Friendly: Bayer 04 Leverkusen – FC Sankt Pauli 2-2

Posted: September 5, 2014 by Zouz in 2014
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A good omen for a new era 🙂


Coach Meggle’s debut was expected even from the morning with extreme anticipation not because anybody cared to extract an conclusion from his work so far ( 😀 ) but  as a good chance for a “welcome” and a chance for him to get used to the awkward feeling of sitting for the first time at the FCSP bench as a head coach. Thankfully, our host Bayer Leverkusen didn’t spoil the occasion by loading us with more goals that we could carry in our baggages on the way home, the Boys in Brown managed somehow to make us feel good (especially during the 2nd half) and at the end, everybody went home happy. This of course can’t be evaluated very seriously as a result but still seems like the best possible welcome present to the coach 🙂


Good news here before even the game thanks to the perfect streaming conditions provided by Leverkusen announced free straming for everybody, actually I think I read somewhere that even entrance was free to the game. Streaming quality turned out very high along the way. A more than welcome present for all fans abroad, FCSP TV could pump a few ideas out of this, for next season’s summer friendlies…

First half, as expected, was more about our hosts trying to find a way throug and us trying to defend the castle 🙂 Game started in a “loose” mood and Heerwagen had to intervene only once or twice before Dennis Daube challenges Kresic for the first time on 25. This looks like it worked as a wake up call for the hosts who immediattely increased the pressure and created more than one situations inside our box during the following minutes. This didn’t take long to pay off and 1-0 came as a logical consequence on 34′ (Brandt) pure result of a typical FCSP defensive slumber situation. Game went on, we avoided another on on 40′ when Heerwagen flew towards his left corner and prevented the 2nd coming in, courtesy of Bellarabi, and we managed to reach the end of the half (referee helped, whistled on 44′:34″!) trailing only by one 🙂

Yeps, this is 1-0 with everybody (including us) watching :-)

Yeps, this is 1-0 with everybody (including us) watching 🙂

Things changed somehow (not so weird, almost half the squad changed during halftime) in the 2nd half. FCSP entered the field in quite a mood and started actually creating some situations inside the Bayer box 🙂 One of our visits finally resulted to the equalizer with Görlitz returning the ball back in the box after a slightly panicking defensive move and Kringe getting with his head on the way just as much as required for the ball to change course and end up inside the net, 1-1 for FCSP on 57′! You guessed right, hosts immediately mobilized. First attempt saved well by Heerwagen (63′) and the 2nd one resulted to 2-1 (67′) with an unlucky own goal by Ziereis but (ffs) take a look at the highlights to see exactly how it happened from the beginning of the occasion, sooo Typical FCSP 😦 Game on and while the hosts were trying to secure the game, 2-2 came out of nowhere (79′) with a Maier cross from the left side of the box deflecting JUST A BIT on Donati’s leg, ball taking the divine orbit and ending up in Kresic’s opposite upper corner!!! No time this time for Leverkusen, they created one or two more occasions but seems the referee was in a specific hurry, hence match ended on 89′:29″ with FCSP leaving the pitch with an unexpectedly good result 😀

...moments after 2-2 :-)

…moments after 2-2 🙂

 Lots of fun and a quality time Thursday afternoon. No conclusions (by us, of course) can be extracted from yesterday’s match that’s why the rather metaphysical term “Omen” used at the post header 🙂 We hope that Coach Meggle have extracted his own and my bloody Scum lowlife ass is looking madly forward to next weekend when (hopefully accompanied by the Scum Ambassador in Germany, Herr O!) we are all supposed to take a first sample from the squad that he is about to start building – expect the usual fancy report 😀

Match highlights:

The other match of the day…

Andreas_Biermann (1)Yeps, there was another one taking place at the Alte Försterei, a tribute/benefit match organized by FC Union Berlin for Andreas Biermann. All profits from the game between the local squad and the Andreas-Biermann-All-Stars (coached by Stani) are going to the support of Andrea’s children. There were also some memorial t-shirts printed by both squads  for the occasion (read actually that Stani carried ours from Hamburg by car 🙂 ), carrying the numbers 26 and 22 for Union and FCSP versions respectively. A limited quantity signed by the entire Andreas-Biermann-All-Stars squad is already on auction (ends in 2 days, you can go and participate yourself by clicking here), the rest (without the signatures) will be sold at the fanshop at the cost of 30€. It’s really a good cause, worthy even of a visit at the Fanshop (we don’t like it lately!) 🙂 Only disandvantage, they ‘re coming only in size L 🙂

Final score was 3-3 but we’re sure that nobody gave a shit about it.  A very good initiative, Bravo to everybody involved, respect to FC Union Berlin (constantly on the good path as a football club), instead of repeating the same words that we have already told on the issue, we should better leave the last words to Stani, talking about Andreas Biermann himself, refer to the “Further Reading” section below…

Further reading:

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