Matchday 06: Erzgebirge Aue – FC Sankt Pauli 3-0…

Posted: September 20, 2014 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2014-15
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Complete Disaster…

No, we were not ready for this… A simply inexistent FCSP for a big part of the game (there were “moments”), with a defense that couldn’t probably stand it’s ground even at the Antira tournament,  was completely annihilated yesterday by the worst so far (according to facts and numbers) squad of Liga 2. OK, we already knew that this is going to be a very tough season and a somehow long way to safety but this… shit man, I don’t even have the words here… Coach Meggle, welcome to Hell, you are in (we all are actually, we’re all together behind Meggle in this) for the ride of your life, better stay strong here…


Back at the venue, with the known neighborhood betting junkies asking odds. Refused to answer for an FCSP win (not my money), of course refused to answer about the possible 1-3 outcome (gambling wankers!), suggested tentatively an “over 2.5 goals” option but I was sure about one thing: we can’t lose from this guys tonight. Flow of Scum wisdom was interrupted by the Greek commentator (more about this clown towards the end of the post) and the entrance of squads…

Kickoff in rain with about 1200 loyals, who took the long Friday trip, on our side. Game to know us better in the opening minutes and the first good opportunity of the game for Aue on 8′ with Löning all alone from 8m sending the ball with a header a little over Tschauni’s crossbar. Response with a Verhoek shot from the penalty shot to the birds (9′), passionate and balanced game on the field and another good one for FCSP (22′) with a Kringe 7m diving header blocked by Männel, following a small chaos inside Aue’s box. More passion and more mistakes in the field from both squads and another (lucky) FCSP opportunity (29′) with a Nöthe long shot, deflecting to Kringe just inside the box, changing course and forcing Männel to an excellent reflex driven save! Match getting more interesting, another situation for FCSP (31′, Görlitz), one for Aue (33′, Löning, 2nd warning) and (AAAAAAAAAACKKK!!!) a new big one for FCSP (38′) with Nöthe serving the sweet ball to Verhoek but Big John reacted more like a goat instead of a forward and ball ended up some meters by the left (as we attack) post… A few minutes later (41′) the punishment with Löning finishing, incoming and with NOBODY following him (incredible!) an Aue’s not so ambitious in the beginning counter attack… 1-0 with Aue scoring for the 1st time since…August 9th… Half time whistle in a little state of shock…

Coach looking somehow troubled over stats during the break...

Coach looking somehow troubled over stats during the break…

2nd half underway, some 10′ of ambiguous game and THE END on 56’… Organized this time attack by the hosts, ball into the box where Benatelli and Löning doing literally whatever they wanted between lots of desperate and clueless brown shirts (you will fine the highlights very helpful here!) before the first one executes Tschauner for the 2-0… Almost immediate double substitution by acting Coach Timo Schultz (Rzatkowski and Budimir in, almost the same move that Meggle tried last week) on 59′. Some signs of life for FCSP with Rzatkowski  challenging Männel twice, first with a shot after a personal onslaught (62′) and then with a 25m free kick (64′) but Aue keeper proved ready in both occasions. The final humiliating blow came on 69′ with Kortzorg receiving the ball at the edge of the box while “observed” by two FCSP defenders, moving inside with comfort and finally passing the ball over helpless Tschauner for the 3-0… All that was left was another personal Rzatkowski  onslaught on 74′ which ended up sidenetting at the right Männel’s post (good one) and another sidenetting (opposite side) by Verhoek on 81’… Full time whistle, Aue 3 – FCSP 0 and the clouds gathered over the inner circle following the game were not only rainy ones…

People in the circle having every reason looking not quite well...

People in the circle having every reason looking not quite well…

It was a real pain watching our beloved squad looking so weak while facing the first (so far) relegation candidate but let’s hold back for a moment and observe things leaving aside the defeat bitterness… Shit, still things don’t look good… 1pt over the absolute bottom (guess who’s below) already from Friday, a very long way until the winter break (always in Germany first class reorganization chance) and, like all this wasn’t enough, a fucking boxing week ahead with fucking (an abuse of the word here but for fair enough reasons!) Eintracht Braunschweig (won 2-0 at home SV Darmstadt 98, one of the league surprises so far) coming on Tuesday 17:30 CET at Millerntor…

Yes, things are really bad but this is the deal. This is the squad, this is the level of readiness, this is what Coach has in place to work with, nobody said that this will be easy. Conditions for Thomas Meggle  are much more difficult comparing to his predecessor who inherited a much more stable team from Frontzeck and this is where the unlimited support we were discussing last week comes in! Things are bad but still a very long way to go, if we manage to cut losses as possible until the winter break, we can make some difference during the 2nd round. Solutions are maybe a little easier to find for the centre and foward line (I think that the mistake of using Rzatkowski only for the last 30′ will not be repeated, the lad gave enough proof yesterday), the real bet is to give some elementary stability to our defensive line (hey, we love you all guys, but this is a circus!) which is apparently vulnerable to anybody paying a visit, especially if this “anybody” can run…

Under these circumstances, anything except a defeat vs Eintracht Braunschweig on Tuesday should be considered as success. We just hope that at least some of the asnwers will have been found by then, the motive of not especially liking these gentlemen and the obvious support are already there!

Ah, and let’s not forget: as this is written, H$V vs Bayern München is about to kick off. A Bayern victory is the only possible result and will nail H$V to the 18th table place that they’re proudly occupying since last week! Boys (and men) that you’re wearing the glorious brown/white (Coaches alredy know that!) if you think that there’s even the slightest possibility of our neighbors taking the ride down to meet us and us missing the appointment…you can simply forget about it 😀


Match goals:

1:0 Löning (41′, Left foot Shot, Könnecke)

2:0 Benatelli (56′, Right foot Shot, Löning)

3:0 Kortzorg (69′, Right foot Shot, Benatelli)

Spectators: 9400

Sankt Pauli cards: Ziereis(2), Thorandt(2), Budimir(2)

For full match coverage (in German) visit:

Extensive (around 20′) match highlights (be fast, this user removes after a while) 

Further reading:

Something having strictly Greek interest (ΑΜΑΝ ΠΙΑ ΜΕ ΤΟ ΜΑΛΑΚΑ!)

karmoirhsWhen OTE TV got the TV rights for the Bundesliga a few years ago, thought it back then as good news. Progressively frustrated when discovered that the limited number of frequencies would not allow full Bundesliga coverage, resulting occasionaly in two months passing without being able to watch FCSP and we put up OK with the cheap coverage, lacking not only any kind of statistical data but even an elementary clock and score up left, we even put up with the commentators, most of them young and not well paid guys, doing their mistakes but what the hell…But everything has it’s limits… This overpaid fuckin’ clown that has undertaken coverage during the late matchdays (yes,  it’s His voice at the highlights!) has already broken every barrier! His name is Dimosthenis Karmoiris, known parasite of the Greek “Sport Journalism” (my ass!) for years and the absolute joke when coming to football. This incompetent clown has turned for the last weeks our FCSP viewing experience to an absolute farce. First, he was inventing imaginary player names (maybe “Βölzer” or “Belzer” (he said more!) sounds FCSP familiar to some of you but not to us). Yesterday he started by presenting false match data (ffs, open a fuckin website before your mouth!) and then he went on confusing Schultz with Meggle (OK so far) and then Azzouzi (when camera zoomed on him at the bench) with…president Stefan Orth!!! Please bloody OTE TV, get this clueless swindler off air, it will be good for your own pocket and even better for our (seriously injured) nerve system… Enough resources already there, no one can do worse than this Bozo


PS (late edit): Nothing working this fuckin’ weekend, even H$V managed to get a draw 🙂


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