Matchday 05: FC Sankt Pauli – 1860 München 1-2

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German football with Greek referees…


The two completely incompetent, inadequate, < your word here > assistant referees managed to somehow spoil Thomas Meggle’s debut at the edge of the FCSP bench and the welcome victory (in fact, a draw would do fine) turned to a bitter defeat. Nevertheless, we may not left the Millerntor jumping up and down but at least we left the place satisfied and proud… There is certainly still a long way until this squad turns to a well tuned ensemble but, FOR THE FIRST TIME after quite a while, we felt that our squad fought with real passion the way FCSP should do. Give again a big and warm welcome to Thomas Meggle, a new era started on Sunday, better days are coming 😀


On the way!

Expectation over! Already from 11:00 AM, a big crowd outside the Gegengerade and the Fanladen/Fanräume/AFM Bureau complex, a happy multinational mosaic, consisted from people coming actually almost all over Europe! The usual “local population”, the fellow Greek RFU Berlin branch (!), the noble brotherhood of Yorkshire St. Pauli, our friends from the FC Sankt Pauli Catalunya Supporters, the lads from Brune Stjerne Norge (unfortunately the only time they were spotted), the happy drinking mob of the Standard Liege Ultras Inferno, people from Scotland and the list goes on 🙂 A very optimistic crowd actually as you couldn’t hear any other prediction except a win. A little the Meggle arrival, a little the somehow bad condition of 1860 München before the game, you could hear all around things like “2-0”, “3-0” along with fewer voices stating happy even with the draw, what the hell, both of them welcome, defeat seemed completely out of schedule. Around the area, more or less the same situation, with all local spots full and the usual Sunday matchday morning neighborhood, happy but never too noisy buzz 🙂 Off to the Stadium!


The last chance to see (never had been inside before) the last old terrace before its demolition (you could say “dissassembly” as well maybe) and reconstruction, following the Cup game with Dortmund late next month (off the press: the match will be a free-to-air transmission!). Last direct link to the stadium past is going to be history, I had to be there for once. Fortunately, this was made easy even short-notice, thanks to the always helpful Tommy from the AFM Bureau 🙂

Enter Nordkurve!

Enter Nordkurve!

Time has taken its toll for sure here...

Time has taken its toll for sure here…

Side view

Side view

The market :-)

The market 🙂

View to the Bunker

View to the Bunker

Almost good to go :-)

Almost good to go 🙂

Capo in place, now we're good to go!

Capo in place, now we’re good to go!


Short break before kick-off and some moments of silence in memory of Michel, an ordinary guy just like us, a big follower of the Handball squad and a member of the FCSP family who chose to end his life some days ago… Both fans (with a choreo) and Club (with an announcement at the same time) said “Goodbye” to the departed friend. Had the pleasure of meeting the guy just once earlier this year and I was informed that this came as a shock for everybody around as nobody ever expected something like this from him. RIP buddy and goodbye, the other ones who are still staying around, take a closer look from time to time to your friends and loved ones, maybe you can make a difference without knowing…

USP deploying banners in silence...

USP deploying banners in silence…

The match

Game opened with FCSP having the slight initiative but thanks to the known problems backwards, first good moment was credited to 1860 München on 6′ with Okotie neutralizing all allone from the left our entire defensive flank and moving into the box parallel to the line but Tschauner defended succesfully the front corner when the final cross/shot was made. Good balanced game by both and (AAACK!!!) almost success for FCSP on 15′ but the goal was (correctly) called of by the assistant referee who indicated Kringe in offside position before the ball ends in the net with some own goal but also with Verhoek involved and suspected for dangerous play.  Still FCSP slightly better and a new chance on 18′ with a fine Nöthe header (big good jump with momentum from 9m), result of an equally fine Thy cross, saved with an excellent Ortega effort! Sadly, only 2′ later, the 2nd actual guest counter attack resulted to a dumb Trybull penalty on Wojtkowiak, penalty that was converted to a goal 1′ later (21′) by Leonardo… This time the other assistant referee’s flag stayed down when the counter attack begun from an offside position… Game on, with FCSP seeming determined but the guests lookinq equally tough and a new big chance for FCSP on 28′ with Ortega saying again “No!” with a billiant save, responding to the Nöthe’s 9m shot, result of a good Daube vertical pass this time! Our persistence was awarded a little later (31′) with Görlitz, recipient of a very long forward pass making the perfect head assist to Verhoek who killed Ortega with a rapid finish from 9m for the equalizer! 1-1 FCSP and things started looking like finally the game is coming our way, FCSP still in control and a 2nd goal called off for offside on 43′! Kringe (who “scored” this time) again charged by the assistant but this time was ONSIDE, a 2nd incorrect decision on our expense…and like this wasn’t enough, in one of the relatively limited counter attacks minutes later, FCSP defense was, as usual, caught asleep, something that resulted in Stark’s cold blooded finish who killed us in the absolute dying moment (45+1′) of the 1st half… Half time whistle, FCSP 1 – 1860 München 2, couldn’t end worse…

Verhoek, 1-1!

Verhoek, 1-1!

The 2nd half was all about FCSP trying to reclaim our share from the game and 1860 trying to hold their ground and the invaluable to them 3-ptr but unfortunately FCSP, no matter how willing and passionate (you could see it in the field), didn’t found the ways to penetrate through. First good opportunity in the second half on 53′ – vertical Görlitz ball, slight Kringe intervention just outside the box and the ball to Daube who got himself right in front of Ortega – managed to avoid him to the right but ended up too wide with his finishing shot sidenetting the goal… Still FCSP doing circles around the guest box, occasional 1860 excursions to our box but a little more hesitant comparing to the 1st half. No big stuff, a Budimir header on 72′, not representing actually a threat for the (excellent) Ortega, a bicycle Verhoek kick 1′ later, one of the same… GUTSY Meggle move on 81′, throwing in the field, directly from the U19Maurice Jerome Litka. Millerntor almost on fire on 88′ when Ortega performed his 3rd decisive save in the game, deflecting just over the crossbar Verhoek’s ambitious header, result of a Rzatkowski deep cross from our right offensive flank. Tension in the closing stages due to the inexcusable game delay by the guests, tolerated by the referees something that led to Meggle’s outburst, entrance to the pitch and off course his expulsion from the game 🙂 Injury time in agony and one more chance on 96′ with Budimir receiving a sweet deep Lika cross, touching the ball just as much as required to trigger Hell in Millerntor but Ortega was waiting ready once more… Full time whistle with the 1860 München squad getting applaused (good work overall) at the guest block, the referees leaving while being massively whistled by an entire Millerntor crowd (not HT, this was half empty already!), a crowd that minutes earlier was shouting “Hoyzer” (!), and the classic FCSP circle in the middle, followed by a massive applause by all FCSP fans inside the Stadium who, despite the bitter defeat, stood up (as they usually do, actually 🙂 ) for a squad that gave everything they had inside the field…

The classic inner circle with a (not so) new face inside!

The classic inner circle with a (not so) new face inside!

OK, this time we deserverd much more from the game and the referees (guys like them are quite coveted in the Greek Superleague!) shaped the result with their really bad performance but this is not something that should make us singing like idiots in the rain. Facts and figures say that things are anything but good at the moment. We deserved more BUT STILL a) we lost another game at home, this time to one of the weakest squads in the Liga so far (I don’t underestimate in any case the Lions here, their overall display so far says so), b) our defensive line remains a bloody liability, extremely vulnerable to any elementary counter attack taking place (1860’s limited presence in our area decreased this time the corner kick grave danger factor) and c) during the 2nd half squad, lacked a little the creativity that displayed during the 1st. All these together along with Herr Vrabec’s legacy have positioned us in the anything but comfortable 16th place.

The good news is what a friend from the Desorganisierte said outside the Domschänke (“This was Sankt Pauli!”) or even better what Jonas said at the Millerntor parking lot (empty DOM actually) before he takes the long way back home (“This was SENTIMENTALLY Sankt Pauli!”).  This squal couldn’t actually do really much but was passionate as never before this season! The guys really gave it all this time and if was happening from the beginning of the season maybe Vrabec would still be here. But it wasn’t Vrabec, was the crazy Paulianer coming directly from U23 (the link has still his picture 😀 ) who made this happen, giving to these guys (some of them quite young and still not quite aware of where exactly they are playing) the moral boost they needed, derived directly from his 1910% FCSP loving attitude.

Still, this enthusiastic bunch has a really long and hard way in order to become a really good squad and Meggle will need ALL POSSIBLE support, ALL ALONG the way. Let’s be realistic here, the expectation level for this season must be significantly lowered. The way we see I see it, primary target is simply avoiding relegation to the Hell of Liga 3. We have the individual quality to do it, passion will be there, all what’s needed is time. I personally feel that on March we will already be safe but even if we manage to save the league in the last time (even if we don’t actually but this is a possibility that I wouldn’t dare even thinking about…), Meggle should still be supported. He has been baptized in fire exactly the same Vrabec had been, he’s unexperienced but there’s a big difference here: this guy is already FCSP History, he is a true Paulianer and, in my opinion, one of the brightest hopes for the Club’s future. We have a big chance here to reclaim some of the Club’s identity inside the pitch and this is much more significant than creating just a stronger squad, the rest will soon come…

From this point of view, the upcoming Friday away match vs Erzgebirge Aue is one of quite big importance and a really big chance at the same time. These guys look at the moment wuch worse than the Lions looked before they come and leave with the 3pter. They’re sitting all alone at the very bottom of the table with 0 pts and 1-12 goals, that speaks for itself… The exact team that lost the game on Sunday can probably win there, even with Sunday’s performance and referees 😀 A victory there would allow us to take a deep breath, dealing with the situation from somewhere in the middle of the table and, under these circumstances, I have the feeling that the Boys in Brown will not let us down 🙂

Match goals:

0:1  Leonardo (21′ , Left foot penalty, Wojtkowiak)

1:1 Verhoek (31′ , Right foot shot, Görlitz)

1:2 Stark (45+1′ , Right foot shot, Okotie)

Spectators: 27892 (somehow strange, soldout expected here…)

Sankt Pauli cards: Ziereis(1), Thorandt(1), Verhoek(2), Meggle(!)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Squad entrance

Post game referee standing ovation!

A little more post game action before the appreciation round 🙂


This was short but sooo sweet! Three days full of friends (from everywhere), clean fun, lots of good (and not only football) talk and, even after all these trips in Hamburg during the last years, still new faces (of course), places and things I didn’t know. I will keep the feeling being outside Millerntor right after the match and temporary brain blocked for 1-2 minutes trying to figure out the exact order of things should I go next, having at the same time in 3-4 different places people that I’d really like to be with them – Skinhead gig in the Fanräume, the whisky and good company galore in Shamrock, fellow Greek guys somewhere lost around and the oldest friends somewhere at the Wohlwill Straße 😀 The fact that so many friends from different places been here at the same weekend added something extra in the situation and this constant “fever” of having (“wanting” is the right word) to do so much stuff in such a little time (in full contrast with March when I was walking around the city and country like a bum for a month!) reminded me a little my very first ever (24 hour) trip to Hamburg, back in 2009, with the Athens Club 🙂

Hello Hamburg!

Hello Hamburg!

Somehow a surprise (only because of my own ignorance), the visit to the Schanzenburg appartment complex on Saturday. The place is run by a collective (excuse possible bullshit here, info gathered quickly between lots of noise, drinks, etc, etc, any corrections welcome at the comment section) who is renting the (very old) place from the City and manages to provide quite low rents to all its members who are staying there. The place is very old and all its big maintenance costs have to be paid by the people who are living inside, so I suppose that this should be one of the reasons that events like this are organized. The place is somehow a surprise hidden inside Schanzenviertel, close to the Flora, consisted of a walkway, a small playground, and a few open public spaces and on Saturday was full of people having fun all around the area. Different music stages, a live gig area, vegan cuisine, bars and big waves of positive energy! Actually, I had the honour to witness something like a small electro Apocalypse with the opening act at the gig area. My phone actually couldn’t handle the extreme bass frequencies and the sound is almost completely distorted but stage performance alone is enough 🙂 Any more information about this Unknown-Fat-Super-Hero-Electro-Genious at the comment section will be really appreciated!

Electro-God live at Schanzenburg

Nice highlight also, the Saturday midday short stop by the Millerntor Bar (passed outside countless time all these years without entering in) and the beer discussion with Alan from the Yorkshire crew who, when the conversation flew for some reason to Rebetiko, left me stunned not only with his love for the culture and the music (much more than mine actually!) but with his extensive knowledge on the issue, getting even to 1-2 tiny details that I wasn’t even aware of 🙂 A really decent place, felt a little like a jackass for haven’t visiting it earlier, a certain stop for next time!

FC Sankt Pauli Boxing announcement table outside the Fanshop!

FC Sankt Pauli Boxing announcement table outside the Fanshop!

Sankt Pauli Triathlon sticker! (Fanladen restroom)

Sankt Pauli Triathlon sticker! (Fanladen restroom)

The incredible Backbord Bolognese!

The incredible Backbord Bolognese!

AND the best ever 7'' vinyl released! EA80, you have to break it to access the vinyl!!! (Thanks Alexej!)

AND the best ever 7” vinyl released! EA80, you have to break it to access the vinyl!!! (Thanks Alexej!)

Three days constantly on the red, with lot of self abuse ( 😀 ), action, fun, new knowledege and all similar stuff 🙂 Closing stage the Jolly (where else?) Sunday evening, with everybody having pulled the leg off the throttle a little, sitting under Peter’s kiosk, having a Tullamore Dew 10 yo in my left hand, a joint in the right, the Yorkshire bunch to the left and my local buddies to my right, all chilling out under the tents while a sudden Hamburg rain has broken loose over Sankt Pauli… until next time people 😉

Jolly TV screen, late Sunday :-)

Jolly TV screen, late Sunday 🙂

Credits (local): ALL our brothers from the USP (ack! missed the room this time!), ALL the Desorganisierte malt consuming bunch for taking me into new whiskey paths, the entire Fanladen crew, Tommy from the AFM office, the whole Jolly staff, Ruben, Yiannis and Panos from the Skinheads, Sönke from the Museum and the unknown guy at the Nordkurve that kindly allowed me to have a close picture of his lovely Capo daughter 🙂

Credits (international): Scott, Mick, Chris, Alan, Dave, Gary, Nichole and all the other guys from Yorkshire St. Pauli that their names don’t come handy at the moment, Konstantinos and the Female Army from the Greek RFU Berlin core (να το ξανακάνουμε πιο οργανωμένα φίλε!), Baptista and our friends from the FC Sankt Pauli Catalunya Supporters, Jeff, Charlie and all the other Standard Liege Ultras Inferno wackos that there were consuming this green liquid (!) at Schanzenburg and the boys and girls from Brune Stjerne Norge (always somewhere around, even rarely seen!)

That was something, just hoping that we will be more of us next time, something that looks quite possible, as the news from the Scum meeting that was talking place while I was in Nordkurve say 😀 Until then…to begin with, Aue on Friday, C’MON FCSP!!!

Last but not least! To the Athens fans: KKE in Hamburg!!!

Last but not least! To the Athens fans: KKE in Hamburg!!!

Further reading:

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