was proven not the man (most important than coach sometimes) that we expected him to be… He is not leaving as a brother but he’s not living like an “enemy” either… Good luck Herr Vrabec and we sincerely hope that this experience will work positively for you along the way and probably help you to really become the Coach that we all wanted to…

The lad “in”!!!

What the fuck do you mean when saying “in”? Thomas Meggle was always here! For anybody doesn’t know who the fuck he is (?!?), the following sheet will probably clear the picture (if not, close your browser window):

Yep, that’s right, almost a lifetime already FCSP. Knows all about FCSP, BREATHES FCSP and has been forged already in various FCSP benches for sometime. In a few words, the kind of coach we expected to have right after Stani 🙂 He wasn’t for sure ready back then but now seems like his time has finally come. I have been privileged enough to watch him already coaching U23 a few times and the impression I kept was the one of the man that not only does his job well but really enjoys what’s happeing in the pitch at the same time, a guy very close to the fan base, what more a Club like ours can need? If (unlike his predecessor) keeps his grip and have the proper support from the new presidency (we are very optimistic on this direction as well), maybe we could start discussing the beginning of a new FCSP era, after 3 years of constant turbulences 🙂

Under these circumstances, the game that we’re going to attend vs 1860 München becomes a very special one 🙂 We will scream our asses out for coach and the team and I really hope that after some 5-6 years or so, I will still be left with the feeling that I witnessed FCSP history back on this Sunday 🙂

 Herr Meggle, herzlich willkommen vom Scum 😀 😀 😀


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    at last!!!

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